X Best Places To Get A Degree In Technology


Technology is rapidly growing in this modern era and becomes the need of every aspect of life. Information technology has shown more advancement during the last two decades. In the previous century, the degree of engineering and medicine was considered the best and beneficial profession. But as technology has evolved, students are looking for other degrees like computer science, marketing, and information technology. Millions of students choose IT as a significant subject every year. If you are a student and ready to enroll in your bachelor’s degree in IT, you should know the best schools offering a degree in IT.

Most universities offer BS and MS degrees in information technology. Some may allow the students to do PhDs in a relevant subject. By the way, in case you have difficulties with writing an admission essay you can simply ask to write my college essay from professional writing services. In this article, we brought some of the best schools that are working amazingly in information technology. We hope that it will help you to decide and select the rightest school for your graduate degree.

Top 5 information technology schools

1- Cornell University

The university is located in Ithaca, New York, and ranked in the top place due to its excellent performance in research and fieldwork. It is popular to have the best programs of information technology. The university is offering three top-notch IT programs for bachelor’s degrees in three different colleges.

  • College of Art and Science allows the students to enroll for the degree of BA in Information Science.
  • The College of Engineering has started the program of BS in Information Systems and Technology.
  • Another college of Cornell university known as the College of Agriculture and Science is offering a BS degree in Information Science.

Two graduate degrees in information technology are also running in the university;

  • A degree of (MS) professional studies in Information Sciences
  • D. program in Information Science

Students in these colleges have equal opportunities to do their research by relying on their abilities but under the suggestion and supervision of IT seniors and professionals. Independent methods for analysis urge the students to face and cope with challenges in both student and professional careers. The university also offers online courses related to information technology like website designing, coding, and programming.

2- New York University

The university is a top-famous educational organization due to its best academic record. It is also offering graduate and undergraduate level programs in information technology. It is a private institute and ranked as the best university in New York. It is offering the following programs in information technology;

  • BS degree in Information System Management
  • BSCS (Computer Science)
  • And BS program in Applied Data Analytics and Visualization

Students are provided with the best learning environment and take proper classes from professional and experienced professors. They go through the subjects of economics, math, database, website design, and networking. University also offers its students to get graduate degrees in the related subject of IT.

Here is the list of programs for graduation;

  • MSCS (Computer Science)
  • MS degree in Technology Management (this program has the option of both physical and online classes)
  • Masters in Computing, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation
  • Both physical and online degree in Masters in Cybersecurity
  • MS program in Information System
  • D. program in Information System

3- Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

It is another best institute in New York providing the best academic facilities to its students. By the best college choice, this university is ranked at the top of the list as the best school for a degree in IT. Undergraduates can enroll in a BS program in information technology and web science. The university offers a Master’s degree in IT and a Ph.D. degree in Multidisciplinary Science for graduate degrees. The university has set more than 20 IT programs for both graduate and undergraduate degrees and allows the students to choose the subject according to their choice.

Students can choose;

  • Communication
  • Information security
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Data science
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Psychology
  • Arts

4- Carnegie Mellon University

CM University is famous for its best research work and ranked as the number one university that offers an IT degree. The university won first place as the best schools for graduate degrees in computer science by US News. Undergraduate students can enroll in a BS degree in computer science. CMU has more IT programs for graduates as compared to undergraduate programs.

  • MS in Information Science Management
  • Online degree of Master in Information Technology Management
  • MS in Information Security Policy and Management
  • Online degree of MS in Information Security and Assurance

5- Lehigh University

University is based in Bethlehem and has more than 7,000 students studying in IT and computer science departments. Students can enroll themselves in a bachelor’s degree in business information system program. Students can enter this program after completing business data management and information system courses. Classes of software ventures, risk management, and computing are also available for students. Educational application of technology is another field of information technology. Lehigh also covers this field and offers graduate degrees of MS in instructional technology and Ph.D. in Teaching, learning, and technology.


If you are interested in getting a degree in technology, you must know the difference between Computer science and information technology. No doubt, these two fields have the same routes. Still, computer science programs cover all the theories, programs, applications of a computer system, and information technology concerned with the ideas and ways to use computer science for information and business fields. So do some research before choosing the right school for your IT degree.