How to send fax online from a PC?



Remember using the dated fax machine? Remember the hustle that is created when you are to receive a fax? Remember the constant follow-ups about the prospective fax can further take a toll on your patience level with the device?

When a fax machine causes so much inconvenience to send a fax, why should you still be using it? While you must totally continue using fax documents for the security and admissibility it offers, you do not have to rely upon a fax machine for all that.

As communication has evolved with time, fax documents have evolved. Now, the process has become as remote as you can imagine it to be. Online faxing services have taken the corporate communication industry by a storm. Let’s know more about the ways in which you can fax online:

CocoFax: Send Online Fax through your PC

When it comes to the most trustworthy virtual fax providers, CocoFax is a sure shot winner. The application has a lot of patronage of corporates who rely upon its glitch less services. CocoFax offers all the benefits of a traditional fax machine minus the infrastructure required for it.


The application has been successful in totally eliminating the dependency on office infrastructural support for faxes. This also enables remote working and crisis management. Thus, CocoFax becomes a faxing platform that is available to all employees.

With the ease of functions and versatility, CocoFax allows a sense of liberty, dynamism and flexibility to its users. Even in a totally remote set up where physical movement is essentially jeopardized, you can still fax from around the world.

To use the most convenient online faxing software, all you need is a CocoFax subscription. The subscription would streamline your fax communication very efficiently. There are many reasons why CocoFax is the best in the business and most core reasons are mentioned below:

A free 30 Day Trial

Sometimes, we are not comfortable with a monetary commitment with an application that we have not used or are not sure about. CocoFax understands this bewilderment and ambiguity. Therefore, if you are not sure of a commitment in the form of a subscription, CocoFax also offers a 30 day free trial.

cocofax free trial

CocoFax functions on sheer performance and offers the most economical rates for its functions. Hence, having a CocoFax subscription is a communication blessing that every corporation requires.

If you are not satisfied with the app, though there is absolutely no reason to not be satisfied, you can cancel the subscription. Cancelling the subscription within the 30 day trial period will make you opt out of the app without any extra charges

Send a Fax from PC through Email

As and when you obtain a CocoFax subscription, you get the potential of sending out faxes through emails. This is by far the most popular mode of using CocoFax as it is well latently incorporated into your existing communication system.

So, to use this method, you can use any of your existing email accounts that is registered with CocoFax. It could be your gmail account, yahoo mail account, outlook, etc. to send out faxes. This is the most simple process for sending a fax through a PC.

As a process of sending fax in the form of an email, you need to attach the document you need to send as a fax. The document can be attached in docx, xls, xlsx, png and jpg formats. The point of difference is when you add the name of the recipient.

You just need to add as a suffix to the fax number. For instance, if the fax number to which you need to send the fax to is 1234567, then the corresponding email ID would be Its that simple.

The body of your email and subject is irrelevant, it is only the attachment that matters. Even if you enter the subject or body of text, it will only appear as a cover letter. You can totally skip that step if you wish.

Send a Fax from PC through CocoFax Dashboard

When you attain a CocoFax subscription, it also allows you to access the web dashboard of this superb application. This application is very simple in its usage and utterly convenient.  It also acts as a database of retaining all fax types sent and received.

The CocoFax dashboard creates a detailed log of each fax sent and received. You can check the volume of your faxes, the type of your faxes, date and other relevant data by virtue of looking at your CocoFax dashboard.

CocoFax Dashboard

Send a Fax from PC through MS Word

We all use MS Word for creating documents. MS Word too can act as your fax sending application. When you add the CocoFax subscription as a ribbon to the Word document, you can directly click on the ribbon and then send any document as a fax as it leads to your CocoFax dashboard.

When a word document needs to be sent as a fax, the ribbon can be clicked on and it will lead to the CocoFax dashboard. A reconfirmation of sending the fax will be sought again and once confirmed, the fax will be sent online immediately.

Fax from PC Through Google

We all depend upon Google’s services for most of our functions, what if the functions would also be able to include faxing into it. Your Google Drive, the database and storage base of almost all document types can also be used to send fax through CocoFax directly.

Fax from PC

Further, you can also port your Google Voice number into a fax number when you port it to CocoFax. This way, your Google Voice number becomes a fully operational fax number that can be used for sending and receiving faxes.

cocofax google voice fax


There is no method that is more quick and secure for sending a fax as CocoFax. The application has a lot of clientele and patronage for the services that are utmost reliable and dependable.

CocoFax allows the best services and even first timers with technology can feel completely at ease with it. So, while you do use your PC a lot, why don’t you switch it to a fax machine as and when needed.