10 Best Chatgpt Mirror Sites | No Sign Up | Direct Access

chatgpt mirror sites

Would like to experience the uninterrupted service of chatgpt app? Here we got 10 best very similar chatgpt mirror sites which you can access directly without any signup or registration or the phone verification.

So if you got frustrated with Open AI chat Gpt AI due to server downtime or sever maintenance, then check out these best and close alternatives of ChatGPT app.

  • These cloned apps are fast in speed and answer every question with accuracy.
  • These apps are secure and free to use.
  • Doesn’t steel any private information.
  • UI of these writing apps are responsive and easy to use on mobile and desktop.
  • You can even use it using a VPN service.

Like the open AI chat gpt, you can use these similar chat gpt mirror sites on your mobile and desktop for free without any sign up or mobile verification in any country.

  1. Chatgpt.net
  2. Chatgpt.com
  3. Chatgpt.xyz
  5. Chatgpt.online
  6. Chatgpt.ai
  7. Chat.theb.ai
  8. Perplexity AI
  9. AI.LS
  10. Google Bard

Guys you access the above given chatgpt mirror sites via the direct link or you an type the domain name of chat gpt like chatgpt.net or chatgpt.com in browser and start writing the articles, guest posts, essay, research paper, ebooks/ books, Quora answers without any limitation and restrictions.

You can get full knowledge of what’s going on crypto market? You can check about Bitcoin SV Blockchain, COTI, Kadena, Bitcoin Diamond. You can even dig deeper and find out how to mine cryptocurrency and what are the basic requirements to mine a coin!

Not only this, like original chat gpt website, you can add write chatgpt prompts and get the professionally written article or research paper on various topis. You can give a command like I’m CEO, CFO or a freelancer and write about this and reveal what’s the pros and cons and future benefits!

All these apps are free to use, and you can easily access on your Android / iOS smartphone or PC.

The list that we have shared above offers same feature & functionality of original chat gpt application.

Google Bard

Among them one application or AI program is quite unique that is Google’s bard. You can consider it as a close competitor of ChatGPT. Thought the bard AI of google failed in first attempt, but now this chatbot has mproved and working without any issue and helping others in the Google search.

Perplexity AI

Apart from that, how we could forgot to explain the Perplexity.ai?

The Perplexity AI is bit advanced then other chatgpt mirror sites, because in this writing AI tool you also get the information regarding the source.

As you know, chatgpt doesn’t provide the source of the writing. But here in Perplexity AI, you can find out what sources are used to write an article.

Jasper AI (Bonus as it is paid writing tool)

We know what chat gpt can do, but guys the same thing  can be done using the Jasper AI (earlier name Jarvis).

It is very smart and fast writing AI tool which works like chat gpt.

The chat gpt was launched in Nov 2022, but the existence of Jasper AI is since Feb 2021.

This tool is far better than the chat gpt AI tool, because it is fast, reliable and writes the article copy, ads copy, essay, guest post like written by the experts or human.

It is known for creative writing and Jasper AI content ranks on Google too.

The only drawback of this tool is that, it is a paid tool which offers the full writing functionality to writers or a business person. Its basic plan starts from $49/month which would cost around $600/year.

That’s an expensive writing tool, hence chat gpt did beat the jasper AI quickly!

If you would like to try the power of Jasper AI then you can choose it’s trail mode. You have to create an account, add credit card details and then start using the tool for free for 7  days.

Final Words

The number of chatgpt mirror sites are increasing day by day and it will be 10x in till 2024.

So if you would like to know more on this, you have to keep checking the regular updates on this page. We will add more Chatgpt alternatives on this page and help you generate more AI based helpful content.

Last, in case if you unable to use the chatgpt mirror sites, then use a secure VPN connection.

A VPN connection will unblock the chat gpt mirrors and you can easily write the article without any interruption for free on your device like PC or mobile.

That’s all about chatgpt mirror sites, please leave your feedback and don’t forget to share it.