The Communication Evolution


Since the inception of the twenty-first century, communication has changed dramatically alongside major advancements in technology. The most obvious way in which communication has changed has occurred with the advent of social media platforms, notably Facebook and Twitter, though numerous other platforms have emerged in recent times to appeal to younger demographics, including Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

What is particularly interesting about the latter two platforms is that video, rather than photos or written posts, constitute the vast majority of Snapchat and TikTok users’ posts. Furthermore, this observation serves as a microcosm.

As part of the advancement in social media, photos and videos became more commonplace forms of communication, replacing more standardized, traditional writing. Consequently, the need for creating videos has increased, along with the need for professional voiceover artists to turn text into speech. As a result, text to speech software was born.

User-Friendly Functionality

The user-friendly functionality of text to speech software is characterized by several advantages. First, text to speech software would not only be less costly than hiring a professional voiceover artist, but it would also enable individuals and entities to have greater access to voiceover talent “on-demand,” in that software is able to meet this demand more seamlessly than an individual ever can.

In addition, the software has advanced even more rapidly alongside advancements of AI, as AI demonstrates exceptional use value in this type of application development. The inclusion of AI into the text to speech software promotes more realistic voices than ever, with the ultimate goal of human voices and AI voices becoming indistinguishable.

Use Value Applications

The user-friendly nature of the text to speech software provides numerous advantages to a variety of stakeholders, particularly since it offers valuable, useful applications for individual and organizational endeavors.

In terms of individual endeavors, the use-value is significant for enterprising YouTube tycoons who need to produce an array of content that requires voiceovers. While many YouTubers may do the voiceovers themselves, the really prominent YouTube users will eventually need assistance, which can come in the form of AI-powered voiceovers.

From an organizational standpoint, text to speech software also offers numerous benefits to entities across multiple industries and sectors. For instance, in the educational space, text to speech software can greatly assist with the creation of instructional videos for students; is an excellent example of such a platform that creates original videos and uses original voiceovers. These platforms are the most likely to embrace text to speech software.

Outside of education, myriad commercial applications abound, and these applications can benefit a broad range of businesses, both large and small, across a broad swathe of industries. Furthermore, these applications offer benefits to external and internal stakeholders. External stakeholders include potential customers, who may respond favorable to effective video advertisements, leading to a conversion. Internal stakeholders can include new employees, as text to speech software would enable companies to develop training videos with effective voiceovers.

Final Considerations

Text to speech software represents an exciting new frontier in the communications medium, one that is already pervading numerous industry and individual endeavors. Given the immense popularity of this software, several companies have begun offering products and services in this industry space, which can leave the consumer or business baffled as to which direction to take.

Fortunately, most astute companies enable consumers to hear voices in advance before procuring a subscription, and they also offer 24/7 online support to troubleshoot any issues a customer may have encountered with the software. For this reason, it is always recommended to select a reputable vendor that offers transparent support.