How MBA Chaiwala Leverages Tech for a Million Dollar Net Worth?

mba chaiwala net worth

Prafull Billore who is famous internet personality and runs the franchises of MBA chaiwala has raised million dollar net worth just by leveraging the tech. As per the sources the turnover of MBA chaiwala in 2018 was around 1 crore rupees which increased 3 times in the end of 2022. Now the estimates are that in the end of 2024, MBA chaiwala net worth might take a huge jump of 800% and cross the figure of 24 crores in Indian rupees.

So how did Prafull Billore do it? How an MBA Chaiwala owner made his startup successful in just a few years? Let’s find out in detail below everything we know about MBA Chaiwala’s million dollar net worth secrets and how these will be beneficial for your business too.

Well, if you know the basic rules of business like what do people need, what is the best place to sell, which product is right, and what should be the fair margin to make profit, then you can easily make money on daily basis and fulfill the needs of yourself and your family.

But if you want to establish an empire and earn huge profits that will help your business run for decades then you have to expand your business sales in multiple regions. For this, you have a good hold on the latest trends and technology and by taking leveraging of this you can cover a larger area in less time and increase overall profits.

Prafull Billore had very good knowledge about these tech things and that is why he has successfully raised a net worth of million dollars by leveraging latest techniques like social media marketing, digital ads, email marketing, inventory software, and quick payment solutions via upi, credit/debit cards. Let me try to explain each and everyone below:

Use of Social Media

MBA Chaiwala has made great use of social media platforms for marketing and branding his business. He has built a strong presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, and YouTube. They regularly share information about their products and services and keep communicating with their customers. This not only increases their brand recognition but also helps in attracting new and valuable customers.

Digital Advertising

Digital ads has a great scope and this helps to fulfill your goal quickly. Prafull Billore has also done digital advertising for its products and services. They advertise on platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram which helps them reach their target customers. Digital advertising also helps them expand their business and attract new markets and other startups like Swiggy and Zomato do the same on daily basis.

Email Marketing

The owner of MBA chaiwala also used the email marketing to expand business on the other territories. He used email marketing to communicate with its existing customers and attract new customers and also the franchise partners. They regularly update their customers about their latest products, discounts and offers.

Mobile Application

These days mobile apps are quite important as it shows the clear picture of menu with prices and the same you can use to order on table. The MBA chai wala has developed a mobile app to provide better service to its customers. Through this app, now customers can easily view the menu, place orders, get invoice or bill copy, and track the status of their orders. You can check the latest offers, coupons, and join the loyalty programs to get  rewards.

Online Ordering System

This brand has also introduced an online ordering system on its website. This allows customers to easily place their orders and enjoy their tea soon. You can view list of menu on your mobile app, and using this you can choose the tea or tea type with some meal like biscuit, burger, snacks and order it by paying fee using UPI, Debit/Credit card without visiting the cash counter. This way you can also get loyalty points which you can redeem on next order!

Inventory Management Software

To manage all the inventory, the MBA chaiwala has implemented Inventory Management Software to better manage the inventory of its business. This helps them to monitor stocks, forecast demand and make timely replenishments. This makes it easier for them to reduce waste stock and maximize sales.

Employee Management Tools

With a large business, managing employees can be a big challenge. That’s why MBA Chaiwala has implemented employee management tools. These tools help them track employee attendance, working hours, and performance. Additionally, it is also useful for employee training and development.

Partnerships and Outsourcing

Prafull Billore has also used technology in his business for partnerships and outsourcing. For example, they use cloud-based software that lets them easily collaborate with other companies. In addition, they also outsource some activities such as logistics and IT support.

By using these techniques, MBA Chaiwala has made his business very well organized and efficient and manged to open 200+ franchise all over India. This has not only reduced their costs but also increased customer satisfaction. It is because of these technological tools that he has been able to achieve a net worth of lakhs.

Final Words

Finally, technology has become an important factor for any business today. MBA Chaiwala is one such example who has adopted technology and leveraged it and improved the overall net worth and living lifestyle. They have not only grown their business digitally but have also used technology in managing the business and now per month income is outstanding.

Thus, he achieved a net worth of millions and gave a new dimension to his business. The same concept has been adopted by their competitors which are Chai Sutta Bar and Chaayos and soon we can see Dolly Chaiwala or Dolly’s Tapri (which is owned by Sunil Patil) will follow this to expand their business to multiple locations across India.

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