Phone on do not disturb: will my alarm go off on dnd?

will my alarm go off on dnd even if phone is powered off?

If you are curious to know will my alarm go off on dnd then be right here as we will reveal all doubts and let you know about does do not disturb block alarms when phone is on dnd mode?

You know how to set an alarm on phone, but when we talk about the smartphones where do not disturb mode is enabled then it literally plays with our mind will the alarm go off or nothing will happen.

A number of people asked the same question on multiple social platforms and here’s what’s our take:

When you set alarm in smartphone then it says alarm will ring in x hours or x minutes. But what if you have turned on do not disturb feature on your phone, will your phone alarm go off on dnd? Checkout what have tested on OnePlus (1+) 5G Phone which running on Android 13.

So first I set the alarm by tapping on the clock app.

I opened the clock app on my OnePlus 5G device, then under the Alarm tab, I set the alarm and set the vibrartion and ringtone, so i can listen.

Once the alarm is set, second step is to turn on the do not disturb service on phone.

Now I swiped down the phone display and a number of options are opened.

Among them look for the do not disturb option having moon icon (25% visibility curvy moon) and just tap on it to turn the DND services. You can also trun on the do not disturb via the settings > ringtone & vibration.

As I set the alarm that will ring in next 2 minutes, I powered off the phone (not shut down) and sit back and waited for next 2 minutes for the response.

And you know what happened?

Ting Ting, the alarm triggered with the ringtone and vibrations.

This proves that even if you enabled the do not disturb mode on the smartphone, still (YES) the alarm will go off and it will trigger with sound and vibration.

Apart from that, some people reported on social media platforms or forums that, they set the alarm and dnd was enabled, still they didn’t listen the alarm sound.

Well that’s can be happened if :

  • Alarm volume is too low
  • Mismatch of time (PM / AM)
  • Alarm sound & vibration set to none (means nothing selected)
  • Phone speaker is not working
  • Alarm sound is low
  • Low battery (or phone auto turned off)

So try to figure out what’s wrong and once you find, just fix it. The above given problems are quite common which you can fix at your end without visiting the support center.

In addition to that, it doesn’t matter what brand smartphone you own. Either you own Android phone from Samsung, Oneplus, Vivo, Oppp, Xiaomi or Apple iPhone, the alarm will go off even you have enabled the do not disturb service on your smartphone. A DND can’t stop a phone to trigger alarm!

Now I think you can clearly  answer someone if he/she asks will my alarm go off on dnd?

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