Powerful Remote Access with Cloud VPN Gateway

Powerful Remote Access with Cloud VPN Gateway

If you think about remote work’s skyrocketing success, especially after the pandemic, it’s clear that it is the future of work. But cybersecurity concerns still carry on with this work model. That’s why securing remote access can help your business more than you can even imagine. 

Having powerful and secure remote access is now easier than ever with cloud VPN gateways. If you want to hire talents around the world efficiently, this article explains how a cloud VPN gateway helps you. 

What is a cloud VPN?

VPNs have been with us for a long time now, but until recently, they were mostly dependent on hardware. They were designed to protect the corporate network and were usually run by in-house IT security professionals. 

However, cloud computing increased its popularity due to the overwhelming demand for mobile devices such as laptops and mobile phones. As you can imagine, hardware-based VPNs are not so favorable anymore. 

That’s what cloud VPNs are all about. They provide the same amount of protection for private networks, but they don’t require dedicated IT teams or any hardware. 

Cloud VPN services create a private and secure gateway between users and corporate resources. They do this virtually, so there is no need for hardware or a physical data center. That’s why these services are also used to protect cloud environments. 

Cloud VPNs are geographically limitless, and they can provide secure access even from a public Wi-Fi connection in one part of the world to a corporate network in another part.

Lastly, these solutions can be easily acquired from VPN providers that do all the work for you. By paying subscription fees only, you can get an experienced cybersecurity company working as your dedicated IT team. You can check out NordLayer (https://nordlayer.com/cloud-vpn/) for more information on getting a cloud VPN.

Cloud VPN gateway for powerful remote access

The remote work model appeals to most business owners, especially web-based ones. According to Apollo Technical, 4.7 million people, just in the US, work remotely at least half of their shifts. This increases the need for powerful and secure remote access. 

Cloud VPNs are a great way to have a capable and robust remote access system. If you consider transitioning to a remote work model, check out the benefits below. 

1-) Geographically unlimited & fast access

Remote workers might be all around the world, but they still need to connect to a single corporate network to work. Cloud VPNs provide limitless access to any employee regardless of their location. They’re operated in the cloud, so they don’t have any boundaries. 

As they don’t rely on hardware, they also offer equally fast connections to even physically remote team members. 

2-) Secured private gateways 

The main principle behind the cloud VPN concept is to create private tunnels between the end-user and the network. So, when one of your employees tries to access corporate resources, a virtual tunnel is directly created by the VPN. 

This private gateway ensures all the communication between the two parties is protected, anonymous, and unavailable to malicious users. After all, keeping sensitive information solely between trusted parties is vital.

3-) Seamless integration to existing company structure

Statista reports that organizations around the world use an average of 110 SaaS tools. This is a significantly challenging infrastructure to keep in line, especially for cybersecurity. If you don’t have a system to protect all these, you’re in big trouble.

Well, cloud VPNs have a solution for this too. Most of these services can perfectly integrate with your existing structure so you don’t have to worry about security gaps. If you also have a wide selection of tools, a cloud VPN is your answer. 


Powerful remote access is a crucial issue in the modern business world that business owners should never underestimate. If you have a remote workforce or if you consider having one, this is definitely your first order of business. 

The good thing is, the path to remote access of this nature is not challenging at all. Cloud VPN solutions take care of all the requirements such as fast connection, integration, and global accessibility. Don’t miss out on this modern solution so your company can also enjoy an effective remote workforce.