What are the Harmful Effects of Smartphones?

6 dangerous effects of smartphones

Sleep issues, dark circles under eyes are some common problems of using smartphones continuously. Here are the 6 dangerous effects of smartphones in our life

Some of us can remember a time when life was simpler. A time when the only way to correspond with someone was through carrier pigeons. Well, perhaps our memories do not stretch that far backward since none of us lived during such times. Still, it seems as if we have. Then came in the 2010s, and along with it the era of smartphones. It took over our lives by storm, and no one knew what hit them.

Quickly finding its way into each one of our hands, where even the most resilient and resolute of folks fell to this device’s charm. However, they are not all good and do have a few flaws worth mentioning. Here is all that you need to know.

6 dangerous effects of smartphones

Effects of Smartphones – How Do Smartphones Harm You?

Apart from the obvious, it being that people have forgotten how to communicate without being behind their screen, instead opting for the virtual reality type of chatting, they bring a lot of harm to the user. Granted, they have indeed made our lives easier, but when your health becomes at risk, they start seeming less ideal and may lose their appeal. They also work to harm more than our health. Here are some of the effects of smartphones

1. Children May Not Be Safe

It is difficult to expect a minor, especially a child, to take absolute safety precautions. When they are exposed to this vast world of media, you never know what they may stumble upon.

Anything from adult content, to online predators, the internet is becoming more and more dangerous. For this reason, you may have developed certain reservations and wish to keep a watchful eye on them.

The tech wizards at The Tool Report explain how you can go about monitoring your child’s cell phone, to keep them safe from cyberbullying and other malicious practices. Even teenagers may need monitoring, despite them thinking they are smart enough to spot all the dangers.

2. Sleep Issues

We have all fallen to the mistake of either checking our texts or just surfing the web before we sleep. Research has proven that due to the blue light smartphone’s emitted, falling asleep is more difficult after exposure and thus have us suffer the consequences.

It is recommended to not use your phone for an hour before your bedtime. Also, reduce any ambient light in your bedroom. When possible always opt to use a blue light filter.

3. It May Affects Your Neck and Back

One thing that happens often when texting is slouching. This is mostly because we have our phones below our eye level, which leads to neck problems. Slouching for long periods, or just slouching altogether does a lot of damage to your neck. However, the damage does not stop there as it may also extend as far down as to your back. It is a very common issue which many suffer from, so much that doctors have developed an expression for these smartphone risen problems, dubbing it as ‘text neck.’

4. Sore Fingers

Smartphones have a way of having us turn to them when in doubt. This is when you feel bored, have nothing to do, or just choose to turn to your smartphone for no apparent reason. We will scroll up and down and sideways, sometimes hours on end. All of the swiping may start affecting our fingers and end up making them sore. This is due to the inflammation that takes place in our tendons.

5. Our Eyes

Our eyes are a very sensitive body part and when they are mistreated, they may start experiencing a decline in function and ability. This will become poignant when you offer them no rest and persistently engage in things concerning your smartphone. They will hurt and, at times, even burn painfully.

Also when you watch videos on mobile, or use smarphone for a long time in the dark then it weaks your eyes and cause dark circle issues!


This very common acronym, which means Fear Of Missing Out, does relate to the harmful effects a smartphone may have. This is essentially brought on by social media. People will end up comparing what they have to others, where they have traveled in comparison to others, and this will bring them into a state of FOMO. Phones can have us miss out on life because we are too engaged in the lives of others.

Smartphones were initially developed to introduce ease into people’s lives and have them connect with one another almost seamlessly.

However, the misuse of the device can end up having a very harmful effect, especially in the way they impact our children. So keep an eye out and make sure that you yourself are not using this device incorrectly.

So guys, these are some common and unhidden harmful effects of smartphones. If you liked it, then please share it with others!