Top 5 (New) Stream2Watch Alternatives 2024 in India to Curb Piracy Download

Top 5 (New) Stream2Watch Alternatives

A ton of illegal platforms are live to offer free streaming in India. One such platform is stream2watch, so to curb piracy and protect illegal streaming of live sports, we brought 5 new Stream2Watch Alternatives which are legal and provide the best quality on both mobile and TV.

As in India, Internet is affordable (thanks to Jio and Airtel) and OTT plans are in budget ( starts from INR 149/month), so this makes easy for everyone to try the new legal Stream2Watch Alternatives to watch the live streaming of sports like cricket, football, formula 1 racing, wwe etc.

There was a time when streaming of international games were not available to watch in India, and people used try the tricks to watch them live. But now all this is quite easy, as we have 4G / 5G budge smartphones, high speed internet and ott platforms available in every city and village of India.

So now there is no point to watch the live streaming illegally. Hence to curb piracy, we are here to educate you and reveal the top 5 ott and broadcasting apps which you can install on your mobile or smart TV and watch the live streaming of cricket, football, WWE, ipl, t20, formula 1, tennis, badminton tournament etc.

#1. Hotstar – Watch Free

Hotstar is #1 ott app to watch the live sports like cricket, kabaddi, football, mixed martial arts, american football, tennis, formula e, hockey and baseball.

Being only a mobile user you can watch the cricket live streaming for free on your mobile in 480p without any monthly or yearly subscription. Thought the offer is limited but now available and can be accessed on any network like Airtel, Jio, Bsnl, VI, etc without any issue.

For TV, you have to opt for a monthly plan which starts from 299/3month. With this plan you can watch the match in HD in Hindi, English and other local languages like Tamil, Telugu for 3 months.

#2. JioCinema – Watch Free

Jio has started the paid subscription recently and it offers the live streaming of cricket, football, fifa world cup, LaLiga, ipl. Being a cricket fan you can wacth IPL and live streaming of ODI cricket matches here for free on both mobile and TV.

Not only this, you can even watch the popular leagues of football on your TV and mobile.

For watching live sports, you don’t have to buy the  paid subscription. Just login on the app, sign up with mobile number, verify it with otp and start watching the game of your choice live in HD/Full HD.

#3. SonyLiv

SonyLiv is the another big player in OTT market India which you can install on your device to watch cricket, football and other half dozen of popular sports on TV and mobile.

Mostly people in India prefer this app to watch WWE, which airs everyday and popular among the youth worldwide.

Streaming of these sports are paid, you have to buy a subscription of 999/year to watch the live streaming on your mobile and TV in HD/Full HD.

#4. YouTube

Apart from the above 3 ott live streaming apps which are a proven  best stream2watch alternatives, there is one more app which you can use to get the live updates on the current game.

Though the broadcast of a match is not available, but there are some channels which offers live commentary and display the match result like goals, team score, wickets in the ticker section which is either placed in the bottom or top of the screen with other details like current player score, remaining balls, time etc.

As YouTube is absolutely free, you don’t have to pay anything to anyone. You just need a 4G/ 5G Android or iPhone mobile with a data plan of 1.5 or 2GB/day.

#5. DD Sports / DD National

Everybody loves to watch cricket in India. Hence how we forgot the free broadcasting channels named DD sports and DD national. Both these are government backed channels and when a match is played between India and any the country, them it is aired live on these channels which you can watch for free with just a TV antenna.

Apart from that if you are traveling in car from one city to another or you are on road trip then you can get the latest updates of cricket on Radio too.

This way we can curb on the piracy and watch the live streaming of popular sports on mobile for free!

Now answer me, would you prefer these top 5 free stream2watch alternatives? or still watch the live match on stream2watch or similar sites? Please let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share the ott streaming apps and broadcasting channels list with others on social media.