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Smart Square Mercy Login: Smart Square Mercy is a technological solution to manage patient data. If you want to know the details about smart square login, mercy square login, or any other details, you’re at the right place. Read this article to get in-depth details about Smart Square Mercy.

Managing the large sums of data coming into a healthcare system is challenging. It is necessary to store each patient’s record and make it accessible. Besides recording the patient data, the healthcare system must be capable of storing and processing patients’ daily requests, employe-to-employe communications, managing the hospital’s staff, their attendance, timetable days off, and payroll, which is a daunting task.

With the advent of technology and the use of web-based portals, these complex labor extensive tasks are converged into easily accessible and simple clickable tasks.  It is equally beneficial for patients, healthcare service providers, and hospital management, effectively saving time, costs, and resources.

Smart Square Mercy is a web-based portal designed to serve healthcare organizations’ employees. It makes their life easier.

What is Smart Square Mercy Login?

Smart Square Mercy login allows you to log in at The online software runs on any browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or any other as per the user’s convenience. Employees can use it on their PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, making it possible for employees to use it from anywhere.

Mercy employee login requires a username and password to login into the Mercy software. The username and password ensure the information in the account are private, and only employees working at Mercy can access the information. Employees can perform various functionalities using their account in the mercy software, which allows them to organize their work life systemically.

The Smart Square Mercy login connects healthcare employees with their patients’ records and interlinks them with their organization, making the workflow simpler and more efficient.

Smart Square Mercy Portal

Smart Square Mercy offers its services through a portal. Employees can access this portal through its official website.

When an employee enters his username and password at, they enter the Smart Square Mercy Portal. The portal has an easy interface that interlinks healthcare organizations, their employees, and customers (patients). The healthcare organization uses the portal to assign duties and schedule timings of its employees, whereas employees use it for various activities, including recording patient records.

Top Benefits Of Smart Square Mercy Portal

The Mercy healthcare organization thinks up this software to help employees in the healthcare settings. Let’s us at some of the top benefits of Smart Square Mercy Portal.

1. Enhanced Accessibility

As Smart Square Mercy is an online portal that employees can access from the devices of their choice. It permits managing patient records and allows hospital employees to access the information via an online portal whenever needed. They can also access the organization’s mercy portal by using their mercy email from home.

It also authorizes employees to access their work schedule for upcoming days, control attendance and check status, and record important documents at an easily accessible location.

2. Easy Communication With Co-Workers

If a healthcare organization uses the mercy software, its employees get a platform to connect and communicate with each other. Co-workers share patient records, discuss problems and situations, share ideas, and schedule their vacations while keeping each other in a loop.  Easy communication builds a healthy working environment for everyone.

3. Increased Manageability

The Healthcare system experiences increased manageability of employees, hence resulting in better patient care. Smart Square Scheduling feature helps healthcare managers to create better schedules and optimize the workforce for efficient management. It also allows employees to look at their work schedules, apply for vacations, and plan holidays.

4. Easy To Use

The Mercy software is uncomplicated and very simple to use. Employees can also enter the portal using My Mercy Login, and Readyset Mercy Login. They do not require any special expertise to use the software. Rather a simple demonstration or one-day training is enough to guide employees through all the features and functionalities of the software.  

5. Privacy

Smart Square Mercy portal provides a secure and private atmosphere for healthcare organizations. No one can access the portal without a registered email, username, and password. This barrier ensures to cut off third-party access, securing confidential medical data and employee records.

Smart Square Mercy Login Requirements

There are a few basic requirements to login into the Smart Square Mercy portal. These requirements include:

  1. Any electronic device such as a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Smart Square Mercy doesn’t run on all mobile phones.
  2. Active internet connection
  3. All the required login credentials.
mercy login with microsoft
mercy Login with Microsoft

How to log in to Smart Square Mercy?

You can avail of all the Mercy software services by logging into your account. Here is a step-to-step guide to finding out how to access your Smart Square Mercy account.

  • Open the browser and type Smart Square Mercy’s official website URL.
smart square mercy homepage
smart square mercy homepage
  • Wait for the page to open, and then provide your username and password in the required fields.
  • Press login to submit your details.
smart square mercy login page
smart square mercy login page

Contact Info To Reset St Johns Mercy Smart Square Login Password

You can’t enter the user account if you have forgotten your password. Following the below-mentioned steps, you can reset your St. Johns Mercy Smart Square Login Password.

  1. Open your browser to access the Mercy Square portal from your device.
  2. Next, select the option “Password expired?” by clicking on it.
  3. A new page will open, requiring you to provide all the required information in the form to reset your password. The system will verify your information and allow you to assign a new password.
  4. You can also use another method to reset your password. You can either dial 1-866-440-3399 or visit the account login page to request a password reset.

Help desk Contact Info of Smart Square Mercy

If you have any queries regarding the Mercy Healthcare organization or their online portals, you can contact their help desk on the following numbers.

Mercy Service Center Number: 1-866-440-3399
MyMercy number for non-medical issues: 888-986-3729
Smart Square Mercy Login Official Website

Key takeaways

Smart Square Mercy is an advanced web-based portal that benefits healthcare systems in streamlining their activities. It allows employees to record patient information, and make it accessible around the world. The software also offers better management and work scheduling features to impact the healthcare industry positively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Smart square Scheduling?

Smart Square Scheduling is the healthcare industry’s comprehensive time scheduling tool. It helps healthcare organizations in assigning duties to employees and manage the workforce efficiently.

Does Smart Square Mercy and Smart square SSM the same?

Smart Square Mercy and Smart Square SSM are related but different software. SSM is a dedicated time scheduling tool only.

Is Mercy Smart Square works on a Phone?

Yes, Smart Square Mercy is mobile friendly web application. It runs on most but not all phone models.

How is the interface of Mercy smart square?

Mercy smart Square’s interface is simple and easy to use. You can easily learn to use this portal on your own.