Industries That Use Artificial Intelligence

Basically, in any major industry that you analyze, there is some form of artificial intelligence at work. The average person might not be able to identify what artificial intelligence is, but they have definitely used it before.

Obviously, some industries use more artificial intelligence than others, but for the most part, artificial intelligence is used all over. If you are not convinced, then check out some of the industries and examples below.


The first industry that I will point out is in the marketing industry. When looking at all of the data that companies have on people and their habits like search history, a marketing agency can use artificial intelligence to gain a competitive advantage.

Using artificial intelligence to identify habits and market more effectively is becoming vital because so many other marketers are using artificial intelligence. If you have ever been targeted in that way with marketing, then you can guess that some form of artificial intelligence is being used.


Artificial intelligence is great for identifying trends and seeing where extra help needs to be applied. That is why artificial intelligence is huge in the education sector. With education, different people struggle in some areas that others may not.

By using artificial intelligence, the software could really use the data to teach more effectively instead of a cookie-cutter program that is not well suited for everyone. Look for AI to continue to advance with education and more and more education professionals will likely lean on the benefits of artificial intelligence.


As one of the biggest and most advanced industries in the world, you can guarantee that artificial intelligence is useful to finance professionals.

Things like trading and credit extending decisions can be made with artificial intelligence, and it takes the human error aspect out of decisions. AI is always improving and learning, and that is useful because there is a lot of data available in the finance industry.

For instance, think of stocks as an example. There are so many factors and variables involved in trading, and we are unable to comprehend everything. But with artificial intelligence, the possibilities are almost endless because the memory and learning is not capped like a human brain is.


The last industry that I will mention is the transportation industry. More specifically, I am talking about all of the benefits of AI in the autonomous vehicle niche.

Autonomous vehicles may sound scary at first, but the risk of humans making a mistake is much larger if you think about it. After a lot of learning has occurred by the artificial intelligence program, it will be safer because there will be no such thing as a distracted or drunk driver.

It will be interesting to see how quickly AI advances and the autonomous vehicle idea comes to fruition in daily life. Automotive artificial intelligence will definitely disrupt the whole industry!

There you have it for just four examples of AI having a major impact on some of the largest industries in the world. Other industries that could be included are healthcare, trucking, and retail shopping.