Key Points for Monitoring Someone’s Messages


You want to keep a close eye on what someone texts, but the method you choose defines everything. It could be a family member, close friend, employee, etc. While the law may forbid you from just monitoring anyone, many have fallen victim.

Where the law applies, you still need intuitive ways that will allow you to monitor seamlessly. There are many advertised ways to get the SMSs, but not all will give the desired results.

To get a suitable way means ample research and trying. As you do so, here are the key points to remember as you pursue the chosen method.

Points to Remember as You Monitor Someone’s Messages

You may have come across an app or solution that crashed your dreams of ever trying to monitor messages. That does not mean you should end the search. The problem might be where you are looking.

For example, if you have tried the Spyier application, you would probably not search for anything else. This app has proved to get the messages remotely and quickly, thanks to its innovative design.


What does it have that the rest of the applications don’t possess? The points below will guide you through what you should consider. We have derived them from Spyier since it’s an app that has benefited millions of people in more than 190 countries.

As you read, the Spyier numbers are still rising.

Quick Installation

How long does it take an app to start using it? If it consumes more than ten minutes, then you should probably consider the next option. Before the monitoring begins, you may realize you don’t have much time to get the targeted phone.

So, the faster the application setup, the better the chances of seeing the process through. Those who have used Spyier know that you need five minutes at most to acquire and start using.

Speed is essential since you don’t know when the target will come back, asking where the phone is.

Spyier installing

No Alerting the Target

Hello? You are monitoring the messages belonging to your friend, child, or spouse. Do you think it’s a good idea if they know what you are doing to their private life? Well, the answer is no, and that’s why it’s essential to hide your intentions.

Spyier developers had that in mind, and that is why it’s never visible. It doesn’t matter whether you are using it on Android or iOS. It will never appear on the phone’s wizard display. As you get the messages, your solution should make sure the target is unaware.

You can get more information from Spyier to see how the stealth mode works and why it’s vital in monitoring.

Spyier installing steps

You Don’t Need to Alter the Phone

If you want to get exclusive specifications from your monitoring solution, rooting or jailbreaking may be necessary. That’s a good thing if you have a solution with limited features. On the other hand, that is not the best thing to do on the phone.

Rooting or jailbreaking (In Android and iOS respectively), alters how the phone functions. That is something that the target user will notice after you work on their phone. If you don’t know how to do it, then you will end up ruining the device.

That is not good to hear, not to mention that such tricks also void a phone’s warranty. To avoid dealing with such skills, the answer is to search for an application that doesn’t permit so. For Spyier, the techniques are never part of the deal as you acquire it.

Remote Viewing

Once the setup is complete, how you get the results is also crucial. In most monitoring apps, it’s evident that you want to view the messages away from the targeted phone. That is why they offer a way to get them using an online account.

An app needs to have a dashboard that works with all browsers. Spyier does that, and that’s why it’s possible to log in anywhere if you have an internet connection. Also, remote access should provide a way to uninstall the application.

With Spyier, uninstalling the application is done remotely without visiting the target phone.

Spyier dashboard

Real-Time Results

When you have completed the setup and waiting for the updates, how soon they arrive is also vital. Some solutions may update you on an hourly basis, twice or thrice in a day, etc. That is okay until you realize that you may not be getting everything.

To make sure that you are genuinely updated, apps like Spyier will show the changes immediately. Once the user receives or sends a message, there will be no viewing delays in your account.

What Do You Get?

This is another central point that also determines what you choose. Since you are monitoring, getting everything you require is much better. When looking at Spyier, this is what you will receive on your dashboard regarding the messages:

  • All the sent and received messages.
  • Contact details of those involved
  • The timestamps
  • In iOS, you also get the deleted messages.
  • Any attached files for the MMSs

If an app does not give you that at least, then it’s not useful as advertised.

Safety in the Method Used

You can get all the information you want via a monitoring app that lives to its promise. However, it would not make any sense if it’s the source of all the trouble after the acquisition. The last thing you need is a malware and viruses introduction.

Further, you don’t need your spying results being used elsewhere on the internet. That is why security is always paramount as you monitor someone’s messages and other details. Spyier is one of the few solutions that have successfully been able to counter the issue.

It does that by not storing the information in the account if you are logged out. When you log in every time, Spyier syncs the data from the targeted phone.

Are There Any Other Beneficial Features?

The cost of monitoring the messages should match what you get. You may find expensive applications with limited results, and that’s not okay. If you get Spyier, for example, it comes in as a whole package. That tells you the results will be more than the messages.

That way, you will view the calls, contacts, location, and social media. It comes with 30+ features, and that’s more than what you require. It may not be necessary to get more features if you only want to pursue the messages.

On the other hand, it’s much better since we do other things with our phones.


We may not have exhausted everything here, but there will be good progress if you follow the above points. You can try out Spyier to see if it fulfills what we have discussed above. Also, don’t forget to apply the facts to your chosen method.

If you have any questions regarding message monitoring, there is a comment box below for you.