3 Coins That Can Double In The Coming Weeks

crypto chart

The crypto market trends have their peaks and valleys. The volatility in this field is certain. While the trends of crypto in the year 2021 were towering, 2022 has seen a tower fall. Investors had hoped for a rise in the value of digital currencies but things didn’t work out as we wanted them to. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, go to Golden Profit, an ultimate guide to crypto trading.

During this time it is difficult to detect which token will have stable growth and yield better income. So keeping calm will slip away opportunities from our fingers tips. Here are the reasons why now is the time to nudge into the market and claim a safe place:

  • The fall in market value has given rise to cheap selling coins.
  • The possibility of a relief rally after a period of its fall-off is high.
  • The investors may look for cryptos as the value of other assets also drops to variate their portfolios.

These are some coins whose value is likely to flourish rapidly:

1. VeChain (VET): VeChain focuses on the supply chain management method. It permits its builders to add sensors like RFID tags to their products. This helps them to record the data in their blockchain. The token runs on the VeChainThor blockchain.

Its main ability is to transfer smart contract transactions. This coin has experienced a crash higher than any other coin in the market. It has dwindled ten times cheaper than earlier.

This fall in the value has created an opportunity for the investors to make a decent investment. It has the potential of growing two times in the near future.

2. Decentraland (MANA): The specialty of MANA is that it is totally owned and governed by its users. It is a digital space where users can build, develop, innovate and sell land. MANA depicts the ownership of virtual land to its users in Decentraland.

Known as the most active cryptocurrency, MANA has reached great heights. Its highest record of all times was $5.90 on November 25th, 2021. Ever since the market crash of the metaverse token, investors have lost interest in risking their money. But its tie-up with Samsung will see a great performance in its trends.

This token has a turnover of around $5 billion in the year 2022, boasting a market cap. Unfortunately, this record was hit by its value falling down to $1 billion. Although, several P2E gaming coins have seen a drop this year.

3. ThorChain (RUNE): RUNE is structured using a cosmos SDK which serves as a cross-chain decentralised exchange (DEX).The independent blockchains makes use of AMM- an automated market maker concept. This concept or model resembles the first iterations of Unipswap or Bancor (BNT) wherein its native coin RUNE is the swap pair.

It allows its users to trade between assets on various blockchains. For example, it makes it simpler for its users to trade ETH on the Ethereum blockchain or BTC on the bitcoin blockchain.

ThorChain id commonly called an underrated project. The decline in its value marks the cheap stake of this coin. But when the market attains stability, RUNE is likely to give gains.

4. Chainlink (LINK): LINK allows smart contacts on ethereum and connect to external data sources, APIs, and payment systems with security. It is a commonly used oracle network giving blockchains the power to access off-chain data.

This coin claims to rule over with a democratic blockchain. The year 2022 did not favor growth in its value but it is likely to increase further. The recent weeks have witnessed cross-chain performances in this crypto. Besides this, its value could not manage to surpass 10% in 2022.

Predictions say that the coin is likely to trade at an average of $15.12 in 2022. So investing in this token can be worthwhile.