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Watch Heartland Season 15

Heartland (2007–), the longest-running program on Canadian television, is a feel-good family drama. The life and travels of talented horse trainer Amy Fleming and her family are followed throughout the course of its 15 seasons.

In this article, you’ll get to know the basic information about how to watch Heartland Season 15 offline including its storyline, cast and release date. You’ll also know where to download it online with the best video downloader: MyConverters Tubi Downloader.

Basic Information about Heartland Season 15


Heartland fans were treated to plenty of drama, action, and touching family moments in the most recent season of the show. Heartland Season 15 has ten one-hour episodes. This is consistent with the first two seasons, which likewise contained ten episodes apiece. The next season has a lot to address because the Season 14 conclusion left many questions unsolved. Ty’s unexpected passing has cast a shadowy pall over the last season, making it difficult for characters to cope with his loss and ultimately move on.

How Amy will raise Lyndy without her deceased spouse and how each family member will discover a new purpose in life will be revealed in Season 15.

The Bartlett-Fleming family has discovered a difficult lesson: you must make the most of each day since life is fleeting. This is also the case of season 15 of HEARTLAND. Amy said farewell to the past in the previous season. She embraces the future this season as she raises her kid, works with the horses that continue to heal her, and moves into a new stage of her life and career. She is making progress and is motivated to leave a lasting impression. In reality, Jack, Lisa, Lou, and Tim have all determined that this is the perfect time to advance rather than retreat, to pursue both new and unfulfilled aspirations. And the family will come together to support one another as they always have… and will emerge stronger than ever in the end.

Watch Heartland Season 15


Amber Marshall (Amy Fleming)

As the granddaughter of Jack, who owns the Heartland ranch, Amy is a horse whisperer. In the first episode, Amy’s mother Marion perished in a car accident, and Amy was unable to attend her mother’s burial because of her own injuries. Her estranged father Tim and her sister Lou, who had been employed in New York, both make appearances in the first season. Amy begins dating ranch worker Ty Borden, and the two eventually tie the knot and have a child. At the beginning of season 14, Ty tragically passed away, leaving Amy to adjust to raising Lyndy Marion alone.

Michelle Morgan (Samantha Louise ‘Lou’ Fleming Morris)

Lou is Amy’s sister, and after her mother passes away, she comes back to Heartland. She decides to take over the ranch’s operations and finances after leaving a prestigious career in New York. Lou begins dating Peter Morris, the head of a small oil company, and the two eventually marry and have a daughter named Katie. Later, the couple adopts Georgie (who is absent from season 15), but after a lot of difficulties, including a move to Dubai, they decide to split up. Later on, Lou and Mitch had a committed relationship; today, Lou serves as mayor of Hudson.

Shaun Johnston (Jackson ‘Jack’ Bartlett)

Jack, who is he? Jack is the head of the household, the grandpa of Amy and Lou, and the proprietor of the Heartland ranch. He is also a former rodeo champion, and because of his obstinacy, he frequently butts heads with family members. When Amy loses Ty, he turns into her rock.

Where have I previously seen Shaun Johnston? Johnston made appearances in The X-Files and Smallville. He also played Juan Carlo on a recurring basis in the supernatural Western series Wynonna Earp.

Jessica Steen (Lisa Stillman)

Horse breeder Lisa is the proprietor of Fairfield Stables. Throughout the course of the series, she had a protracted and tumultuous relationship with Jack, but they are now married. Katie, the daughter of Lou and Peter, has her as her godmother.

Chris Potter (Timothy ‘Tim’ Fleming)

Tim, who makes a comeback at the beginning of the season, is the father of Amy and Lou. He had cut himself off from the family because of his drug and alcohol abuse. Recently, he has developed unexpected feelings for Jessica, a new visitor to the ranch.

Release Date

We were fortunate to learn the official season opening date with the news that Heartland had been renewed for a 15th season, unlike previous years when the launch date was announced just before the actual premiere.

So when does CBC’s Heartland season 15 debut?

The solution is on Sunday, October 17, 2021 at 7 o’clock (7:30 pm NT).

Streaming Service

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