When Does a Relationship Crisis Appear and How to Overcome It

Relationship Crisis Appear

Consider the most common situations in which a man and a woman can lose a common bond with each other:

  •    You start living together

Many couples cannot go through the crisis in this period, unfortunately. When a common life begins, we open each other from a new side — from the one that manifests itself in our everyday life. These are some habits and tastes — the love of folding things on a chair, an unwashed cup in an empty sink, taking long baths, or something else. A man can be annoyed by millions of women’s products on the shelf in the bathroom; a woman will be irritated by things lying around out of place.

You can find a lot of such nuances in each other. But how to deal with them? How to get through this crisis? Usually, at first, we try not to pay attention to some habits of our beloved and come to terms with them. But irritation keeps accumulating. As a result, one day, we break down and express our displeasure in an angry tone. This happens in a situation of Russian women dating very often. What happens next? The partner does not understand why we tolerated everything before but suddenly burst out.

Therefore, if something annoys you, tell your loved one about it right away, in a calm tone, “Dear, it annoys me very much that you smoke in the kitchen. The room starts to smell nasty. Please go to the balcony or outside.” It’s so simple to explain why you are annoyed by some act reasonably. And such conversations will help you both calmly get through the first crisis in the relationship.

  •    The introduction of a child

Having a child in a family dramatically changes the usual rhythm of life and relationships in general. And this is the second crisis stage of the relationship. Now not only the needs and desires of each other like a romantic date night ideas are taken into account but also the needs of another family member.

A woman feels her need for a small defenseless creature and completely takes care of them, developing emotional additions. Intimacy with a man fades into the background, as well as the needs of a man and a woman.

At such moments, a man feels this break connected with his beloved and begins to feel superfluous, unloved. Another mistake women make is not letting a man take care of a child in the first months of their life. There are a lot of advantages to this: a man establishes contact with a child because this is his child too; a woman has time to relax a little, to devote time to some other business. And when the baby falls asleep, you both have time for each other. Let it be 10-15 minutes, but you will spend them together, talk, or be silent and stay next to each other. These moments in a relationship are critical!

  •    Financial changes

Most often, it is money problems that lead to quarrels in a couple. When some financial issues appear in the family, this leads to emotional stress for the spouses. Especially if these problems drag on. For example, one of the spouses was fired, or there were some forced loans, debts that are difficult to deal with. In such moments, it is tough to maintain mental balance, not to respond to a partner’s irritability, to maintain the ability to think clearly. I’m not even talking about the sensitive side of the relationship.

Just remember, these problems are temporary and can still be solved. But if you now allow this situation to affect your relationship, it can be tough to restore trust and connection with your loved one in the future. Be honest with each other; learn to speak without unnecessary emotions. Do not forget that in a crisis, not only you are worried but also your partner.