Best websites that you can signup for spam calls

Best websites that you can signup for spam calls

Now sign up for spam calls and take revenge with 100% trusted websites. Just enter someone’s phone number and send multiple spam text messages or voice calls without exposing the real phone number and identity.

So What are these websites? How you can use these websites to spam a phone number or take revenge? Can you trust? Is this legal? Let’s dive in and explore about this in detail and see how to signup for spam calls to spam someone’s phone number for free or using the paid plans.

Well, the technology has made our life easy and it did a brilliant job in the telecom sector which is why we are connected with each other using mobile devices and communicate quickly.

Among them auto response service is a boon which helps a lot of people and once you register you get messages on your phone time to time like the discount offers of products, newly launched designer cloths, credit card bills, insurance renew messages and sometimes direct calls from service providers.

Though the advantages are lot but there are few disadvantages which lead to spam and many people prefer this trick to get revenge from someone like boss, wife, ex boyfriend, ex girlfriend etc.

So if you are in search of these websites for how to spam a phone number then here you can check out and guys worry not as these are 100% legal websites and nobody can track you + the network of these spam calls websites are so big which makes this fun process even bigger and you can easily prank with someone on special days like birthday, anniversary etc.

10 Best Websites to Sign Up for Spam Calls

Unwanted telemarketing and spam calls are a major nuisance for many people these days. While some may find it tempting to sign up for these calls as a prank call on an unsuspecting friend, it’s important to carefully consider the implications of flooding someone’s phone with spam.

Instead, here are 10 legitimate websites that allow you to receive telemarketing calls without harassing others:


The American Association of Retired Persons, better known as AARP, advocates for Americans over 50 on issues like health insurance, financial security and more. Members can opt into telemarketing calls from AARP offering deals on travel, health products, insurance plans, and other services tailored for people 50+. Calls come from verified AARP partners relevant to this demographic. Sign up on their website or contact customer service to receive these approved calls.

2. Publishers Clearing House

This company runs popular sweepstakes promotions, often showing up at winners’ homes with oversized checks. By entering their contests, you can choose to receive calls about new contests, magazine subscription offers, merchandise deals and other sweepstakes-related pitches. The calls all relate directly to promotions you’ve already entered.

3. National Rifle Association

The NRA is one of the most prominent organizations advocating for gun rights. Members and supporters receive frequent phone calls soliciting donations, promoting petitions, encouraging voter participation and mobilizing for pro-gun policies and political campaigns. Expect politically-oriented calls covering Second Amendment issues.

4. Greenpeace

As an influential environmental advocacy organization, Greenpeace relies heavily on grassroots outreach including telemarketing calls. Provide your phone number to hear about signing petitions, giving donations or receiving updates on current ecological campaigns ranging from climate change to deforestation. Their courteous call staff explain how you can support various environmental causes.


The United Nations Children’s Fund promotes children’s rights and wellbeing worldwide. UNICEF makes calls to educate supporters about their charitable initiatives, ranging from immunization programs to emergency relief efforts. You can ask to receive phone calls informing you about their work and ways to donate or volunteer to help children in need globally.

6. Political Party Committees

Both the Republican and Democratic national committees make calls to registered voters and loyal supporters. These partisan calls provide campaign updates, solicit donations, promote voter registration and turnout, and more. Support your chosen party’s efforts by opting into their telemarketing calls and staying engaged.

7. Vehicle Service Contract Companies

Independent providers of extended auto warranty plans often rely on telemarketing to sell their contracts. By providing your phone number, you give consent to receive sales calls pitching additional warranty coverage for your vehicle’s mechanical components beyond the manufacturer’s base warranty period. Know that calls will emphasize the benefits of protecting yourself from expensive repair bills.

8. Travel Sites

Popular travel websites like Travelocity, Expedia, TripAdvisor and more build their customer lists through online bookings and website registrations. This allows them to call users with time-sensitive deals on flights, vacation packages, hotel discounts, cruise promotions and so on. Opt in to be notified of last-minute bargains.

9. Alumni Associations

Many universities have alumni associations that call former students to build connections, fundraise, and promote special events. Institutions often hire call centers specifically to phone alumni and solicit donations or sell school merchandise over the phone. Receive these calls by ensuring you’re registered with your university’s alumni group.

10. Make-A-Wish Foundation

This inspirational nonprofit grants wishes to children with critical illnesses. Make-A-Wish makes telemarketing calls to share heartwarming stories of wishes granted, give updates on local events supporting their cause, encourage monthly giving and more. Opt in if you want to be inspired by wishes coming true.

Final Words

Rather than overwhelm someone with spam calls, choose from these reputable organizations who engage supporters through consented telemarketing outreach. By actively providing your number and opting in, you control which calls you receive while avoiding unethical harassment of others.

While spam calls are a nuisance, these 10 options allow you to opt-in and expect genuine, legitimate marketing calls related to interests and causes you care about. By actively providing your phone number, you avoid harassment and give consent. It’s a win-win allowing you to receive only the calls you actually want to get.

So sign up for one or more today and start pranking without exposing your details and identity!