Cisdem Data Recovery Tool for Mac Users to Recover Data – Unbiased Review

data recovery for mac

Hard drive or OS failure is the primary reason for the loss of data and when this happens then it could be one of the worst nightmares one can have. So, in this bad time a data recovery tool may help you to recover your lost data.

At present time, you can find a number of data recovery tools in the market but most of them are not available for macOS and hence Mac users unable to recover MacBook data.

But, worry not!

Because we have found a reliable and an outstanding data recovery tool named Cisdem data recovery for mac which can recover your MacBook or Mac Pcs data easily and quickly.

With Cisdem data recovery tool you can recover any type of file, media content very quickly as it supports more than 200 files extensions. If you accidentally deleted your data permanently from your system then this will also recover it and hence you can save a lot of effort and time.

data recovery tool for mac

Cisdem Data Recovery Tool Recovery Modes, Free Trials and Features

Well, this tool is quite popular among the mac users and has been around for many years. At present time its 6th version is in the use which you can download from their official site and use it for free to recover deleted or lost files.

Cisdem data recovery software can easily recover data files from all major file systems like FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, APFS, HFS+ and NTFS, etc. It supports more than 200 file extensions, which you can recover in just 1 click. An ultimate thing about this tool is that, it can also recover disappeared notes from Mac. No matter if it is a message, email, audio, document or raw file type, you can recover anything.

5 Modes of Data Recovery in Cisdem

There are 5 modes of recovering data that Cisdem data recovery tool offers. You need to select one of the recovery modes as per your choice to start the recovery process. Here’s the 5 modes that cisdem offers:

Cisdem Data Recovery mods

Basic Mac Data Recovery: In this mode, you can recover only the basic data files such as photos, images, audio, video. No configuration files will be included.

Trash Recovery: In this mode of data recovery, you can recover files which have been permanently deleted from your system.

Formatted Drive Recovery: You can recover data from hard disk devices which has been corrupted or deleted accidentally.

External Devices Recovery: This mode helps in recovering data from external storage devices such as pen drive, external HDD, etc.

Advance File Recovery: In case you are not sure about the data loss and confused which mode, you should use, advance file recovery is the mode you should be choosing.

7 Awesome Features of Cisdem Recovery Tool

The UI of Cisdem is pretty clean and the recovery process is quite easy and simple. To use it, you don’t have to be tech guy. It is just matter of some clicks and your deleted data will be recovered for free. Have a look at some of known features of Cisdem data recovery tool:

#1. Recover up to 200 + types of files

Cisdem allows you to recover 200+ file types on your MacBook. You can recover any type of media file – jpeg, png, wav, avi, flv, mp4 and doc files like pdf, ppt, text, xls , and docx. You can even recover various types of hidden and unknown files with the help of f cisdem data recovery tool.

#2. Supports major Storage devices

The beauty of this software is that it supports all the known major storage devices such as SSD, hard drive, SD cards, USB flash drives and supports all file system type like APFS, HFS+, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, and NTFS, etc.

#3. User interface

Cisdem has a very simple, neat and clean hassle-free UI. If you are a noob and don’t know how to use then Worry not! Because you can use this software product very easily and recover data like a pro.

#4. 100% safe

Many people are concern about the security and safety. So they keep ask o forums, social handlers –  Is Cisdem Data Recovery Safe?

Yes, this tool is 100% safe. You can recover the deleted files form your system safely without overwriting the original data files and all will be done without updating any core files of OS.

#5. Affordable Pricing

The price of this product is genuine and has been kept according to the buyer’s need. You can use it for free for some time and then decide to buy its lifetime license in just $49.99 dollars. Moreover, after purchase, you can also claim for a refund if software fails to recover your MacBook PC  data.

#6. Lifetime free updates

With valid Cisdem data recovery license you can also get lifetime free updates without paying anything extra. This will be notified you on software interface or you can simply check and download the latest version from site.

#7. Quick Tech Support

If you stuck or unable to use the software then you can ask directly to their tech team. Cisdem’s professional tech team is quite helpful and response with in minutes.

How to use and Recover data using Cisdem Data Recovery Tool?

So are you excited how to recover data using the Cisdem data recovery tool. Well if yes then checkout the following steps to recover your MacBook data in just few steps:

  1. Download Cisdem data recovery tool official version from site.
  2. Install it on your Mac PC/Laptop and launch it.
  3. If you have license key then activate your version or skip it and move towards the next step.
  4. Now you will see 5 modes – Select any 1 to continue. But as a beginner proceed with basic mode.
  5. Start scanning for the files now.
  6. During the scan, you can preview all files one by one and also stop the scanning process once you find your lost files.
  7. Finally select the file you wish to recover.
  8. That’s all you have to do for now.

In case, if you would like to recover data from an external device like external SSD or flash drive, then connect the device to your Mac, and launch cisdem data recovery tool and now proceed with “external drive recovery” option.

Final Words

Cisdem data recovery is an ultimate lifesaver tool for MacBook users. If you have been looking for a software to recover your lost files, then you may look for cisdem data recovery tool as it is 100% safe to use and offers a simple and clean user interface.

You can start with a trail version before purchasing the license. Additionally, if you want to go for a licensed version to check all exclusive features then you still claim your money as the company offers 30 days money-back guarantee.

What your thought on Cisdem data recovery tool?

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