Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers in India 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers


1. JBL Flip Speakers

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2. Sony SRS Speakers

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3. Logitech Speakers

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We all live in the age of technology, and we can’t expect our lives without it. The latest technology has also touched the field of music and made great progress there. Be it for our parties, or our favourite hang outs, we need music. Therefore we need the best bluetooth speakers in India, which are the perfect blend of both music and technology do bring out the best audio quality.

With our best portable speakers buying guide, you will be able to know everything that you need to know about these speakers, and also understand how to shop for them. You must know how these best speakers work, and what to look for in these speakers, to fully understand the functioning of these speakers. Our experts have made sure that you can choose among the best portable bluetooth speakers in India. Hope this helps!

How do Bluetooth Speakers work?

Bluetooth speakers come in different shapes and sizes, from being portable to large book-size models. But all these speakers work in almost the same way. A Bluetooth speaker simply works on a wireless technology that connects two devices to each other. Your Bluetooth speaker connects to your smartphone, tablet or other devices and allows you to hear your favourite tracks or watch videos on loud. This enhances the voice that your devices’ little speakers can produce.

Connecting your device to your Bluetooth speaker is a one time task. All you need to do is the initial pairing up of the two devices and enjoy non-stop music or videos. Your Bluetooth speaker needs to be rechargeable, so you either will have to connect it to the chargers or look for a model that has an in-built rechargeable battery.

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Speakers?

There are two general ways to go wireless with your speakers, either in a wireless way or through Bluetooth. The wireless kind of speakers connect to the Wi-Fi and usually run on AC power. On the other hand, Bluetooth speakers connect to different devices through Bluetooth and lets you enjoy an entire array of music.

Some of the latest models of speakers offer both the ways of connecting to your devices, making them more suitable. It is often difficult to choose between the two kinds of speakers as both of them have their pros and cons. We have gone through a lot of research to make sure that you can make the right choice for yourself.

Here are some of the pros and cons of both types of speakers to help you. Talking about Bluetooth speakers, the technology that they use lets you connect a range of mobile phones or other audio devices with them. These kind of speakers are also cheaper than the WiFi speakers. On the other hand, its disadvantages include the range it has to offer. You can only connect one device to the speaker at one time under the range of 33 feet only.

WiFi speakers have a larger range and therefore are preferred by most people. You can also connect more than one device to these kinds of speakers, and therefore it becomes all the more advantageous. The only limitation of these speakers is that your connection depends on the bandwidth of the WiFi.

The speakers which tend to have both the technologies, WiFi and Bluetooth also have their pros and cons. You have more choices when it comes to the kind of connectivity that you want to do with your device. These models with dual connectivity are quite easy to use. On the other hand, these devices also have a few disadvantages which include being pretty expensive. Both these technologies allow you to have the best portable speakers in India.

What are some of the Jargons associated with Bluetooth Speakers?

When you buy a new speaker for yourself, you will come across a few jargons that you have no idea about. It is important that you understand what these terms mean to know the complete functioning of Bluetooth speakers fully.

Apple AirPlay: Apple AirPlay can access content from your Apple devices and any computer that has iTunes installed on it. This is a great feature for even any android device, but it will have to use a third party app in it.

DLNA, DTS, Play-fi: These are some other standards that you should worry about while buying your ideal speakers. These usually work with iOS and other Android devices along with a few Mac computers and PC’s.

Heos and Sonos: These standards are also quite compatible with Android and iOS devices, so you don’t have to worry about that when you see this written on the specifications of your speakers.

Once you understand the specifications of these headphones, you should also know what to look for in the best Bluetooth speakers in India. We have given you the list of the features that you must look for in your ideal speakers.

What to Look for in the Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers?

Bluetooth Speaker Placement and Signal Strength: The first and foremost feature that you must look for in the best Bluetooth speakers is where are you going to place your speaker or use it the most. The placement of your speaker is largely responsible for the type of speaker that you must choose.

If you’re an outdoor person and plan on carrying your speakers outside every time, you can consider a portable Bluetooth speakers. You can take these almost anywhere around and enjoy your favorite music tracks on the go.

1) The Form of the Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker can come in many different forms, be it the ones that are handy and portable or the ones that come with a complex home theatre system. The form of the speaker is one of the major things that will help you decide what speaker to buy. You can choose the type of speaker on the basis of your requirements.

