How a fart selling girl made $200k using latest technology?

fart selling girl name is Stephanie Matto and she sold 1 jar of fart in $500

Would you believe if I tell you that a tech-aavvy girl turns farts into cash? I bet you, you won’t believe, but that’s is real. Recently, it has been revealed and confirmed by many news sources that a fart selling girl made $200k just by selling fresh fart in the jar. So who is she and how did he make it possible?

The name of the girl is Stephanie Matto and she is a famous American TV star. She revealed the news of selling fart in jar on Instagram and later the news confirmed by news channels. As per one report, it has been highlighted that she sold 1 jar of fart (filled with thin air) at cost of $500 . She had been producing up to 50 jars worth of farts a week, and to prepare for the task, she relied on loads of eggs, yoghurt and beans.

The jar image with and image of Stephanie Matto is added below which shared by rollingstone and it highlights that Stephanie Matto showing off one of her products, a glass jar containing one of her farts.

Now a question comes, how she made this possible? What techniques she used to sell fart in jar? and can you do the same in your region? Let’s find out everything below and decode this business!

The news of selling fart is 100% true and to make it possible Stephanie Matto used the latest tech like power of social media apps, website, digital branding, digital advertisements,  and last the important one people or client’s interest.

#1. eCommerce website

The use of  internet and eCommerce website is nothing new thing but its is one of the important things to sell a product online worldwide by giving welcome discount + free delivery. This technology allows you to reach every customer who knows you. A fast and lightweight website, helps to reach goals and that’s why every experts recommend start selling products online via the website. So if you don’t own a website, then hire a developer to create an eCommerce website like

In addition to that, you can start selling the products on Amazon, eBay by creating store. You can also create account on Facebook and Google to sell the products and it helps a lot!

#2. Social media apps

In this digital world, your presence is must on social media apps. Most important social media apps are X, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Stephanie Matto created account on these social media websites and promoted all products and offered eye-catching discount to customers.

This technique helped expand the reach of their products + they contacted some of the top influencers on Instagram and YouTube for product promotion. You can do the same for your business and make more profits in less time by attracting a larger audience using the power of social media.

#3. Digital Branding

You know a brand name is important because it inspires trust. Those were the days when salesmen used to go door to door and sell products. Now that you have a phone and internet, you can promote your company’s brand online in cost effective way. In present time, everyone focuses on branding on digital platforms, so Matto also did the same thing and focused on digital branding.

#4. Digital Advertisements

To sell the jars, Stephanie Matto ran a digital advertising campaign on Google using Google AdWords. She also ran ads on Facebook and Instagram. As soon as these digital ads came online, they attracted visitors and she made huge profits in a very short period of time.

Being a beginner, you can also take the help of digital advertisements and start selling the products online. These ads give boost to your selling and you make profit in less time.

#5. Customer’s Interest

This is very important point because business is not started in a day. Starting a business requires a lot of research and effort. Once you know which product is right and which product the customers are more interested in, that is the day when you can think about launching the product in the market and making profits.

In an interview, Stephanie Matto made it very clear that I’m the CEO and founder of Unfiltrd, and I’ve been a content creator in the adult industry for about seven years. So when she was working on various adult platforms, she received a number of requests from clients and one among them was related to fart.

Many clients were interested in smelling her farts and were willing to pay $1000 for it. This was very shocking for Stephanie Matto, but she understood this thing and decided to sell the farts in jars, which would be worth $500. This way she made $200k just by selling fresh fart in the jar and soon she became viral on the internet as fart selling girl.

So the thing is, she knows people’s interest, she knows who will buy it. So if you know what product the public is searching for then you can make profit and here some popular keyword searching tools like ahref, semrush, google keyword planner will help to know what people searching on internet.

Final Words

So guys the conclusion is… she worked for 7 year in adult entertainment industry and among them one was onlyfans. From there she found people’s interest as they were requesting we would like to see your uvula, can you please show me your legs, I want to smell your fart, can you send me your fart in jar I will pay $1000 .

On the basis of data and interest….

  1. She first filtered  requests and decided to sell farts.
  2. Next she created website and uploaded jar pictures with prices and discount.
  3. Side by side, she listed website on social media apps and promoted product.
  4. She hired infulencers for product promotions, product PR
  5. Ran ads on Google and Facebook & Instagram

So ultimately, she started work on the people’s interest and sold a ton of jars filled with thin air at cost of $500 and earned $20,000 in few weeks. The same business model followed by other girls named Cheng Wing Yee, and Kiaraakitty who sold 1 jar of far in £237 and you won’t believe, they sold out!

Based on the same business concept, Stephanie Matto announced on YouTube and confirmed some details, revealing it’s “Hot Girl Summer” and the “cha cha sweat” market is her latest concept.  She will sell Boob Sweat in jar for $300-$500 via the social media apps or eCommerce website.

You can follow the same techniques for your business and make huge profit. For more details, keep visiting and don’t forget to share it with others.