After Google update traffic dropped by 25%

This images shows the traffic - The Traffic of neilpatel dropped by 25% from july 2023 to december 2023

A case study shows, Neil Patel’s ubersuggest failed and the website named traffic dropped by 25% after the google helpful content and core updates!

Google recent SEO updates like helpful content update and core updates of August, October, and November 2023 disturbed the many websites ranking on the search results. And among them one of the websites is which runs by the New York Times Bestselling author Neil Patel.

Neil Patel is a famous digital marketing expert, an influencer and YouTuber who is known to boost the business sales on the google. He always shares how to rank your page at #1 on Google. But seems nowadays he failed rank own website which popularly known as

In recent google updates, website traffic dropped by 25%. As per the ahref’s free traffic checker, the site traffic was around 2.3 million in July 2023. And now after the google core update 1, Google helpful content, and Google core update 2 the site traffic dropped to 1.7 million.

This images shows the traffic - The Traffic of neilpatel dropped by 25% from july 2023 to december 2023

So Neil Patel who shares SEO tips, case studies, training videos  and killer strategies on how to rank website on google in top 10, now failed to rank own website.

Well we are not from those who criticizing. It happens and can happen with anyone and still if you will check then you will find out that on some keywords ranking very well but a drop of 70 lakh users is a serious concern.

Now everyone is talking about the blogging is dead, seo is dead and now there is scope to run a new bloggers as Google won’t rank and only give priority to certified websites or authors.

Apart from that there are some bloggers and seo experts who trolling to Neil Patel, because the way he shares the tips to others over their failer. Some people call him a scammer and mentioned he has no knowledge how things works he only spread the assumption which sometimes work on for someone while for other the tips don’t work.

Well this is the SEO world and Google try best to optimize the result. If traffic dropped then there are some website like Quora and Reddit which got big boost.

So the pro tip is always work only on quality content, share the facts, and survey results which proofs that the information is 100% authentic and in favor of public.

Guys what’s your take on this? Please leave your feedback regarding the traffic in the comments and don’t forget to share it on social platforms.