How to Keep a Weak Cell Phone Signal from Ruining Your Day


Whether you’ve got a critical business call or you just want to chat with your BFF for awhile, having a weak or spotty cell phone signal can really ruin your day. People are busy and most of us are easily frustrated when it comes to poor cell reception. Having to constantly repeat, “Can you hear me?” or “I can’t hear you” becomes more hassle than it’s worth to try to continue the conversation, even if you really want to talk with someone.

So, what can you do to stop a weak cell phone signal from ruining your day? Here are some smart hacks for getting a better cell phone signal.

Remove Interference

Cell phone signals can be weakened or disrupted by a variety of obstructions, including building materials, concrete, trees, nearby buildings, and more. Sometimes, you can improve your cell phone signal by removing some obstructions. For example, going outside or standing near a window on an upper floor can sometimes improve your signal strength and allow you to complete your call. It’s not a great long-term solution, but it can help you complete an important call in a pinch.

Try WiFi Calling

Most smartphones come equipped with a feature known as WiFi calling, which uses a high speed internet connection to make calls, instead of relying on available cellular signals. This is a great option when you have access to a fast wireless internet connection, like at home or work. WiFi calling probably won’t be as effective on public WiFi networks that have a lot of traffic or slower connection speeds.

Upgrade Your Phone

If you have an older phone, upgrading to a newer device might be the solution you need to improve your cellular signal. Phones using outdated technology can struggle to connect to networks built on newer technology. Eventually, the older phone hardware won’t be able to efficiently interact with newer network hardware and will cause connection problems. Upgrading your device could be a very simple way to resolve your cellular signal problems for good.

Consider a New Carrier

Every carrier has its own cellular towers serving a particular area. If you live in an area where a carrier has fewer towers, you might struggle to maintain a strong cellular connection at times, especially if you live or work a long distance from the nearest tower. If that’s the case, it might be beneficial for you to switch carriers to one that has more towers servicing your local area. Though that doesn’t guarantee a strong connection at all times, it will give you a much better chance at regularly having a good cellular connection.

Cellular Signal Booster

One of the best ways to improve your cellular signal is to get a cell phone signal booster. Cellular signal boosters work by taking in whatever signal is available, amplifying it, and then rebroadcasting a stronger signal to a designated area. You can install cellular signal boosters in your home or office, and your car, or even your boat. Cellular signal boosters can’t create signals where none exists, but they can improve weak or spotty signals and help you make clear, uninterrupted phone calls whenever you want.

In addition to stronger, more reliable cellular signals, cellular signal boosters offer several additional benefits.

Improved Battery Life

When your phone has to constantly search for a signal, it can significantly reduce the life of your battery. With a cellular signal booster, your phone will have a stronger, more consistent signal, which can really improve your battery’s performance and reduce the time you need to have your phone connected to the charger.

Faster Data Transfer Speeds

With a stronger cell phone signal, you will not only get clearer, more reliable calls, but you will also get faster download speeds over your cellular network. That means you can scroll through social media and search the internet more quickly and enjoy faster page loading times.


The benefits of a cellular signal booster don’t have to be limited to just one phone, either. Depending on which booster you choose, you can boost cellular signals for multiple devices, or in multiple areas of your home or office. Cellular signal booster setups can be customized to fit your specific needs, so you can get the perfect setup, whether you need better service in one room, or an entire building.