5 Advanced Applications to Monitor an iPhone Without Jailbreak

Everybody wants a perfect solution that can access an iPhone device without performing a jailbreak. It is because jailbreak can compromise the security of your device. Luckily, we found a few applications that work without messing with your iPhone security. 

Users test these applications, and all of them are satisfied with the service. Therefore, you can trust these platforms for a complete solution to access an iPhone device remotely.

Here are the applications that will help you do it.



If you want to monitor an iPhone without messing with its high security, Spyine is the best solution for you. It is a phone tracking application that offers high-end technology to get into an iPhone. Spyine helps you to create an account, verify the targeted device, and monitor it remotely.

There are single-click features that help you access different applications and parts of the targeted iPhone. For example- You can click on the Location Tracker feature to check that iPhone’s live location. Similarly, you can click on WhatsApp Monitor from the list to check the WhatsApp application of that device.

The whole process is done on a web browser, and there is no application needed. It has more than a million users tracking iPhone and Android devices without using any technical knowledge.

Tip: Check out Spyine’s website to get the list of features.

Features of Spyine Application

Here are some of the most popular features that you can use on this platform:

Location Tracker

With its advanced location tracker, you can check the live location of the connected iPhone. You just need to search the feature from the dashboard and tap.  It will show the real-time location of the iPhone on a 3D map. On top of that, there is a history of places visited by the person to complete your tracking experience.

Social Media Tracker

Getting into someone’s smartphone is useful only if you can access their social media accounts. This feature does the exact thing and allows you to check their WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts. The best part is- You do not need to know the password of any account.

Call Logs Viewer

This feature helps you check the call logs of the device. You can check the frequently contacted numbers, call duration, and call history of the device. With the latest update, you can record all the calls of that iPhone as well.

Contacts Viewer

You can use this feature to access the contacts of the targeted device. It has all the saved numbers from the device.



If you want a faster application, you can go for Neatspy. It allows you to monitor any device by connecting it to your Neatspy account. Most features are similar to Spyine. Hence, the most visible difference is the verification speed of this platform.

Although it is an excellent application, some users may doubt its credibility. It is because this application is comparatively less popular than Spyine. Additionally, it is a new application and does not have a wide user base. It is better to check the application and compare the features to make an informed decision.

Other than that, you can enjoy a faster and reliable solution on this platform. Therefore, you can consider this application to monitor an iPhone without jailbreak.


Minspy is one of the widely used applications in the phone monitoring industry. It was one of the first applications to offer iPhone monitoring services as well. Thus, you can trust this application for a complete solution for iPhone monitoring.

It has some advanced features like Keylogger, location tracker, and messaging spy. Also, you can get an easy-to-use platform that does not require any knowledge to work. All you need to do is follow the three steps and start monitoring the iPhone with it.

We recommend checking Minspy’s website to watch a demo on a sample device. It provides an excellent overview of what you will get after creating an account.



Here is an excellent solution for parents to keep track of their kid’s iPhone activities. Spyic is a parental control and phone tracking application that allows remote surveillance services. You can create an account and verify the iPhone to monitor it.

After that, you can log in to your online account and access the device remotely. People love this application as it has a better and more secured server. It means that there is no way anyone can hack into your account and get your data.

We recommend this application for those who want a safe and affordable solution to monitor an iPhone. However, it may offer limited features due to enhanced security. 


Spyier is another application to help you monitor an iPhone device online. The solution is similar to the previous applications and includes three easy steps to get into any iPhone. To use this application, you need to- Register, Verify Device, and use its advanced tools to monitor it.

The application becomes popular due to its iPhone keylogger. This feature helps you record the keystrokes of an iPhone. It means that you can check all the messages and passwords of that iPhone device, including the deleted ones. 

Also, you can use many other features to access the device without performing a jailbreak. Although there are several limitations, you can still get immediate access to the device.

Tip: Visit Spyier’s website and use the demo version before making a purchase.

Final Words

These were the top five applications to monitor any iPhone without performing a jailbreak. All these applications are established and trusted by many users. On top of that, there are many features that save you time and effort in figuring out different ways to get into someone’s iPhone.

The whole process is remote and does not require physical access to the iPhone for monitoring it. This is the best part of this method. Hence, you can go ahead and use Spyine or any other application from this list for a complete experience.