Extratorrents Proxy List (100% Working) to Unblock Extratorrent Alternatives or Similar Websites for Free

Extratorrents Proxy List (100% Working) to Unblock Extratorrent Alternatives or Similar Websites for Free

Extratorrents Proxy helps to unblock the banned Extratorrent like websites. So if due to some reasons, you are unable to open the extratorrents.cc, .ch, .si, .com, .ag, .cd mirror websites then you should look for some ninja techniques to get the full access on these blocked sites.

There was a time when extratorrents cc proxy was popular to share the files. But now these days to stop the piracy, many countries have decided to restrict its access and that’s why it can’t be access directly on your device.

Here’s Extratorrents Proxy comes in use which allow you to access Extratorrent site without any issue!

Below we are going to share the updated list of 100% working Extratorrents Proxy to unlock the Extratorrent like websites which you can use on your mobile or PC to download the latest Netflix, Disney+ HBO Max, and Amazon prime movies and TV shows. Not only this, you can also download the top selling ebooks, latest mp3 music, paid courses, licensed software, educational notes, pdf files, and popular leaks of celebrities.

Why we need ExtraTorrent proxy

As we know that from last 2 decades the concept of torrent is quite famous among the public because it offers pear to pear connection which allows a group of computers on the internet that have agreed to share files with one another and user can download and share the files with others in all over the world using internet.

But nowadays the torrent websites like piratebay3, extratorrent cc proxy, the pirate bay, 1337x are famous for the piracy and hence to stop it many countries have blocked the access which is why we need a proxy or you can say a similar alternative to bypass the restrictions.

Among them the one popular torrent website was ExtraTorrent. As its access is restricted, that’s why ExtraTorrents proxy website comes in use and provides the access to all blocked content for free on mobile and pc and you can download the high quality videos, pdfs, magazines, leaks, software.

How ExtraTorrent proxy works?

So know if you would like to know how ExtraTorrent proxy helps to unblock the blocked ExtraTorrent websites the you should know about the Internet service provider as an ISP is responsible for what website access is allowed and what’s restricted.

So when we talk about the proxy, it means we are saying that there are exact replica of the ExtraTorrent is available which you can access to download iles and latest movies.

An ISP might have blocked the main website like ExtraTorrent.com but there are less chances that ISP has blocked the mirror websites of ExtraTorrent like .cc, .org, .me, .gg, .net etc.

There a ton of domain extensions which have been registered daily by the developers on godaddy, namecheap and once the 1 site gets down then other comes in use and this process never ends which is why you can find same website with same design but different extension on Google search results and it allows to download whatever you want to download on your device.

How to Unblock ExtraTorrents Proxy Sites

In today’s time the Internet service providers are quite active and they quickly blocks the torrent websites as soon as they receive the report of mirror website. So in that case if you would like to open all similar websites like ExtraTorrent then you can take the help of vpn services and tor browser.

These services are best to unblock the blocked websites. Have a look at them below:

VPN services

So if you unable to open a website on your device then you can sign up for a VPN service and by enable it you can access the same website on your PC.

Suppose you are accessing extratorrent in USA and getting this site is blocked error or can’t be reached then in that case you can enable the VPN, choose a country like Singapore, Japan, Ukraine, UAE where the torrent access is legal and that’s all.

The VPN service like nordVPN, hidemyass wil change the IP address and you can get full view of extratorrent website on your screen which you can use to download the file.

This way your IP address won’t expose and you can do your work without any issue.

Tor Browser

A tor browser is special browser that use the onion routing technique to transmit the data through global relay servers. It was developed by non-profit organization as a part of the Tor project in 2008 and a modified version of Firefox web browser.

The purpose why people use it while torrenting because it anonymizes and encrypts your web traffic. And if any website is blocked by governments or other organizations then this browser will help and you can open the blocked sites and access it to download the music, movies, tv shows and software products.

However it is advised that if you are concerned about your privacy when torrenting, it is better to use a VPN. VPNs are designed for P2P traffic and are much faster and more reliable than Tor. They also provide a more robust level of anonymity.

Extratorrents Proxy and Exact Mirror Sites to Download Latest Movies, TV Series, Web Series

As these sites prompts piracy, the governments have block the access and instructs the ISP providers to restrict the access of these websites till further notice.

To counter this action, the developers of torrent websites registered the same domain with different extension and hence we have a long list of extratorrent proxy sites where users can get same design, same color, same categories and same content to download on PC and mobile for free.

This is an updated list of extratorrent proxy websites. Which you can access directly!!

ExtraTorrent Proxy/MirrorURLs ListStatus

In case if the access is blocked you can use the VPN or Tor  Browser. Here you will get the torrent link which you can use to download a file using the bittorrent or utorrent.

How to use Extratorrents Proxy

While using the torrent websites like extratorrent you have to follow some rules otherwise you might put yourself in big risk. As the downloading of copyrighted material from torrent websites is illegal and you might face big penalty and even jail as per the rules and regulation of the country where you are using it.

So if you are new and using the websites like extratorrent cc proxy, extratorrent2, extratorrentz then this is what you should know before downloading content on your device.

