Best offline games that you can download to play

Best offline games that you can download to play

The world is connected with internet but still there are some people love to play offline games on their smartphone. So if you are among those, who looking for best offline games list which you can download on your mobile or PC for free and play anytime without wifi, or mobile data, then keep reading till end.

There was a time when we used to play games without internet with 8bit gaming cassettes, or gaming CDs/Dvds via the gaming consoles. But now with the advancement of technologies like 4G / 5G internet and availability of  fiber optics cables, the style of games changed from offline to online mode.

As these online games require super fast internet and powerful gaming consoles (Nintendo, Xbox and Playstation 5), many people can’t afford them, and they look for free offline games that they can easily play on low end devices having low system requirements.

So those who now looking for free best offline games to play, here’s the list which you can consider while playing the games offline on your Android/iOS mobile or Windows/Mac PC.

The 25 Best Offline Games You Can Download for Free

In an increasingly connected world, it can feel frustrating when you find yourself without Wifi access or data coverage to enjoy mobile gaming. Fortunately, there are a plethora of fantastic free offline games you can download to keep yourself entertained, no internet required!

These offline games cover a wide range of genres, from thrilling adventure and action to challenging puzzles. What’s the best thing, then? Ads and paywalls are absent to keep the pleasure focused.

These are the top 25 free offline games you can download right now, whether you’re looking for something to do while waiting on a long flight or you just want to avoid paying another data overage fee for Candy Crush.

1. Shadowgun Legends

This immersive FPS shooter functions flawlessly offline with graphics and gameplay that rival any online console game. It’s equal parts Halo and Destiny, and you can easily sink hours customizing your character and blasting through missions.

2. Oddmar

The visuals seem ripped straight from a Pixar film in this charming platformer. You’ll guide a good-natured Viking through 24 gorgeously rendered levels spread across forests, mines, and temples. With simple swipe controls and a rich world to explore, it’s easy to lose an afternoon to Oddmar’s epic quest.

3. Soul Knight

Speaking of epic quests, this frantic dungeon shooter blends insane pixel gunplay with endless loot to uncover. With four unique character classes and over 190 weapons to master, each randomly generated level presents an entertaining challenge to battle through.

4. The Room Series

These critically acclaimed 3D puzzle games deserve every ounce of praise they receive. The tactile touch controls have you poking, prodding, and spinning intricate puzzle boxes as you uncover the secrets hidden inside. With an eerie atmosphere and increasingly difficult puzzles, The Room games are custom built for offline play sessions.

5. Mini Metro

This tranquil, minimalist subway simulator is sure to exercise your mental muscles. You’ll strategically draw metro lines connecting stations to efficiently transport passengers around each city. It starts calmly, but as your subway expands, keeping everything running smoothly becomes a delightful brain tease.

6. Monument Valley 1 & 2

These award winning indie darlings offer a twist on the puzzle genre, inviting you to mess with impossible geometry to guide your silent princess through stunning monuments that seemingly defy physics. With trippy visuals and sleek design, the Monument Valley franchise is artistic, charming, and very conducive to pass those offline hours.

7. Clash Royale

While you may think of Clash Royale as an online competitive title, it also has a fantastic solo campaign mode. String together wins against AI opponents to advance through leagues and earn chests full of unlockable characters, spells, and challenges to master. When you feel prepared, you can spend hours tackling the online component as well!

8. Kingdom Rush Series

If you’re craving traditional tower defense gameplay loaded with personality, the Kingdom Rush series will scratch that itch offline for hours on end. You’ll fight back swarms of unique enemies by strategically placing defenses, upgrading your towers, and managing your gold reserves through dozens of stages and side missions over multiple games.

9. Bloons TD 6

Similar to Kingdom Rush, this cartoon monkey madness tower defense hit will consume your offline hours with its 19 tower types, 3 upgrade paths each, and a staggering number of enemy balloon varieties to burst. Special mission objectives, boss events, and deep late game progression mechanics ensure new challenges even after mastering the core Bloons popping action.

10. Star Realms

Reimagining the deck building card genre in a futuristic sci fi setting, Star Realms has you constantly reshaping your hand each round, pulling off combos, acquiring ships and bases. With solo challenges and AI battles to tackle offline, you’ll enjoy building the perfect deck then testing it against a wide range of opponents.

11. Terraforming Mars

In this faithfully adapted board game, you are a megacorporation terraforming and colonizing Mars by playing project cards with increasingly grand effects. With solo play versus adjustable AI, exceptional polish, and games that can last hours, Terraforming Mars is a sublime digital port begging for offline sessions.

12. Sentinels of the Multiverse

Marvel may have popularized the superhero team up concept, but Sentinels perfected it within this genre bending card game. You’ll assemble a super squad and battle maniacal villains in entirely unique environments. With a complete single player experience taking on insanely powerful enemies, Sentinels is built for engaging offline enjoyment.