2) Frequency Response

Another important feature that you must look into the best kind of speakers is its frequency response. The best bluetooth speakers come with great frequency response, making it easier for you to listen to different frequency ranges. Generally, you must look for speakers that come in the range of 10-20,000 Hz to make sure that your speaker takes up the entire audible range.

Other factors that come into consideration while looking for the frequency response are the age of the person and also their hearing ability. Since different people have different hearing abilities and it is also highly dependent on your age, it is important that you choose the right kind of speaker for yourself.

3) Bluetooth Version

The version of Bluetooth used in the best Bluetooth speakers determines the quality of sound that the speakers give out. You must choose the Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect two to three devices with it at one time.

The latest Bluetooth technology, which is Bluetooth 4 or better, offers you to connect your audio device with the speaker up to 60 metres of distance. Bluetooth 5 is the latest standard, but the technology is ever improving, and we can expect greater things from it very soon. For now, you should look for speakers having the standard Bluetooth technology and nothing lesser than that.

4) Drivers

A driver to a speaker is what the heart is to our body. Therefore it is important to look for the best drivers possible. You should look for a decently sized driver which is also extremely powerful. The overall size will be large with bigger drivers.

The number and placement of drivers are also very important. Different speakers perform differently only because of the presence of different kinds of speakers. Many speakers have a twin driver setup, which offers the loudest possible sound. Most speakers generally have a passive radiator which vibrates to produce bass.

5) Connectivity

This feature is again one of the most important features to look for in your ideal Bluetooth speaker. Only a good speaker lets you connect itself to two or three different devices so that you can share and enjoy music. A wired battery, on the other hand, is quite handy if you wish to save money and battery on your phone.

Also, having a microphone lets you take calls without having to pick it up. Having a microphone also lets you interact with other devices and also schedule appointments or check for weather updates.

6) Charging Style

The charging style of a speaker also determines if the speaker is convenient enough to use. A standard USB cable is important especially when you are taking your speaker to the outside world or at a party. Speakers generally have a Micro USB port which enables it to be charged by power banks as well.

7) Enhanced Features

You need much more than just listening to music in your leisure time, and you can expect these enhanced features from the latest Bluetooth speakers. Most speakers can do much more than simply streaming music.

The speakers with great voice recognition, weather forecast, streaming things online and even scheduling your day to day tasks, are the next big trend. You should look for speakers with all these features, to have a completely revolutionizing experience.

What are the Features you can Expect in the Best Bluetooth Portable Speakers?

Apart from the features that you should look in the bluetooth speakers, you must also know what all services can you expect in the best bluetooth speakers. If you are a bass lover of someone who likes jazz, your preference is going to be different from an EDM lover, which is why you should have a detailed insight on your options.

1) Inputs and Outputs

Most speakers in India come with an input wire to help the speaker connect to the device. Some speakers are also capable of charging other devices while playing your favourite tracks. An optical digital audio input that comes with the best Bluetooth speakers can also add a subwoofer while you’re watching a video.

Other outputs and input cords that come with these earphones are responsible for the connectivity and data transfer for these earphones.

2) Connectors and Docks

Depending on the kind of speaker chosen, you can expect an iPod dock on the ability to connect these speakers to different Apple devices. Some of them also come with the old style 30 pin connector found in older iPhones. The latest Bluetooth speakers also have the nine pin lightning connectors for the latest iPhones .

3) Remote Control and Voice Recognition

The presence of remote control and the voice recognition feature makes it possible for you to manage different controls quite easily. Your ideal Bluetooth speakers come with a standard remote or an application on a smart device that provides an effective way to operate your speaker.

The latest models have also incorporated taking order from your voice coming from a distance and processing that request. You don’t need to worry about the quality of your sound because of the first class

4) Online Music Services

In addition to these features, streaming music online and getting your favourite tracks from the internet is a great feature. Several WiFi models can also help you get premium music services, such as Pandora and Spotify.

5) Hands-Free Speakerphone Functionality

This is one feature that you can expect in the best portable bluetooth speakers. It helps these speakers to be available on Bluetooth and thus take calls on your speaker. Hands-free speakerphone also helps you do other tasks while listening to calls and doing two or more tasks simultaneously.

What are the Best Bluetooth Speaker Brands in India?

1. Amazon

Amazon is an online platform that sells everything that you need on a daily basis. Along with coming in use at the hardest times, it has recently gained a lot of stardom in the field of music and speakers. Amazon Echo is the newest speaker in town that has all the attractive features

2. Sony

Another great speaker brand in India is Sony, which has a great range of speakers available for different occasions. You will be shocked by looking at all the different options that they have for you.

