4 Key Benefits of Having a Dedicated Internet Access for Your Business

dedicated internet access

Dedicated internet access has become a necessity for modern businesses. A faster and reliable internet connection has become an essential business resource. That is because a large part of the daily business operations is done online, and a poor quality internet connection can result in time wastage and even business loss. Most businesses have transitioned to cloud-based software to carry out transactions through mobile apps or websites. Therefore, a business cannot compromise on the quality of the internet.

All businesses want reliability and performance from their internet connection. That means it should provide maximum speed and efficiency with minimal go-slows and downtime so that the connected applications and platforms work at their best.

The quality of the internet directly affects the productivity and customer service of a business. That is why having dedicated internet access from a reliable internet provider is highly important

dedicated internet access

Here are the 4 key benefits of having dedicated internet access for your business

1. Enjoy Fast Internet Speed

With a dedicated line, you will get a much faster internet speed than you can get through a standard internet service like Spectrum internet. There are two reasons why a dedicated internet service is faster. One reason is that your business applications don’t have to compete with other service users for bandwidth.

And the other reason is you will have a dedicated, ultrafast fiber optic cable providing internet to your business. The fiber to cabinet (FTTC) infrastructure relies on the copper lines to bring internet connection to the buildings, which delivers a much slower internet service as compared to the fiber optic cable.

2. Synchronous Upload and Download Speed

Fast uploading speed is also as crucial as the downloading speed for your business if you have a lot of cloud apps, software, VoIP, etc. Low uploading speed becomes an issue if your business uses cloud computing.

That is because many cloud-based business platforms like ERP, CRM, databases, and website management tools will require you to upload a steady stream of data into the cloud, so the uploading speed is equally important as the downloading speed. A dedicated internet service ensures synchronous upload and download speed for your business.

3. Better Security

Private dedicated internet service improves the security of your company’s IT assets. Businesses are concerned about the security protocols for the sensitive data transferred over the internet.

Secure internet connection is the topmost concern of the businesses because they have the valuable data coming back and forth. Having private connections give you peace of mind that all the data traveling over that connection is secure and private.

This means the chances for hackers to access your data and data leaks to occur are rare. A dedicated internet connection ensures that all your internet communications are data traffic are kept away from the public connections that are prone to hackers’ attacks and leaks.

4. Guaranteed Bandwidth

A private, dedicated internet service ensures that you will get a certain bandwidth for your company’s network at all times. That means you are guaranteed to receive the bandwidth you purchased, for most of the time.

This is an important aspect of private internet service as you can decide on the speed you require depending on the need of your business and rely on it to provide the same speed throughout the day.