Why You Need A VPN While Traveling

These days, with the spate of data breach and hacking on the rise, using a VPN to protect your online activities as become important.

This need to protect your browsing activities is even direr when you are always on the go and often need to connect to networks you are not sure of.

Still not sure why you need a VPN, especially while traveling? Hopefully, these 5 points below will convince you.

Protect Sensitive Business Information

As an executive away on a business trip, you are usually required to touch base with the home office via emails or texts or calls, which, when conducted over unsecured channels, could potentially expose your business secrets to third parties.

To ensure that you communicate securely and safely with colleagues and business partners, you may want to consider deploying a VPN service to provide an added security layer to the channel.

Thankfully, most VPN services on the market today offer end-to-end encryption that makes it incredibly tricky for third-parties and fraudsters to listen in on the channel to make sense of the communication.

Protect Your Privacy and Data Abroad

When you travel abroad, the airports and hotels you stay in usually offer a wireless connection. If you, without taking any precaution, connect to these public networks, you may inevitably expose your data to theft and eavesdropping.

However, with a VPN, you can confidently carry out your online activities without fear of exposure.

Block Banking Information from Prying Eyes

The internet is crawling with fraudsters and hackers trying to steal your information, including banking data.

Now and then, we hear news of a data breach or read about people complaining about authorized transactions on their bank accounts. You may even have heard or read about how fraudsters cloned someone’s credit information.

All of these are dangers we face today for using the internet. But, you can ensure your banking information is secured from the prying eyes of people with malicious intent by using a VPN anything you use your bank details online.

The VPN encrypts all your information and transmits them through a secured tunnel to the endpoint.

Mask Your Location

You may have a reason to want to disguise your location when browsing online. Perhaps, you are researching a competitor and don’t want them to associate the IP ping with your company or trying to gain access to a website with a geo-filter blocking your region.

For example, you want to be the first in your region to catch the release of a new movie on Netflix, but unfortunately, the video is blocked in your country. A VPN will enable you to bypass the geographical restrictions, so you can enjoy the series as if you are in the country where it was released.

Aside from streaming Netflix movies, with a VPN, you can watch live events like sporting activities that are restricted where you are.

Enjoy Fast, Non-buffered Online Gaming

Probably the biggest reason individuals big on gaming use VPNs. One primary concern most online gamers have is a reliable and fast internet connection.

Too ping and lag are mood killers when playing online games. To avoid this and enjoy a smooth and seamless gaming experience, gamers often use a VPN to boost internet connection.

You can connect your game console with a VPN then link it to a server nearer to the game content provider. When correctly done, this reduces the distance data have to travel between the online gaming platform and the server you are connected to, thereby improving the speed of the connection.

Bypass Internet Censorship

If you, for whatever reason, found yourself in a country where the government censors the internet, a VPN could be your only option to connect to the outside world.

For example, Facebook and Google, with a couple of other western country sites, are banned in China. Let’s say you are on a business trip to the country; the only way you can log in to your Facebook or use Google is by using a VPN to bypass government censorship in the country.

Avoid Location-based Price Targeting

Companies are becoming smarter in their marketing. These days, they rely more often on data and analytics to target their customers instead of broadcasting their messages to the broadest possible audience.

With a VPN, you can avoid this location-based marketing or even access other markets with better deals. Let’s say you are in New York, and IKEA is running a promo targeting New Jersey buyers. You can use a VPN to access the promo and get a better deal than if you had bought it in New York.

Best Online VPNs

Granted, there are several VPNs on the market, but we recommend Nord VPN service. According to the Nord VPN service review, the service offers a stable, reliable, and encrypted connection, which is precisely what you need to feel safe while browsing the internet in a foreign country.