Top Virtual Data Rooms with Unique Features

Virtual data room

A virtual data room is an advanced and high-tech solution for any business. This software is usually based in the cloud and guarantees high security, performance, and availability. Dataroom software is already helping many companies in their operations. But given that the choice of VDRs is so crowded with different options, it’s important to consider and dwell on the features that each one offers, namely what you and your company need. Not all software is created equal; not all have the same interface, features, functions, etc. Each product has its unique design and differs in characteristics.

To find the best online data room software for your company, you need to understand what you really need, i.e. features your team will benefit from and the aspects of your business that require additional support. Although not all platforms are the same, modern and effective VDRs should contain certain unique features that will improve your company’s performance and help your workers complete their tasks faster.

Top Virtual Data Rooms with Unique Features

Let’s take a look at the best and most popular virtual data rooms in the software market:

  1. Software with several relevant and unique features for operation. It is suitable for absolutely any type of company activity.

By using this option, you will be able to use these data room services:

  • Schedule management: you can send agendas to users; prepare meetings and important transactions; use a calendar of events; create every day schedules; and assign deadlines for certain tasks.
  • File management and storage: intelligent word search, scanning; meeting content management; voting and polling; accurate, real-time minutes and reports; annotating documents; downloading files in any format.
  • The product features project templates, branding; electronic signatures; private and secure chats.
  • Enhanced security: document encryption; security protocol; multi-factor authentication; file access control.

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  1. iDeals. Get rid of paperwork and long preparations for meetings, speed up all work processes and even automate some of them with iDeals.

By using it, you will get the following benefits:

  • The ability to manage your company schedule: agendas and event notifications; calendar tools; planning for future events; managing and assigning due dates.
  • Accurate minutes and reports: Search for board meetings; manage the material recorded during the session; document voting results.
  • File storage and creation: Ability to create document templates; secure file storage and sharing; confidential chats between users and board members.
  1. Diligent. It is one of the top three programmers and it continues to grow.

If you choose this online data room for your business, you will get the following unique features:

  • Scheduling: send agendas to users; prepare quickly for board meetings; use the calendar intelligently; create detailed schedules.
  • File and information management: quickly and easily find the right information at the right time; manage board meeting information; document votes and user surveys; document feedback and comments; customise access to files and folders; create project templates; electronic signatures; upload over 24 file formats.
  1. Citrix. It enables a company and its team of employees to manage many processes quickly and efficiently and meet the growing needs of the business. You will also be able to:
  • Have access to the software either locally or as an option.
  • Get 24/7 support available via mobile phone, chat, or email.
  • Eliminate paperwork to help you find the necessary information, saving money and time.
  • store, edit, send and download files you need. The software has excellent security and meets international standards and requirements.
  • Use the calendar to create schedules, plans for future board meetings, agendas, set due dates, and make notices of specific events.
  1. Boardeffect. This program does an excellent job of managing files, allows you to customise access to certain information as required, and is extremely user-friendly, thanks to its interface.

It also offers the following features:

  • Compatibility with Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, and iOs, allowing you to use it locally or via a mobile app.
  • A powerful security system keeps your files private and safe. Features multi-factor authentication, file encryption, and watermarking, which greatly increases the quality of protection.
  • Tutorials and videos are available, but you can always contact support if you don’t understand something.


If you start looking for a unique electronic data room, you will likely be overwhelmed by choice. You need to know your needs to choose the right virtual data room. To start with, list the features and functions your company needs.

You may want to discuss it with your team, and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your business. You will then have a more or less general idea of what you need. Get to know the best suppliers, learn more about their functions and find the best option for your company and employees.

If you choose the right virtual data room software option, you will reap many benefits that will increase the efficiency of your business and streamline your workflows.