Anime Series for Free: Where to watch them in 2023?

It often feels tough to find reliable online sources to watch the latest Anime Series for Free in 2023. Since most of the anime streaming sites come with frustrating ads mostly from adult sites, shortlisting the best websites to watch anime series for free mostly ends in disappointment. However, I’ve spent a lot of time to find where to watch anime series for free in 2020 which I am looking forward to sharing with you.

What is Anime?

Anime is a popular genre these days featuring Japanese style animation movies and TV shows. Today, millions across the world love watching Anime movies and series on the internet. The genre has even invaded the United States and Europe. But most websites to watch anime series for free are restricted in many countries making it difficult to find the latest shows.

Watch Anime Series for free safely, with a VPN in 2023

There are a couple of key websites that offer access to Anime and it is also on some regular network channels, but aside from that Anime is very difficult to find. It is not like television and movies with lots of different channels simultaneously broadcasting the same content. Accessing such content for free is tricky and risky. You need to bypass ISP blockages and Geographic restrictions by hiding your identity and this way masking your IP address. But this isn’t enough.

Government agencies and ISPs collaborate to stop cybercrime and copyright violations. This is done by constantly monitoring the online activities and browsing history of the internet users. The problem is that the ISPs use this freedom of extracting personal data to their malicious objective of selling this data to advertising agencies. These practices have created multiple issues for internet users all over the world.

The only solution for this is using a Good VPN service

Top 6 Websites to Watch Anime Series for Free in 2023

1. KissAnime

The first on the list is KissAnime. It is an anime streaming website with a simple interface that loads relatively quickly. The home-page has thumbnails to a large collection of anime thumbnails you can select to play. The top-bar of the website has the Genres tab for convenient search.

Overall, KissAnime is a reliable and good website but the problem is that you don’t have the option to change the video quality (resolution). The other issue is the sudden pop-up of ads when you expect them the least.

Site url:

2. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak is another promising website to watch anime series for free in 2020. This interface lets you watch the latest titles and episodes. However, the color-scheme and the graphics are not impressive. The list of titles is extensive but arranged in a database-style in alphabetical order. But you can easily get used to this website with a few hours.

Site url:

3. MyAnimeList

If you are looking for the best website to watch anime series for free with the least number of ads then you need to try MyAnimeList. This is a popular website but you might have to run IPVanish to unblock this website in your country since it is blocked in many regions. MyAnimeList brings titles with brief descriptions, popularity, ranking, reviews, and characters in the Anime Series.

Site url:

4. Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet is also one of the best Anime Series streaming website available for free. But you need a VPN like IPVanish to unblock this website in most parts of Asian, Europe, and the United States. This website is popular mainly for the fact that it lets you make friends. You can enter the community and follow the users of this website.

Site url:

5. AnimeHeaven

AnimeHeaven is arguably the best website to watch the latest Anime Series and Movies for free. The best thing about AnimeHeaven is that you can change the resolution (video quality) to download the video anytime you want. Most Anime Streaming sites don’t let you download the video directly on the device. You have to use some third-party downloading software.

Site url:

6. Funimation

I never forget to mention Funimation because it doesn’t change anything. Anybody who loves watching Anime Series already knows how convenient and entertaining Funimation is. The graphics are exceptional and the presentation of the titles is done professionally. If you are looking to watch Dragon Ball Super, Attack on Titan, or other popular titles then you need to visit Funimation.

There is a free as well as a paid version of Funimation. Using this site for free, limits some features and there are ads in the videos. The paid version is ad-free.

Site url:


In this article, we’ve listed the most reliable websites to watch Anime Series for free. However, you can also use Kodi to watch them, by installing the right addons.

The above-mentioned websites to watch Anime Series for free in 2020 are functional but they are restricted in some countries. Moreover, the free streaming of these websites is full of ads.