Sony’s speakers are generally smaller in size, so you need to look out for that. Other than that, these speakers have a great performance in terms of sound clarity and sound quality.

3. Beats

Haven’t you always wanted the best sound quality with the best possible design combined with your favourite speakers? Beats has exactly that to offer with its amazing range of products. Although Beats’ speakers have a lot to offer, you must know

4. JBL

If you’re an audiophile, you know how important it is to choose the right brand for yourself. JBL speakers are one of the best in town and are known for great sound quality. It was founded in the 1900s and made with the intention of keeping convenience, style, and performance all in one.

The speakers from JBL come in a great range with a variety of features, from being portable to complex home audio setups.

Talking about quality and price, the speakers from JBL come at a great price and have the best possible design. They are built to add happiness to your parties and make sure that you get the loudest sound quality. You can always be sure of getting one for yourself as they have everything to steal your heart away

5. Philips

The next brand we have is Philips.Philips offers the greatest sound quality when it comes to its Bluetooth speakers and makes it possible for you to enjoy to your fullest at any party or your next hang out. Philips’ speakers are known for its quality and design.

You can take speakers from this brand to be sure of both performance and elegance. This brand is also known for its latest technology which also ensures complete customer indulgement.

Top 10 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers In India 2019

1. JBL Flip 4 Portable Wireless Speaker 


Your search for the best Bluetooth speaker in India ends with JBL Flip 4 Portable wireless speaker as it everything to steal your heart away. All your parties and hang outs are incomplete without this speaker from JBL. It comes with a wireless Bluetooth streaming that lets you connect with different audio devices. It comes with a powerful battery which is about 3000 mAh, allowing you to enjoy 12 hours of non-stop music.

It is specially designed with the latest IPX7 waterproof technology, so you don’t have to take precautions while taking the speaker out for adventures. It comes with a voice assistant integration that allows the speaker to take order with your voice. It also has a speakerphone which helps you to take calls without you having to move a bit. The best features of the speaker include a clear sound and an amazing appearance. It works on 3.7 volts and makes sure that you get the loudest sound for all your parties. Along with all this, JBL also offers an entire year of warranty on the product to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


2. Sony SRS-XB30/BC-IN5 Portable Bluetooth Speakers


Sony is a renowned electrical appliance brand that has all the best electrical appliances. Sony’s Bluetooth speakers are known for their versatility and sound clarity. It has a loud sound with the best possible features. One of the best Bluetooth speakers in India is again from Sony, called Sony SRS-XB30/BC IN5 portable Bluetooth speaker. It is made especially for the EDM lovers out there, and for people who are into loud music.

The extra bass and a deep, punchy sound come from the powerful drivers. It also comes with a one-touch listening technology that you can connect to different devices through Bluetooth. It also has an 8800 mAh power bank which gives up to 24 hours of non-stop music. The design of the speaker is quite aesthetic and comes in a varied range of colours.

Along with all these features, it also has a splash-proof design so that you don’t have to worry about ruining it while taking it out for your adventures. A built-in mic that comes with the speaker also lets you take calls while doing other tasks. Sony also offers a great customer care service to make sure that the customers don’t face any troubles related to the product. But before buying the speaker, you must go through the customer’s reviews to know about the product in detail.


3. Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Bluetooth Speakers


Haven’t you always looked for a speaker that gives you the clearest and the loudest sound quality and also matches your personality? Well, Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Bluetooth speakers are here for you. This speaker from Ultimate Ears is insanely amazing as it gives out the sound in 360 degrees. It comes in a portable design so you can take it almost anywhere.

The IPX7 waterproof technology makes it durable and tough so that you can play your favourite tracks even outdoors without stressing over it getting spoilt. It is an amazingly built speaker that also has a 15-hour long battery life and a 100 feet Bluetooth sweep. You can tap the speaker to play and also pause or skip songs. This smart speaker is also able to search for your favourite music online through your voice recognition. The best part about the speaker is that Ultimate Ears is keen on getting more updates on its products every time. You can set your perfect EQ and also set a musical alarm.

You only need Bluetooth or a platform compatible with Android or Apple to connect the speaker and enjoy the most magnificent acoustic music. The speaker comes in a package which includes a micro USB cable, a power adaptor and the speaker itself. All these cool features come at a great price with a special warranty for an entire year.


