5 Amazing Working Tricks if Someone Tries Spam a Phone Number

proven tricks that you can use to stop if someone tries to spam a phone number

As everybody knows how to spam a phone number, have a look at and learn what to do if someone tries to spam your phone. How can you stop yourself from these unknown unwanted calls and texts and allow only legal and valid calls!

At present time spamming someone’s phone is easy by creating an account on prank based websites. These websites allow to various ways which you can pick to start spamming. You can send loan pending messages, you can send bill due text messages and fake invitations of party, lottery win messages.

Here’s the list of prank websites links which people use to spam a phone number:

  1. Blowupthephone.com
  2. Spoofbox.com
  3. Textemnow.com
  4. Sendrandomfacts.com
  5. Messagebomber.com
  6. Armssms.com
  7. Textem.net
  8. Sendanonymoussms.com
  9. Autosender app
  10. EZ texting

These are basically prank websites which you can signup for free from an email account like gmail, yahoo mail, rediff mail etc. And buy opting a basic plan, you can start sending the spammy /funny text messages.

These websites also provide a pre-recorded call options which you can use to drop a message like Hi, I’m calling you from xxxx hotel, you checked in here on this day at this time. So how you liked our services?

Being a couple you know how this message will bomb your life!!

That are some funny things you can do in free times to and get the revenge. Though this is for fun purpose, you can share it to others and let them know how to use the websites for spam.

Apart from that if you would like to blow up someone’s phone with spam calls or text messages on whatsapp, then you can try the following latest ways like:

  1. You can post ads online or offline and add the victim’s number.
  2. You can write down the victims number in public toilet.
  3. Go to insurance based websites and add number in contact area. The insurance company agents will call again and again!
  4. Same you can add mobile number on educational websites, full body check up clinics, hair transplant clinics etc.
  5. You can also provide the mobile number to telemarketers.
  6. In addition to that, free trail based websites, online survey and forums are also a best way to spam a phone number.

These are some of the best ways that people preferring these day to flood a phone number with calls. It is best because you don’t have to signup for any subscription and nothing would be exposed.

But now the question is, what to do if someone try the same trick to get revenge from you?

Well there are some legal ways which you can use to stop someone from spamming a phone number. By doing some settings on phone or by writing an email to customer support team you can easily put a full stop and stop receiving the spam calls and text messages with in 24 business hours.

Getting repeated spam calls to your phone can be incredibly irritating. The constant disruptions waste your time and invade your privacy. If you find yourself plagued by some unknown person or automated system spamming your phone number, there are steps you can take to get relief.

With some clever techniques and tools, you can stop phone spammers in their tracks.

#1. Identify The Source

First, try to identify where the spam calls are originating from.

When you receive a call, don’t immediately hang up. Check the number displayed on your caller ID. Search for the number online to see if others have reported it as a spammer. Telemarketers often use spoofing technology to fake caller ID information, but you may still find useful reports that indicate the type of spam campaign targeting you.

You can also answer a call to gather more details. Listen for identifying information in a pre-recorded robocall message. Or speak to a live operator to learn what organization they represent before demanding to be removed from their list. Even small clues can help you figure out the source and best way to get them to stop calling.

#2. Block Specific Numbers

Once you’ve identified the spammers, you can take direct action by blocking their numbers.

Most smartphones allow you to easily block specific numbers. This telemarketer trick will send future calls from that number directly to voicemail. You can also request number blocking from your phone carrier for persistent harassers. Every major wireless provider now lets customers block numbers for free.

Here’s a well written article that shared by google on how to block spam calls, I request you… must read it if you are a Android user. Those who are using iphone, they can avoid unwanted calls in settings > phone > blocked contacts.

The full guide of iOS users to block the unwanted calls is given here, so must it read it if you own an iPhone or ipad!

Some robocalls sequentially call from different spoofed numbers. Completely blocking a single number often won’t stop these sophisticated spam systems. But blocking every bothersome number one by one still helps reduce the pestering calls.

#3. Enable Call Blocking Features

For broader protection beyond individual numbers, enable call blocking solutions.

Wireless carriers offer enhanced call blocking tools and spam alerting services. AT&T provides Call Protect for identifying fraud and Robocall Block for stopping verified robocalls. Verizon offers free spam detection and blocking through Call Filter. T-Mobile maintains a Scam ID system for identifying likely scammers.

Contact your phone company to check pricing and availability for your plan.

Third-party call blocking apps for iOS and Android can also help catch unwanted calls. Popular options like YouMail, Nomorobo, and Hiya screen incoming calls with dynamic blacklists, behavioral monitoring, caller profile lookups, and community reporting.

Most offer a free version with limited call blocking or a premium paid subscription with enhanced filtering capabilities and custom controls.

#4. Register On Do Not Call Lists

Take preventative action by registering your phone number with official Do Not Call registries.

In the United States, add your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry managed by the Federal Trade Commission. After 31 days from confirming your registration, most legitimate telemarketers will be legally required to stop calling you.

However, political organizations, charities, and scammers still may call even if you are on the registry. And it only applies to calls within the United States. Still, joining the Do Not Call list helps discourage reputable domestic marketers from bothering you.

Combining this registry technique with call blocking provides more robust protection.

#5. Report Persistent Violators

If a scammer refuses to stop spamming your phone despite your request to be added to internal company Do Not Call lists, take the next step by reporting them to authorities:

  • File complaints about violators with the Federal Trade Commission or Federal Communications Commission by reporting details through online complaint forms.
  • Submit phone numbers of illegal telemarketers to sites like Shouldianswer.com that aggregate community spam reports to aid enforcement efforts.
  • Contact your state attorney general’s office to report violations of state telemarketing laws. Local authorities often investigate regional sources of phone harassment.

Frequent complaints create a paper trail documenting systematic abuse from unrelenting phone spammers.

Government regulators can use consumer complaints to launch punitive action and levy hefty fines against organizations that flout telemarketing rules. The threat of enforcement consequences can eventually compel fraudulent call centers to eliminate your number from their lead lists.

Final Words

The way that I advised above is valid and works in more than 150 countries like USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, UK, Poland, West Indies, Norway, Niger, Nigeria South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Kenya, Zambia, Israel, UAE, Saudi Arab, Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Philippians,  Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine etc.

But still if all fails, you may need to take extreme measures by changing your phone number. Canceling your current number and activating a new mobile or landline number provides a clean slate if you can no longer cope with excessive pestering from a determined spammer that won’t yield to standard blocking attempts. Use the new number selectively and protect it carefully to avoid another round of spam deluges.

So what’s your take on this? Have you tried any solution yet to stop someone to spam a phone number? Please let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share.