Free ringtone download : best sites for Samsung & iPhone

free ringtone download on samsung and apple iphone in 1 minute

Got bored in 2023 with pre-loaded default ringtones? Check out new and updates list of free ringtone download best sites for Samsung and Apple iPhone in 2024 to get one!

A phone ringtone is good enough to get attention but if it is too old and sluggish then you must change it with latest ringtone which you can download for free from the online websites in mp3 format. Although the younger generation likes to keep the phone on silent, some elderly people aged 60+ still like to set ringtone on mobile. These ringtones allow you to identify calls and notifications just by listening to the ringtone you’ve set.

It is true that a phone comes with many pre-loaded ringtones. But none of them seem right as around 60% of mobile users use the default mobile manufacturer ringtone (Apple/Samsung tone) while 35% use the pre-loaded ringtone like beep, blues, bounce, breeze, calm, chase, climber, cloud etc.

Hence when you listen same system ringtone again and again, it bores and sometime confuses you in crowd. So if you don’t want to be part of 95% people then you must set a new ringtone on your mobile which you can download for free from below given platforms in the mp3 format.

Best Ringtone Sites for iPhone Users

Apple phones have some unique compatibility requirements for ringtones. Here are the top sites for hassle-free free iPhone ringtones, you can use now:



Zedge offers the widest selection of iPhone ringtones anywhere on the web. With over a million options to browse, you’ll have no problem finding ringtones tailored specifically for your iPhone model.

Zedge ringtones are created by a community of amateur musicians and sound engineers. All the ringtones are high-quality MP3s that will sound fantastic on your Apple device. You can browse by popularity or search for something specific.

Downloading ringtones from Zedge couldn’t be easier. Just tap the download icon, then open the file in iTunes on your computer. Finally, sync the ringtone to your iPhone. Voila!


  • Huge library of high-quality ringtones
  • Intuitive website and app for easy downloading
  • Frequent updates with new ringtones


  • Contains some ads
  • Requires app installation for simplest use

Free Ringtones Downloader

Link to Access:

Despite the name, Free Ringtones Downloader offers much more than ringtones. There’s a huge variety of notification sounds, alarms, and text tones as well. You’ll also find ringtones in just about every genre imaginable – pop, rock, hip hop, electronic, and more.

To save a ringtone from Free Ringtones Downloader, just click the download button. The site will automatically detect what type of device you have and serve up the correctly formatted ringtone file. For iPhones, the ringtones download as .m4r files that you can easily import into iTunes.


At RingtoneTab, you can score completely original, premium-quality ringtones cooked up by independent artists. There are plenty of free options, and the site also offers exclusive paid ringtones if you want even more variety.

Downloading RingtoneTab ringtones requires a few more steps than other sites, but it’s worth it. After tapping the download button, you’ll install an app that handles the file transfer process flawlessly. The app even automatically converts the RingtoneTab .mp3 files into the .m4r format iPhone requires.

Best Free Ringtone Sites for Android Phones

Android users get to skip a few steps that iPhone folks have to deal with. Here are some top-notch sites offering free ringtones for your Android device.

Website: has specialized in mobile phone ringtones since the days when Nokia brick phones ruled the earth. The site stays on top of all the latest Android models and tests ringtones to ensure perfect compatibility. hosts one of the most neatly organized ringtone libraries online. Genre-based categories make it easy to zero in on exactly the type of ringtone you want. The site also has a powerful search function in case you know the specific song or sound effect you’re after.

Downloading ringtones on an Android device takes two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Just tap the download button, and the ringtone will save directly to your phone. Open your device’s Settings > Sounds menu to set your fabulous new ringtone.


  • Huge variety of ringtones
  • Clear categories make finding ringtones easy
  • Simple downloading and installation


  • Requires app download for simplest ringtone installation
  • Contains some display ads

Audiko Ringtones


If you want sweet ringtones for the sweetest price (free!), Audiko can hook you up. For over 15 years, Audiko has offered android users one of the largest collections of handpicked ringtones around.

Audiko really shines when it comes to pop culture ringtones. You’ll find soundbites from all your favorite movies, TV shows, video games, and meme sensations. But there’s still plenty of musical ringtones if you want to go the classic route.

Downloading Audiko ringtones is seamless thanks to the site’s Android-optimized design. Just tap the ringtone you want, confirm the download, and the file will save directly to your phone. Couldn’t be easier!

Free Ringtone Downloader

We mentioned Free Ringtone Downloader earlier as a top iPhone ringtone site. But Android users can also take advantage of their massive ringtone collection. The site makes it effortless to find the perfect sound effect for your Android device.

To download, just click on your desired ringtone and tap the download icon. The site automatically configures the audio file to work flawlessly with any Android phone. The ringtone downloads as an .mp3 or .m4r file that you can set as your default ringtone within your Settings app.


  • Simple, quick web-based downloading tool
  • Step-by-step ringtone installation instructions
  • No app required


  • Collection not as extensive as some sites
  • Contains banner ads

So by setting a custom ringtone on your mobile in the Sound & Vibration section under the phone settings, you can change a ringtone on your mobile device. If you still need more light on this, how to do on Samsung or Apple’s iPhone then check out the steps of each phone below:

Settings to Set Ringtone on Samsung (Android)

Here are the steps to set a custom ringtone on a Samsung Galaxy (Android) device:

  1. Download a ringtone file (.mp3 or .m4r) from one of the recommended sites.
  2. Got to Settings > tap “Sounds and vibration” or “Sounds and alerts”.
  3. Scroll down and tap “Phone ringtone”
  4. Tap the three-dot menu icon in the upper right corner and choose “Add ringtone”.
  5. Select the newly added ringtone file you downloaded.
  6. The new ringtone will now appear in your main list of available ringtones.
  7. Tap  “Apply” to set it as your new default ringtone.

Settings to Set Ringtone on iPhone (iOS)

  1. Download a .m4r iPhone ringtone file from one of the recommended websites above.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes.
  3. In iTunes, click on your iPhone icon and then click “Tones” in the sidebar.
  4. Drag and drop the .m4r ringtone file you downloaded onto the iTunes Tones sync page.
  5. A sync will occur, transferring the new ringtone file onto your iPhone.
  6. Now go to your iPhone’s Settings > Sounds (or Sounds & Haptics on newer iPhones).
  7. Tap “Ringtone”.
  8. You will see your new ringtone as an option you can select in the ringtone list.
  9. Tap on the ringtone to preview it, then tap “Done”.

Final Words

Now that you know where to go, you should be able to get amazing free ringtones for both Android and iPhone phones. Spend some time perusing these websites’ libraries. With so many choices, you’re bound to find some incredible ringtones that highlight your distinct sense of style.

You can develop an even stronger relationship with your phone by customizing its ringtone. Your smile will appear every time that new ringtone plays, even before you check your incoming messages. So go ahead and get a stylish new ringtone right now from free ringtone download websites.