  • You can use the torrent to download open source files like iso file of ubuntu os, any linux os, text editors like Atom, Visula studio code, WordPress CMS, WooCommerce, LibreOffice, FreeCAD, OpenSCAD etc.
  • You can download the old movies and music that is no longer copyrighted.
  • You can checkout what’s available under Creative commons licenses like books, video, green screen effects, tones etc and then download it.
  • If you own any digital material you can share it for free with others to reach a broader audience.
  • You can legally download the trial and demos of paid software products and share it with others.

So once you know what is legal and what’s illegal you can proceed and open a extra torrent proxy website like extratorrent.xyz, extratorrent.cc on your device and using the extratorrent search engine you can search the content and download its torrent file.

Now upload this torrent file in utorrent or bittottent application and start the downloading for free.

This is how you can use the extratorrents proxy on your Pc and how you can get the copy of digital file on your device.

Extratorrents Proxy Alternatives

This is not a single platform where you can get the material of torrent. So if somehow the above proxy websites of extratorrent don’t work (temporary down) then you can look for the close alternatives like the pirate bay, lime torrent, YTS torrent, 1337x, kickass to download movies, tv series, music, xxx/porn, apps, software cracks, ebooks etc.

The Pirate Bay

It is know fact that The Pirate Bay is one of the most recognizable names in the world of torrenting.

Since its founding in 2003, it has been involved in a variety of legal disputes and temporary closures, but it is still in operation and many people are using it to download the files.

The website is well-known for its vast collection of torrents, which includes a wide variety of media such as movies, television shows, music, games, and software. The Pirate Bay is well-liked among internet users thanks to its intuitive navigation, comprehensive set of search tools, and lively community.

So if you need a close alternative to extra torrent, then you can 100% consider the pirate bay.

Lime Torrent

LimeTorrents is yet another well-known torrent site that has steadily gained users over the course of its existence. It distinguishes itself from other torrent platforms by putting an emphasis on providing verified torrents and lowering the number of fraudulent files, which is a prevalent problem on many torrent networks.

The website provides a diverse selection of categories, such as latest movies, television series, video games, music, and anime to its users. LimeTorrents is renowned for both its ease of use and its dependability.

YTS Torrent

If you’re a movie fanatic in search of high-quality movie torrents, YTS Torrent is an excellent option for you to consider.

Downloading high-definition movies is made more simpler and quicker by the fact that YTS specializes in offering a huge choice of movies that are contained inside reduced file sizes.

As a result of its sophisticated appearance and intuitive navigation, the website is an excellent option for cinephiles.

1337x Torrent

1337x is a versatile torrent site that offers a wide variety of content categories from Movies and TV Shows to Games, Music, and Applications.  It offers magnet links used for peer-to-peer file sharing and also features an easy-to-navigate website design in addition to its lively community. One of its most notable characteristics is a section that is solely devoted to trending torrents, which makes it easier for users to locate popular content.

KickAss Torrent

Before it was shut down in 2016, KickAssTorrents, also known as KAT, was one of the most prominent websites that hosted torrent files. KickAssTorrents.to, a new version that is community-driven and emerged, nevertheless, continues to give users with access to a massive library of torrents.

KAT is well-known for the ease with which it may be used as well as the depth of the torrent listings it provides. Using VPN you can access the Kickass proxy sites and download the latest and blockbuster web series from ott platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Liongate, Hbo Max etc.

These are the best 5 alternatives to extratorrents proxy which you can use anytime using the VPN and Tor Browser. In case if main domain is blocked you can try their proxy websites and download the stuff for free.

Apart from that, here we are going to share the list of some more close alternatives of extratorrent proxy which you can use for torrenting on your Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices.

  • Zooqle
  • EZTV
  • Torrentz2
  • Torrent Galaxy
  • Torrent 9
  • Fast Torrent
  • Sumo Torrent
  • Monova
  • Demonoid
  • IsoHunt
  • iDope
  • Toorgle
  • Torrent Project
  • Torrent Bit
  • TorrentFunk
  • SkyTorrents
  • TorrenDownloads
  • BTDigg
  • TorrentReactor
  • Torrents.me
  • Bitlove
  • TorrentHound
  • BitSnoop
  • Library Genesis
  • Torrent Seeker
  • YourBitTorrent
  • Glodls
  • Ibit.to
  • Movcr
  • Torrentcouch
  • WellTorrent
  • Torrentking
  • MegaPeer
  • Magnetd
  • Pirateiro

So there are more the 40 alternatives of extratorrents proxy which you use anytime in case if extratorrent proxy site doesn’t work or restricted by ISP.

The purpose of all torrent websites are to provide the file which you can later upload in utorrent or bittorrent app to download the file on your device. Here’s a video by Nosware which explains everything about how to download files with uTorrent web version on your PC for free:

Final Words

Proxy servers for ExtraTorrents have become a lifeline for many torrent fans, letting them keep viewing a huge amount of content after the original site shut down.

But users need to be careful and put their internet safety first.

When torrenting, use proxies that you can trust, a VPN for extra protection, and be aware of any risks that could come up.

Remember that it is against the law in many countries to torrent protected material without the right permission, so be careful and responsible when you’re using torrents.