12 Best City Building Games for PC that You Must Play

City Building Games

City Building Games are a great source of entertainment and it’s really fun to play these games. These games become popular all over the world. In these games, you can play the role of a planner, mayor of the city etc.

You are completely responsible for its growth, management and all activities that occurred in it. Now we are going to discuss Top City Building Games that are mentioned below

City Building Games

12 Best City Building Games for PC

#1. Cities: Skylines

It is a unique city-building simulation game. You can build your own city. Firstly start with a plot of land and then constructs streets, roads, attractions points and transportation for your city.

You can also construct residential, commercial and industrial buildings. You can set up various services such as Electricity, Water Supply, sewage etc. You also provide the name to the people those are living in your city and watch them live out their lives.

You can also include the day/night circle, snowfalls, earthquakes, flood etc to make it original.

#2. Constructor HD

It is a famous city building game. You can act as a builder and collect the raw materials, wood, concrete etc to build various buildings of the city. So you can earn money through rent from various buildings.

You can also be part of the construction team. You are able to deal with various maintenance problems, serial killer, killer clowns, and hippies and so on. The game has fun graphics, funny moments and hilarious characters.


#3. The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom

It is a Kingdom-building strategy game. It is a multiplayer game. You play the role of a King or Queen and then settle your kingdom strongly.

So when you expand your kingdom, you tackle various activities like a fight with your enemies, rivals etc to protect your kingdom, your border & natural resources. It gives excellent visuals, effects, and graphics.

It has two gaming modes: Campaign Mode & Skirmish Mode.


#4. Sim City

It is a very popular city-building simulation game. In this game, you have to build a metropolitan city from a small town or a village. You construct various zones of your land such as Commercial, Residential and Industrial.

You have set up roads and transportation which allows you to link with other cities. So you can easily travel and trade in between the cities.

You can also work on large projects like an airport, multi-specialist hospital, university etc. if you don’t want to play this game alone you can share your regions with your friends and play it together.


#5. Tropico 5

In this game, you have to convert Tropical Islands into a tremendous and beautiful city. You build various buildings in the city. You are responsible to manage the growth and development of the city and complete all giving tasks.

This game has two modes: Campaign mode & Sandbox mode. It has a competitive and co-operative multiplayer feature so that you are able to play this game with co-operation or compete with your rivals.

This game provides four eras such as World Wars, Cold Wars, Colonial Era and Modern Times. It has also a political feature so you can manage the country’s independence and write a full constitution according to your choice.


#6. Forge of Empires

This game is the combination of Sim City Game & Clash of Clans. So it provides both experiences in one game. It is the best city building game.

When you start this game, you build your city in the Stone Age. You can build research facilities so that you can earn money from people, builders, and production houses. You can also buy new buildings with game currency.

When you play this game, you unlock new technologies and new technologies for your city.

#7. Banished

It is something different city building game. It is not a typical city builder game only. In this game, players control the banished travellers who begin a new settlement and also control their activities.

When this game start, the player supply basic things to banished citizens such as clothes, food, and work. You have to make your people strong so that they can survive in harsh conditions like winter seasons, rainy seasons and bad harvest days.

You can assign various duties to the citizens such as collect food for the growing population, constructs schools, houses, buildings and much

#8. Urban Empire

In this game, you play the role of a Mayor of the city who is responsible for everything which is occurred in the city. You have to plan and build the city like commercial, residential and industrials zones.

You also manage the social, economic and political perspective of your city. You also maintain the welfare of your city.

You construct various schools, universities, institutions, hospitals etc. So you have all the control of your city and you can make changes according to your choice in the city.

#9. Prison Architect

In this game, the players can build their own prisons according to their choices. You have to include everything in prison according to prisoner needs such as sleeping quarters, bed sheets, bathrooms, eating place, guard room etc.

You have to create maximum security so no prisoner can escape from it. It includes various features such as unique graphics, 2D style characters, hilarious dialogues etc.

You have to create guards and guard dogs to control the activities of the prisoners.

#10. Planet Base

In this game, you establish a group of space settlers on a remote planet and also define the specific tasks in order to create the base of the planets. It includes various features such as 29 building structure, 5 types of workers, 3 types of robots.

You can play the role of architect and manager in it. You are responsible to supply food, water, and oxygen to stay alive.

The main goal of this game to complete 10 milestones. In this, the colonists collect energy, metal, food, water, and oxygen to fulfil the needs of the planet.

#11. Knights & Merchants

It is a real-time city building strategy game. In this game, the player plays the role of a leader of the palace guards.

You have to lead the soldiers and citizens of It has two campaigns: “The Shattered Kingdom” and “The Peasants Rebellion” which have 34 missions. It has various features such as 2D graphics, Skirmish mode, 10 multiplayer maps, 25 different types of buildings, 10 different troops types like archers, scouts, knights, barbarians etc.

It supports multiplayer game mode so up to 6 players can play in it.

#12. Cities in Motion 2

Cities in Motion 2 is the city transportation simulation game. You build, manage and lead the transportation system. You have to build roads, expressways, flyovers, train tracks to provide transportation between the cities.

You can provide affordable transportation for middle-class It contains various features such as multiplayer game mode, timetables of bus routes & train routes, day & night cycles, and much more.

It has two gaming modes: Campaign and Sandbox modes. Players can play with their friends or against their friends. You can also control the optimal usage of roads and trains.

These are some of the most addicted city building games that will get you addicted like a drug, and you won’t be able to lay your hands off them. You must have your hands on these games.