Europe and Bitcoin


Amid a constant debate on cryptocurrency’s dynamic surge in Europe, there is no denying the fact that Bitcoin is here to stay in Europe. The prevailing talks of banning cryptocurrency in several European countries like Sweden don’t seem to cease, whereas countries like the UK have emerged as the leader in terms of cryptocurrency transactions. The topic of cryptocurrency has spread like a wildfire where some highly favor it while others don’t seem to share that notion.

The UK has recently emerged as one of the leading countries in Europe that recorded a whopping $170 billion worth of cryptocurrency transactions. According to the latest statistics revealed by Chainalyis (“The Blockchain Data Platform”), the major regions of Europe including central, western, and northern Europe witnessed a dynamic surge in digital currencies. As per the recent data, the following mentioned regions of Europe received over $1 Trillion value of digital coins in just a year. Now, that is a dramatic surge indeed that makes Europe a hub of digital coins. But most important thing is that if you are trading in crypto you need to use only trusted trading software like this software .

Wavering Fate of Cryptocurrency in Europe

Decentralized finance witnessed a substantial increase in the volume of cryptocurrency usage and the region also ended up becoming the biggest partner in terms of crypto trading. However, the increased adoption of cryptocurrencies differs from one region to another and North America also seems to be following the latest trends quite aggressively as well. Institutional investment is yet another reason that caused the surge of cryptocurrency in Europe, Eastern Asia, and North America.

The UK is currently ahead of Germany, France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands as cryptocurrency adoption continues to redefine the financial landscape in Europe. The leading region in the northern hemisphere of the world, Europe has begun to regulate Bitcoin Cryptocurrency is not yet banned in the region but the constant speculations around it have certainly stimulated European Union to somehow limit the overall turnover of cryptocurrency or digital currencies. The rampant anonymous transactions that are usually carried out on trading platforms have already been restricted by the authorities. It is done to successfully determine the true identity of the users.

A Dynamic Surge in DeFi Projects

Nonetheless, Europe continues to defy all odds that have made it the largest crypto market in the world right now. Ether along with wrapped Ether was able to attract a humongous capital as compared to other segments of the market. These are usually the tokens that are necessarily required to gain access to aerodynamic DeFi projects. This trend has been observed in at least 34 nations in Europe and the data itself is a spectacle.

From large retailers to professional investors in the continent, everyone invested a significant amount of capital to claim their valuable share in the DeFi. Bitcoin, on the other hand, accounted for a substantial 28% of the overall crypto transactions. Moreover, the second famous cryptocurrency, Ethereum also witnessed a significant surge with 40% of overall transactions in the region. The UK has the largest share of crypto activity in the form of DeFi projects that eventually generated 49% of the overall revenue. The institutional investors also heavily favored the DeFi adoption along with the professional traders.

The rise in the Market Cap Makes the Environment Gasp?

There is one important aspect of cryptocurrency that needs to be addressed as it has a massive impact on the environment. The unprecedented energy consumption has also raised serious concerns in several countries as crypto mining doesn’t seem fit for the environment. It has inevitably prompted the government to step up and put regulations in place to counter the negative effects of mining.

Countries like Kosovo have already banned crypto mining as it had triggered a debilitating shortage of energy resources. Such was the impairment in the environment that it had not been witnessed in almost a decade. The authorities in Norway, on the other hand, are taking the detrimental effects of crypto mining very seriously and have also considered formulating appropriate policy measures.

Crypto mining brings unfathomable opportunities in the financial scenario but at the expense of serious damage to the environment is what makes it unfit. This has been reiterated by some European nations including Kosovo and Norway that highlight the issue quite openly.