Scraping by Location Benefits

The most efficient way to unlock local content in India while scraping is through an Indian Proxy service. Sending requests through that service will make it appear as though your company’s IP address is from India.

Scraping by location has many benefits for your business, the best being that you can launch a focused marketing campaign. Besides, marketing costs companies a lot in terms of money, time, personnel, and digital resources. You should, therefore, invest in marketing strategies that will reach customers who will convert.

India Proxy: a solution to scraping

Web scraping involves the use of bots or spiders to reach websites and collect bulk data. Further analysis of the data and translating it into other formats make it understandable to the user.

If you intend to book for hotel accommodation in India and you wish the rates were better for your budget, count on an India Proxy to come through for you. Often, accommodation rates vary depending on the location of the customer. When your proxy allows you to pose as a resident, you enjoy discounted prices and less taxation, unlike non-residents.

The residential hotel rates can translate to profits if you run a tour and travel company. It could also mean hefty savings for your business if you’re taking bookings for your staff for a vacation, a work-related trip, or a conference.

The price discrimination policy also plays out in the air transport industries. Here airlines segment the world market into zones with different ticket prices for each. You can use a proxy to scout for cheap air flights offered by Indian airlines.

Some broadcasting companies, sports leagues, and national networks use blackouts to restrict viewership of their content. Without an India Proxy, you might yourself be unable to stream that cricket championship game you’ve heard about.

Another benefit for your business from scraping by location is the advantage of bypassing copyright agreements. Some might consider it illegal. In this scenario, some content providers only own the rights to broadcast content. The owner of the content holds all the rights and decides on the extent of locations where the content may be displayed.

Broadcasting houses, therefore, use geo-blockers to restrict viewers on platforms outside the permitted zones of India’s boundaries. If you find your residential IP restricted, your business will invest in a proxy from India to access such geo-restricted broadcasts.

Blackouts occur due to copyrighting regulations where national networks exclusively own an event’s distribution rights. In other cases, it happens when the event is already on air in the local broadcasts, and you can’t access them because you aren’t an Indian resident. Blackouts also occur because of regulations that outlaw airing of content funded by taxpayer funds to non-residents.

On the other hand, if your business airs broadcasting shows and holds copyrights, as a content provider, you must buy licensing rights to stream that content in India. You also must pay taxes, and that is a costly output for a company. Only a proxy from India will make your streaming appear to be originating from India. That way, you can bypass the hefty charges for licensing rights in India.

Since scraping by location requires your business to have a spider configured to find data from a specific place, you can use that technology inversely. This means using it to restrict the use of your company’s server for accessing data from some countries. It could be illegal data or that which would be a distraction to your employees.

Is web scraping using proxies from India legal?

The law on web scraping is still vague, and the debate has progressed as follows:

  • In 2018, the European Union banned unjustified geo-restriction. The ban only applied where geo-blocking ensured compliance with the legal requirements and did not include eBooks and video games.
  • Months later, the EU allowed providers of paid services to provide access to users within the EU states.
  • At the end of 2018, the EU outlawed geo-blocking in eCommerce
  • In other countries in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, there is no clear law to govern the best practices and the legality of geo-blocking.

With that insight, you can take advantage of the benefits of scraping by location using India Proxy. And all that without getting your business involved in legal struggles with digital regulatory authorities.

Depending on the nature of your web scraping and your company’s budget, you can choose between dedicated or private proxies and public proxies. The difference arises from their providers and the number of users who can use the server at any given time.

To accrue even more benefits, ensure you acquire your proxies from reputable providers. If you are tech-savvy or particularly ambitious, you can write a script to create your proxy for your business scraping tasks.

Start scraping by location so that you don’t miss out on these valuable benefits.