Web scraping has become a widely accepted way of extracting the data from websites and other information sources, which helps in automating common tasks, making projects efficient and repeatable, leading in turn to increased output and productivity. The internet is a bank of information with both accessible and inaccessible information. The accessible one can be easily downloaded while it is the opposite of the inaccessible ones.

The process has so much evolved already that it is not restricted to the tech-savvy alone. Anyone can smoothly and successfully perform web scraping activities. The process is as easy as:

  1. Clicking on the website or any source of information about your choice.
  2. The scraping process commences
  3. The data is afterwards saved in your system in whatever format you want it to be in, for example, a CSV file.

The Role of Proxies for Web Scraping

Proxy management is a vital part of any web scraping project. However, often managing proxy issues consumes more time than building and maintaining the web scrapers themselves. It’s recommended to use a third-party proxy, preferably a newer standard called IPv6 as it allows the creation of more IP addresses. Check out this post on the best shared, virgin, or dedicated proxy providers to get all the information you will need when choosing one.

Importance of proxies for web scraping

  1. Using proxies for web scraping (particularly a pool of proxies) significantly reduces the chances that your spider will get blocked. 
  2. Proxy enables you to see the specific content that could be restricted in your location or device – this is incredibly valuable when scraping product data from online retailers.
  3. Another benefit of using a proxy pool is that it allows you to make a higher volume of requests to a target website without being banned, as well as unlimited concurrent sessions to the same website.

In recent years the demand for web scraping has drastically increased because of its ability to capture leads for companies, and this demand will most likely continue to rise. Here are some projected outcomes.

Increase in quality of investments

Web scraping can benefit high-growth investments, especially in the stock market (Source). When companies invest in stocks, there is a high risk. However, through web crawling, this risk can be reduced, because by obtaining data, companies can understand what the stock market may be and when is the right time for the company to buy quality stocks.

Increased promotion activities

Companies spend heavily on marketing activities. From strategising the right activities to set up tools that help to grasp potential customers better, the marketing team is one of the most critical departments of any brand. Therefore, to ensure that the correct marketing strategies and activities are planned, the correct data types are required to continue (Source).

Will bring about a pricing competition

Pricing is an essential factor; it is what distinguishes one brand from another. Potential customers want to invest in a brand that can provide reasonable pricing and obtain appropriate returns. Brands cannot sell solutions that are too low or too high. This needs to be reasonable. Therefore, it can be detected by web scraping. This process can be easily scraped through competitors’ websites to determine which pricing strategies they are implementing.