4. JBL Charge 3 Powerful Portable Speaker with Built-in Powerbank

JBL-Charge-3-Powerful-Portable-speakerSince JBL has made a good name in the field of Bluetooth speakers in India, people have started to feel attracted towards its products. It is known for its amazing sound quality and super aesthetic design. This product here is one such example of a feature rich Bluetooth speakers in town, called JBL Charge 3 powerful portable speaker. It comes with an in-built power bank that also has a wireless Bluetooth streaming. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy music from anywhere in your room, just by connecting your audio device to the speaker through Bluetooth.

The 6000 mAh power bank makes it possible for you to enjoy non-stop music up to 20 hours The waterproof design and a voice assistant integration makes it possible for you to access Siri or google through the speaker and search your favourite music tracks easily. It comes with a JBL bass radiator that makes you feel the bass up till your soul. The dual external passive radiators demonstrate the immense power of these earphones.

Along with that, it is built with lifestyle materials, which includes a durable fabric material and rugged rubber which is perfect for all your adventures. The materials make it all the more durable and attractive, so you’re able to carry them along with you for all your outdoor parties. The speaker comes in a package which includes a 5V 2.3A USB adapter, a micro USB cable, a safety sheet and a warranty card to make sure you don’t face any problems with the product. Also, you can go through some customer reviews to make sure you are buying the right speaker for yourself.


5. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Ultimate-Ears-Wonderboom-Portable-Bluetooth-SpeakersNext, on the list, we have a day saving kind of Bluetooth speakers for you from Ultimate Ears. It’s called Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Portable Bluetooth speakers. It’s surprisingly serious sound will make you go crazy as each UE WONDERBOOM delivers massive, crisp and clear 360 degrees sound. You must not let the small size of the speaker fool you as it is designed with the ideology of all good things coming in a small package. It is specially designed to be waterproof with the IPX7 waterproof technology which enables you to play your music safely without the fear of it getting broken down.

It comes with a 12-hour long battery life which makes it possible for you to enjoy your favourite music at a longer stretch. You can also be sure of its Bluetooth connectivity and play music from a distance of up to 100 feet away. The speaker comes with a double up button which helps you to connect it to other audio devices.

Other specifications that you might want to look at before buying the product are its weight, which is around 600 grams, the ability to give out sound in 360 degrees which means a powerful deep bass everywhere. It is specially designed for your big parties, as it is both tough and stunning. Overall, this Bluetooth speaker from Ultimate Ears is a great catch for people who are into parties or even want to enjoy loud and clear music on their own. It comes at a reasonable price and makes sure that you don’t have to create a hole in your pocket.


6. Sony SRS-XB10 Extra bass Portable, Splash-proof Wireless Speakers with Bluetooth

Sony-Portable-Splash-proof-Wireless-SpeakerSony SRS-XB10 extra bass speakers with Bluetooth is a compact and stylish speaker, specially made for EDM lovers. Be it an outdoor party, or your solo trip; you will need this speaker for all your happy times. It comes with an extra bass feature to make you feel your music up till your soul. It also helps you enjoy your favourite music tracks, only clearer and louder.
It’s one-touch technology helps you to play your favourite tracks with a single touch.

The speakers also offer Bluetooth connectivity so that you can connect your audio devices with the speaker and enjoy your favourite music tracks all at once. The built-in mic and an amazing aesthetic design makes it all the more attractive. It is specially designed with a waterproof technology to make sure that you can take it outdoors. This makes it even more durable and easily carryable.

Along with these, the highlights of the product include being extremely lightweight and easy to store. You must not judge the speaker on the basis of its small size, as it gives out an extraordinary performance. It also comes with a powerful battery (about 14000mAh) so that you can enjoy up to 16 hours of non-stop music.

You can always take the speaker with you or go away upto 46mm to connect your device to it. Sony also offers a warranty on the product to make sure that the customers are happy even after buying the product and that they don’t face any kind of product-related troubles.


7. JBL Clip 2 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers with Mic

JBL-Clip-2-Portable-Wireless-Bluetooth-SpeakerJBL is one of the best Bluetooth speaker brands in India, having a varied range of products to offer you with the best sound quality and even the most elegant design. One such masterpiece from JBL, called JBL Clip 2 Portable wireless Bluetooth speakers have come to save your life. The speakers have the potential to melt your heart straight away. It comes with a wireless Bluetooth streaming so that you can connect your audio device to it and enjoy endless music for long hours.

