How to upgrade fire staff code in COD: Black Ops 3 ZOMBIES ORIGINS

upgrade fire staff code - call of duty bo3 black ops 3

The ultimate cheat sheet guide to upgrade fire staff code in black ops 3 zombies origins aka BO3 is finally here to solve riddle located in Crazy Place. So if you are in game and would like to win it at any cost then just follow the below given guidelines to gather the items to craft the fire staff.

If we talk about the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies Origins, then you will find out that it is a classic map that has enthralled players with its challenging gameplay and rich narrative. One of the map’s key objectives is to upgrade the elemental staffs, with the Fire Staff being a popular favorite due to its devastating ability.

This guide will go through how to upgrade the Fire Staff and how to master the fire code in the game.

What is Fire Staff?

The Fire Staff is one of the most coveted wonder weapons in Origins, the classic Zombies map featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. And for good reason – when fully upgraded, the Fire Staff becomes a powerhouse of elemental destruction. It’s capable of incinerating dozens of zombies at once with massive blasts of scorching flame.

But reaching the Staff’s full potential doesn’t come easy. Completing the multi-step upgrade quest takes skill, patience, and intimate knowledge of the map. For players new to Origins, the process can seem mystifying.

That’s why this guide provides everything you need to know to fully upgrade the Fire Staff. Follow these steps and fiery secrets and you’ll have this deadly tool mastered in no time.

Obtaining the Base Fire Staff

The first order of business is getting your hands on the regular, non-upgraded Fire Staff. This is acquired by solving a simple musical puzzle at the Fire Pedestal in the Excavation Zone.

Look for a Gramophone on sandbags near the Pedestal. Interact with it to play 3 different music discs. Each one will light up a new glyph pattern on the ground. Once all 3 are played, the Fire Pedestal will rise up from the earth, placing the basic Fire Staff in the stand above. Take it and the upgrade quest can begin.

Charging the Ancient Chimes

With the ordinary Staff in hand, head to these locations to find the three Ancient Chimes needed to unlock the full upgrade:

  • Excavation Zone – Inside a fireplace near the original Pedestal
  • Church – Inside a fireplace within the main Church building
  • Generator 5 – Near a fireplace in the Generator 5 station

At each spot, use the Staff to ignite zombies until you hear a distinctive “ching!” sound. When that happens, a ghostly blue Wisp will materialize. Guide the Wisp close to the fireplace, protecting it from zombies as you go. Escorting it there safely will charge the chime.

Repeat this step at every location to charge all three chimes. Beware – the Wisps are fragile! If zombies drain their energy, you’ll have to try again in the next round. Exercise caution when leading the Wisps.

Cracking the Musical Code

With the Chimes ignited, the Fire Staff nears its full potential. Return once more to the Excavation Zone near the original Pedestal. Launch blasts from the Staff into hordes of zombies until you hear the key “ding!” audio cue.

When that happens, flickering orange numbers will appear on a nearby Excavator. Memorize the number sequence shown. These indicate the musical tones you need to play to finish the upgrade.

Approach the numbered Excavator and press/hold your “Use” button in the proper order to play those tones. Input the sequence correctly to summon the upgraded Fire Staff from its Pedestal!

Unleashing the Fury of the Enhanced Fire Staff

The upgraded Fire Staff’s immense power is now yours to wield! This augmented mystical weapon deals substantially more damage and has new abilities.

Each blast of fire will ignite zombies, burning them to ash instantly. Even more impressively, the alternate fire mode summons a lethal napalm strike, calling in a fiery payload that explodes and sets the ground ablaze. Anything caught in those flames will roast immediately.

You can also charge your shots to unleash a super-heated barrage that cuts through hordes with ease. No zombies can withstand its searing destruction. Just watch your ammo reserves, as the Staff’s incredible power comes at the cost of quick ammo consumption.

Perfecting this complex Easter egg is no easy feat. But now the true fury of the Elemental Fire Staff belongs to you! Incinerate those undead legions and watch them crumble to cinder. This master guide has unlocked the secrets to dominating Origins with the mighty Fire Staff in hand.

Go show those zombies what inferno-fueled power feels like!

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