Remote Work Tools, The Essentials You Need to Stay Efficient and Secure


In a pandemic circumstance far away from the working environment, it is hard to keep up a similar productivity level as in the past. Because of the development of web and cloud innovation, we can work legitimately from home.

It appears to be straightforward from the start, yet looking after communication, overseeing projects viably, and sharing work can be an overwhelming errand. Also, for that, we need tools to work remotely, guaranteeing the most extreme proficiency conceivable and security simultaneously.

There are numerous tools accessible that can altogether improve your work from the home procedure and guarantee security too. Some of them are as beneath:

1. Project Management Tools

  • Trello: One of the leading project management tools, Trello, effectively sorts out your ventures, and errands into boards. Each board represents a project which is partitioned into lists, delineating various stages in a task and are populated with cards. A card speaks to a particular assignment that can contain a cutoff time/ date, attachments, or remarks. In just one look, you can perceive what’s being chipped away at right now, which makes it easy to use with this hierarchical nature.
  • Asana: Asana is another project management tool that offers industry-leading workflow management features. There is a “boards” view, “list” view, “timeline” view, and a “calendar” view as well. It permits various groups to track and allocate tasks and sub-tasks. The measure of flexibility offered by Asana is probably the most robust feature included. Asana has likewise mapped out standard work processes for different divisions. Clients can undoubtedly utilize these layouts and put data on their undertakings and follow the steps referenced.

2. Email Security

  • EPRIVO: Talking about security, one of the must-have remote working tools is EPRIVO if you use emails in your workflow. Equipped with industry-leading tech, EPRIVO is an email security service that converts your existing email account into a private email account and gives digital as well as physical security.Also, it encrypts your text as well as voice-based messages. You can unsend an email at any time, and decide the expiration for the email tool. Additionally, you can put a limit on viewing and forwarding the information of an email at any time. EPRIVO guarantees the segregation of email hosting and security service. Thus, EPRIVO is the only choice that gives by and large complete email security from an actual perspective.

3. Team Collaboration and Communication Tools

  • Slack: If you are searching for an application that can easily let you a message through text, audio, or video to your associates and colleagues, you can utilize slack. Email is an exemplary specialized device, yet it tends to be used for increasingly official and significant correspondence.Whereas, slack becomes more useful in a conversation divided between channels based on team members, projects, or anything else. With slack, you can share any documents, pictures, or recordings. It likewise lets you search any of the past chats and share information quickly.
  • Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is appropriate for big business level video conferencing and occasions for up to 10,000 individuals. Microsoft bundles this service with the Office365 membership for cutting edge features.The interface is easy to utilize and offers all the necessary elements, for example, chat and file-sharing system. One of the most charming highlights of using this application is Microsoft Suite integration, which lets you use Word, Excel, or PowerPoint collectively. The Office 365 business plan starts at $5/client/month.
  • Zoom: Another ground-breaking and mainstream tool for communication is Zoom, which we are and ought to utilize for video conferencing dominatingly.You can record video or sound, share screens with other team members, and in this manner, offer a seamless video conferencing framework. Although we may caution about a portion of the protection and security issues, clients have been confronting while utilizing this application.

4. File-Sharing

  • Google Drive: Hands down with regards to utilizing a cloud service, G-suite serves the best, and Google drive is a definitive file storage place for the 21st century. You can make documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and everything just on the cloud.You can transfer any material on google drive. You can likewise set controls like who can peruse these documents, alter these files or access the data. Google Drive comes free with a Gmail account with a limited capacity of 15 GB for every email, except you can pay and upgrade as you need.
  • Dropbox: A reasonable alternative to google drive is Dropbox. You can share documents, photographs, videos, or anything. You can likewise make a document, or a spreadsheet easily on Dropbox. Dropbox offers an assortment of features that streamlines collaboration and helps you to remain sorted out.

5. Others

  • AnyDesk: If you have to get to a PC from your home gadget remotely, you can do that directly at your home with AnyDesk. It lets you share your screen with another device or remotely get to another gadget through your gadget. AnyDesk may appear to be less intriguing; however, you can genuinely save yourself when you face any technical issue and need some assistance.
  • Toggl: Toggl is a straightforward time tracking device that permits clients to follow the time that they spend on projects, and you can utilize those outcomes for future optimization. In case you’re paid hourly, toggl is an unquestionable requirement as you can use it to log each moment you move in the direction of a venture precisely. Indeed, you can also utilize it to complete more in less time. By tracking the time, you spend on work, you can sort out the time you spend compellingly and effectively.

These are a portion of the remote tools which can support up your efficiency level, improve your work process, increment team morale, and guarantee the security of your email data simultaneously.

The cash you spare from rents, electricity, conveyance, and everything else you accomplish to work from your office, put resources into valuable tools like these which will give you benefits when the opportunity will come. Working remotely from your house is the future, and it is setting down deep roots. We trust these tools may help you somehow making you effective and secure.