13. Sky Force Reloaded

This modern ode to retro arcade schmups retains their challenging gameplay and hypnotic style while integrating modern mobile conventions. Blast enemies out of the sky while dodging thick bullet patterns across gorgeous 3D landscapes. Unlock an armory of upgradable jets and reshape the battlefield itself for added strategy.

14. Dead Cells

This blazingly fast hybrid roguelike/metroidvania switches up level patterns and enemy placement every time you die. The variety keeps you on your toes through frantic real-time combat made even spicier once you unlock an expanding arsenal of skills tailored to appease any playstyle against the sinister sandbox.

15. Suzy Cube

Nostalgic for Super Mario adventures but want something fresher for your mobile? Suzy Cube’s dazzling 3D platformer spans 40+ levels across 5 vibrant worlds, each with distinctive mechanics to master from swimming to navigating piranha plant-infested jungles. This cakewalk turns challenging quick, so prepare for tricky jumps that will test your offline skills.

16. Pocket Rally

This bite sized top down racer captures rally’s hairpin turns and varied terrain in an accessible mobile package. With 72 stages across snow, dirt, and asphalt tracks in addition to multiplayer and challenge modes, Pocket Rally steers slightly away from sim status but sticks the landing as an enjoyable offline distraction.

17. Football Manager 2022

Europe’s most popular sports management experience now fits in your pocket without paying for a cent of mobile data. Football Manager 2022 includes 117 leagues from 52 countries to immerse in. Handle finances, training, tactics, transfers and contract talks to build your club into champions while you’re offline and away from WiFi.

18. Retro Bowl

The perfect game for NFL fans frustrated with their team’s performance (so every fan, then), Retro Bowl lets you call the shots. It’s like Tecmo Bowl got revived with modern graphics and gameplay balance for mobile devices. Develop your roster every season and out maneuver opponents in this addictive, offline-friendly package fans expect more NFL teams would actually utilize!

19. Downwell

This monochromatic gem offers a fresh vigor within its randomized wells full of enemies to stomp and gunboots to unlock. The more depths you plunge Offline, the deadlier demons and traps spawn until your inevitable demise. Fortunately the bite-sized retries keep you falling for hours, mastering skills that temporarily defend against Downwell’s increasing ferocity.

20. Hyper Light Drifter

Imagine a Zelda game fused with Dark Souls mechanic philosophies, soaked in neon, simmered into an isometric perspective, THEN injected with steroid plasma. Welcome to Hyper Light Drifter, a oozingly stylish action adventure saturated with secrets that begs to be explored offline thanks to its pinch zoom touch controls and diabolical enemy patterns.

21. Wayward Souls

Melee combat is seldom satisfying on mobile, but Wayward Souls delivers piles of pixel demon guts to splatter through across randomized dungeons stocked with towering bosses. Dash and dodge dances with death himself utilizing tight touch controls. Different classes and upgrades bolster replays of this masochistic dungeon basher. Don’t mistake cartoony with kindhearted however, as Wayward Souls happily beats you offline.

22. Plants vs. Zombies

Before battle royale hijacked mobile online gaming, PopCap struck gold with this comically addicting tower defense vs shooter hybrid well ahead of its time. Whether you played before or missed Plants vs Zombies domination, it remains a polished package breezing past any offline hours. Seriously, where DID the time go?

23. Florence

More a customizable piece of art than a traditional game, Florence enamors you through slice of life vignettes capturing the budding relationship between the titular Florence and cellist Krish. Theirs is a star crossed tale told through bespoke gameplay segments paralleling emotional highs and lows anyone can relate to offline.

24. Raising Vicki

If you adore Tamagotchi digital pet ownership, Raising Vicki should spark nostalgia while appealing to a more mature audience. Your choices coaching the titular AI companion – whether casual daily affirmations or investigating philosophical quandaries – directly impact Vicki’s growth into her still forming personality during your offline sessions together.

25. Good Sudoku

Sure this straightforward Sudoku game lacks bells and whistles apart from soothing nature backgrounds to stare at while deducing number placements. But its hyper focused commitment provides possibly the most robust and flexible offline Sudoku app ever created. With the game’s added guides and difficulty tweaks, Good Sudoku could teach a distracted novice how to embrace Sudoku mastery for hours daily.

So among the million of latest games these are the top offline games which liked and played by a number of players worldwide without internet.

Whether you’re looking for an epic adventure or a simple brain teaser to pass the time away from the internet, these 25 offline games cater to every interest while pushing mobile gaming boundaries. No data is required! Simply tap to download these free gems, which will bring you joy till you rejoin online again.