Benefits Brought by Email Verifiers

Email verifiers

Email verifiers are sort of program or a smart tool that Validates your Email list with a guaranteed 98% accuracy!. An email verifier or a checker clean your email list from old or invalid emails.

Despite the abundance of communication means, email is indispensable for businesses. E-correspondence is vital for any marketing campaign. Whether it’s newsletters or welcome messages you send, they should reach their recipients. However, due to spam filters, promotion emails may get classified as junk.

Since email is used for everything from registrations to order confirmation, it is vital. A viable way to prevent blocks is by using email checkers — special systems that streamline e-correspondence. These are extremely useful for marketers, website admins, and webmasters. Here is an overview of what email verifiers tools can do.

Email verifiers

Check Your Address List

It is essential to ensure the recipients on your mailing list are active and legit. Since spambots leave fake emails, they may compromise the whole campaign. Your email address may end up on the blacklist. As a result, the messages will either be rejected or only land in the junk folder.

Here’s how Email Verifiers Verify an Email Address

The IP and domain of your organization, which are used for mailshots, may be seen as suspicious. Mail Abuse Prevention Systems pay close attention to any senders that generate large volumes of outgoing mail. The lists of dubious entities are constantly updated based on automatic detection and user reports. These data are used by ISPs to calibrate their email filtering.

If you use non-existent emails (for instance, the ones left by spammers), your IP address may appear on blacklists of mail servers. In addition to that, you will not reach your actual clients, while the efficiency of the marketing campaign will suffer. On the other hand, inactive addresses may be turned into “spam traps”.

If an email address is real but belongs to a spammer, you will still fail to reach your goal. Thus, it is vital to check the validity of every address on your list. Another essential measure is checking that your IP/domain/address has not been blacklisted. This may happen due to the following reasons.

1. User Reports

If more than 0,01% of recipients report your messages as spam, you will be blacklisted. They may not remember signing up for the mailshot, or they could be frustrated by large volumes of email in general. Whatever the motivation, the effects are real.

So the data (including address) of these spam or unrealistic emails are collected and all have been added to the email verifier software and sent to an email spam box using this software.

2. Automatic Processes

The first thing that happens once an email is sent is logging of the IP address. The latter is used by the receiving server for sender identification. It connects to the blacklist to conduct the check. If the address was involved in suspicious messaging in the past, subsequent emails land in the junk folder.

The system does not need to scan the contents of the email to redirect it. If the address/IP/domain has been used for repetitive spamming, the message will be rejected. Companies that use spamming software and other questionable tools must be ready for ramifications.

Decent senders could also land on the blacklists. Luckily, email verifiers eliminate the risks. This makes the systems vital for any digital marketer.