About us

Techliveupdates.com is a technology-based website. On this site, we mainly focus on writing content on the latest technology. I know there are many websites in this area nowadays. What makes our website unique is its quality content. You will find here content related to mobile, life hacks, iPhone, iPad, computers etc.

When I was in college I wanted to create a site. A site which will contain all the things that a tech geek wants. A site for knowledge lover, A site for the tech-driven people. The idea came in my mind that why can’t I create a website in which I will share my own experiences of the products I have been using.

Creating a new website from zero is cumbersome. But I want to assure you that you will find awesome content that you desire. Techliveupdates.com was created mainly for education, knowledge purpose only. If you are a tech lover then I am sure that this is the right place where you wanna be.

Check out our frequent updates, around 4 to 5 posts every week. We will never disappoint you. If anyone wants to give any suggestion they are welcome here.

Adding further I, Sachin  am working in a government organisation and the other admin of this site is working in a private company. This is a part time hobby to spend our time in worthy things. To connect with more and more people. To spread knowledge.

Feel free to share your story, your experiances that you wanna add. We are currently in a developing mode so every suggestion and ideas  will be a good help for us.

Thank You

Lets Spread Knowledge 🙂