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JoinPD is a platform powered by Pear Deck. It is supported by both the teachers and the students to keep transparency. They can create a presentation using joinPD. In this article, you will learn how to join a Pear Deck session with a code.

It is a tool that allows teachers and students to connect for online classes. They can attend live presentations and sessions. Teachers’ responsibility is to create an online meeting and then send a link to all of their students. Students and teachers can access it through its official website You can use some of the resources and tools for free, or you can pay for a premium account to get more of them.

Pear Deck is a presentation tool with a unique presentation design. It allows you to create attractive, interactive presentations that are easy to navigate and share. In this tool teacher’s responsibility is to create an online session to present his lecture slides and then send links to his respective students so they can join the meeting. Pear Deck fosters a positive learning mindset in students.

If you have not used the pear deck ever or are not familiar with it, you do not have to worry. This article will guide you completely.

What is JoinPD?

Joinpd is the subdomain of the pear deck. Join PD is an excellent platform for students that creates learning opportunities. All you have to do is to go to their official website and create an account.

joinpd pear deck - joinpd.con

Your teacher will share the class link or you can enter the class if you have the class code. Once you have entered the online class you can enjoy the pear deck sessions and learn new things.

Additionally, presentations are conducted in every college and university. Join PD is becoming very popular in institutions. It allows you to ask and answer questions in real time. You can ask and share questions through it. There are no time restrictions you can use it whenever you want.

Who can use the Pear Deck account?

pear deck
pear deck

Anyone with an account or a class code or a link can use Pear Deck. We have listed a few categories of people who can use Pear deck.

  • TeachersTeachers need to have an account to interact with their students. The teacher’s responsibility includes making an online session and then sending links to all of his students. The teacher can also see and share the progress of each student.
  • StudentsStudents should look through their emails and see for the link their Instructor has forwarded them. They can also join using 5 digit code if known. Students can learn in a healthy environment by interacting with their teachers.
  • Business administrators and people working in offices can use this tool for making project presentation slides. You can be an admin and then send links to all of your clients. Once they all are in the meeting start presenting your project.
  • Consultants, Journalists, and LibrariansConsultants, Journalists, and Librarians can use the pear deck to communicate with people. Journalists can attend sessions on figures and make notes out of them.

Devices That can run JoinPD