A rechargeable battery that makes sure that you don’t have troubles while playing your favourite music. The built-in carabiner and an integrated 3.5 mm audio cable makes the speaker even more attractive. It is designed in such a way that it is both durable and waterproof. It comes with a speakerphone so that you can pick up calls while doing other tasks.


8. Logitech X300 Bluetooth Speakers

Logitech-X300-Bluetooth-SpeakersLogitech X300 Bluetooth speakers are one of the best speakers in India under 3000 and has all the potential features to become your favourite speaker. It can connect to different audio devices with a 3.5 mm connecting wire. It can also connect wirelessly and serve you with the best possible sound quality. The highlights of the speaker from Logitech include a crystal clear sound, a powerful stereo sound with deep bass and a lot of other utilities.

It comes with a lithium-ion battery that gives 12 hours of non-stop music and is also easily rechargeable. It’s jaw-dropping stereo sound which will steal your heart away in no time. The freedom of being able to connect it wirelessly lets you enjoy your music tracks. The wide range of sound and the ability of these speakers to control calls make it even more attractive. All in all, the speakers comes with a great design to match up with your style. This comes in a package of an entire year of warranty to make sure that the customers do not face any kind of troubles related to the product.


9. Echo Dot Voice Control

Echo-Dot-Voice-control-your-musicAmazon Echo Dot is another great Bluetooth speaker which comes with a hands-free design and is a smart device which is controlled using your voice. It is a complete package that has all the possible features to take you to the modern world. These features include controlling your music, checking weather details or even making calls. Amazon Echo Dot does it all for you.
The speaker includes a built-in speaker, which can also be connected to external speakers and can be used to recognise voices.

It comes with a 3.5 mm stereo cable which you can use to connect it to different audio devices. All you need to do is ask for a song, or album, or genre, and Echo Dot will find it for you. You can even play music across multiple Echo devices at the same time.This speaker comes with seven microphones, beam-foaming technology, and noise cancellation feature. Echo Dot can hear you from different corners, even in the noisiest environments or while playing music. Along with all these super attractive features, this speaker controls lights and is compatible with many different devices.

Alexa is getting a great response from the customers and has already started to win hearts over. It has the potential to become your best friend in the hour of need. You can even order your favourite food from different platforms, or book a cab and much more.All these features of the speaker becomes all the more attractive with the use of prime. Amazon Prime members will help you get access to a lot of new features from Amazon.

Better delivery and the best possible products are waiting for you. All in all, it is one of the best speakers in India and also comes at a great price. You don’t have to worry too much about your pocket while shopping for the product. Amazon also offers a warranty card along with the product to add a cherry on the cake. But before actually investing in the product, you can have a look at these customer reviews to be sure of what you want to buy.


10. Bose Soundlink Revolve 739523-5130 wireless portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bose-Soundlink-Revolve-Wireless-Portable-Bluetooth-SpeakerLast on the list but not the least, we have a perfect speaker from Bose SOundlink that is engineered to deliver deep, loud and immense sound. Bose Soundlink Revolve 739523-5130 wireless portable Bluetooth speaker is a true 360 degrees sound speaker for consistent and uniform coverage. It is designed in an aluminium body, which is both durable and water resistant.

You can enjoy up to 12 hours of play time without any interruption, because of its lithium-ion battery. The wireless Bluetooth pairing with voice prompts has made this speaker all the more attractive. You can take calls and access Siri or google now right from your speakers. These speakers can also pair up with two other speakers at one time for stereo or party mode. You can expect deep, immersive and seamless music from these speakers to rock any kind of party that you host.

The best features that are highlighted in these speakers are the availability of these speakers in different colours, and that this speaker can attach itself to any tripod, with the threaded universal mount. It is quite easy to charge this speaker as it comes with a micro-B USB port and an auxiliary input that allows you to connect this speaker with other audio devices. Along with all these attractive features, this product from Bose Soundlink comes with a warranty card to keep its customers free from any worries related to the product.


Jive with the Best Bluetooth Speakers in India

All in all, choosing the best Bluetooth speaker for yourself can be quite a task if you don’t know what to look for in them. We have gone through lengths of research to make it easy for you to be able to choose among the best. Our research also tells you about what to expect in your ideal Bluetooth devices, and about the different forms of Bluetooth speakers.

The list of the best Bluetooth speakers also includes all the specifications that you would want to know about before buying any one of them. Before taking any decision, you can also look at different customer reviews to ensure that you are buying the right product for yourself. Hope we were able to help you!