How To Use A Signature Generator To Create A Digital Signature Online For Free?



Conventional styles of signing and verifying records are increasingly being replaced by technical developments in today’s hyper-connected world. electronic signatures in general and digital signatures, in particular, are replacing physicals signatures.

The validity of electronic signatures has been accepted by federal legislation for more than a decade. An electronic signature is not just a signature typed into a document or a signature handwritten and scanned in and of itself.

The word refers to an online signature added to a document and adopted with the intention of signing it by a person. The variations in electronic signatures and digital signatures can also be misleading.

Electronic signatures vs digital signatures

As descriptors, digital and electronic signatures are frequently used, but not all types of electronic signatures have had the same security properties as true digital signatures.

These two terms are used interchangeably in many web publications and this causes uncertainty when seeking to explain what each one is and why they are distinct from each other.

The features and consequences of using each type of signature must be identified and accepted for both firms and people since each has certain related risks in terms of confidentiality, identity protection, and compliance with the law.

A digital signature is not a name but two “keys” or strings of different characters as opposed to a conventional signature. Therefore a digital signature, though not a plain electronic signature, is a vital component of a sophisticated electronic signature and a competent electronic signature.

How Does It Work?

A signature generator is also known as a sign maker and is an online application that transforms your manual signature into a digital form, allowing you to digitally sign documents quickly and easily.

Signature generators such as CocoSign allow you to produce your signatures digitally, which can then be used for different purposes, such as signing papers, enabling contracts, etc.

You only need to type your name and pick a font that fits your taste. For example, CocoSign holds various signature models to choose from to discourage repeatable types. You can choose between fonts, color, design, and signature customization.

What is the most trusted Brand To Create A Digital Signature Online For Free?

CocoSign checks all the right boxes when it comes to the features. CocoSign provides a seamless and streamlined process that gives maximum ease, from collaborating with us to working with you. It is a cloud-based platform that helps digitize the work of various people and organizations.


You can find a few signature generators that include a free signature generator for one-time use. CocoSign manages all three when it comes to efficacy, speed, and protection. To generate your e-signature, it provides a free signature generator for you.

How Does CocoSign Work?

Create Your free Signatures

  • With our online tool CocoSign, go to the signature generator page, and open up a blank signature prototype. Read more
  • Tap on ‘Tools’ and pick ‘Sign.’ (colorful symbol, upper right corner).
  • Click ‘Build Signature’ on the next tab. Draw, form, or, as you like, upload your signature.
  • Click and drag ‘Create Signature’ onto the paper. As far as you can, widen it and press ‘Finish and Contract.’
  • Upload your signature, all done, as a PDF. Convert it to JPG if you want it as a gif.

Drag and Drop

By dragging or falling with a secure internet link, upload the document that you want to sign into the highlighted section.

coco e-sign

Invite & Sign

By adding an already created signature, sign your papers digitally. You can also use a stylus marker, mouse, or trackpad to draw your own signature. When it is finished, ask others to sign it.

Terminate & Download

After each receiver completes the signing, you will get a warning. Click ‘Done’ and feel free to download the signed document for use on your computer.

What are Digital Signatures Used For?

Digital signatures are used for a number of purposes in both small companies and large enterprises. Here are given a few ways in which companies are using them;

Contract on Purchases

Sales contracts are by far the most regularly signed agreements for many companies and for that matter, the most valuable. Consumer, real estate, and automobile sectors are some of the industries that have achieved remarkable traction for signature procedures, where contracts and records are the traditional transactional documents.

Sales reps can conveniently handle e-signature orders, monitor development, and complete the necessary documents from their core app by using an electronic signature manufacturer such as CocoSign.

New Forms for Consumers

When an arrangement or contract is signed, customer partnerships begin with the majority of organizations. In other terms, the execution of an arrangement depends strongly on the signature and consent of the recipient. Very frequently, however, offers are missed or postponed because of an onboarding procedure for consumers, which depends on physical documents.

Nowadays, consumers demand their specifications to be taken care of promptly. This one-click “Amazon” or “Netflix” impact has decreased the patience of consumers and increased their standards. Getting a customer on-boarding process that promises immediate e-signing capability not only guarantees the contract quicker but also gets rid of data re-keying with these vital procedures. An operation that is inherently vulnerable to mistakes.

Onboarding of Employee

There is more than enough documentation for employing new staff. The correspondence forms, workers handbook, benefits registrations… the list just goes on. Through a digital signature maker, HR administrators and company owners can execute any of these documents safely and quickly.

Wrapping Up

The risk of replication or modification of the paper itself is minimized by digital signatures. Digital signatures guarantee confirmed genuine and valid signatures. PINs, passwords, and codes are issued to signers who can authenticate and validate their identities and authorize their signatures.

Time stamping includes the date and time of the signature and thereby provides the certificate with a track record, eliminating any chance of theft or tampering. Protection mechanisms found in digital signatures guarantee that certificates without permission have not been changed.