4 Best APPS Students Can Use to Make Extra Money

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As a student, any income-earning gig can go a long way in making your campus life more bearable. So getting a place where you can earn some quick bucks without leaving your house is the best news for any collegian looking for extra income. Students are now better positioned to earn money online through various apps, from task-based to gaming apps. Let’s go through some apps you can use to earn extra income.

Notesgen App

working on laptop

Notesgen recognizes self-prepared materials that are qualified to be shared with other app members. If you like writing and compiling notes, this is a chance for you to make money from what you love doing. Earning from the app is simple since you only have to upload well-written and organized class notes on different topics and get paid according to the number of downloads.

The number of topics you can post is not limited. Thus, you can compile notes on any subject and upload them. In addition, the app has over five million users, increasing your chance of getting people who resonate with your work, primarily if your notes are easily understood and arranged well.

Additionally, the app is available for both Android ad iOS users. While compiling your notes, you will also be reading in the process. Thus, you will be on top of your schoolwork and may not need to look for an essay writer service.


Swagbucks is renowned for awarding loyal users, just like us.grademiners.com. Once you sign into the app, you stand a chance to get free rewards after completing tasks such as playing games, watching videos, filling in surveys, and much more. After accomplishing an assigned task, you get paid in Swagbucks points, also known as SBS. The points are redeemable, meaning you can reclaim them for cash or gift vouchers.

You can log into your Swagbucks account and make some bucks during your free time. The tasks on the app are also not so demanding since they are things that students enjoy doing, such as playing games. So you will have fun and earn in the comfort of your house. If you are looking for an easy way to earn without interfering with your school schedule, you can opt for Swagbucks.


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Paid surveys allow students to earn decent bucks for their college upkeep. After downloading the Qmee app, you can participate in fun and engaging surveys and get paid for every completed survey. You can then cash out your earnings through PayPal. Take advantage of your free time to perform as many tasks as possible to make a significant amount. Noteworthy, the tasks are not time-consuming, meaning you will not put your school work on hold or hire a thesis writer to help with your assignments.

To get more surveys, ensure you have activated accurate matching. Then, you can make enough money to take you through the week just by taking out a few hours and answering the surveys. An awesome feature of this app is that you can withdraw your earnings at any time since there is no minimum cash-out limit.


BeMyEye is another app with exciting tasks that can earn you money. You will be given simple tasks such as taking videos, playing a mystery shopper role, or answering questionnaires. You can participate in as many missions as possible. The missions can include taking a short video or a snap while holding a particular item or speaking to a store manager about specific items on their shelves.

BeMyEye is among the leading paying apps, so tasks are often claimed quickly. Therefore, it is best to turn on notifications to ensure you receive an alert when a task comes up.

Accomplishing the missions is quite easy since you are given the exact direction to your destination and enough time to get there. Once you are done with your mission, you click finish to submit and then wait for your payment. The payments on BeMyEye can range from $2 to $10, depending on the intensity of the task. So when you are online, comparing 2021’s best essay writing services in the U.S., spare some time to download and install BeMyEye.

Closing Remarks

Part-time jobs are good, but sometimes they interrupt your school time, and you may be too tired after work to concentrate on your assignments. With these new apps coming up, it is now easy to make money without leaving your room. Once you have good internet and a phone or a laptop, you are ready to start. So explore these online money-making options to help raise funds for your daily upkeep and utilities.