10 Best write for us technology and AI tools like ChatGPT and Amazon’s gpt55x

10 Best write for us technology and AI tools like ChatGPT and Amazon's gpt55x

Being a content writer, if you need best write for us technology AI tools like chatgpt, amazon’s gpt55x then stay connected and keep reading as we are going to reveal about the 10 apps that you can use to write a plagiarism free appealing content in just few minutes for free using the mobile or PC like Windows / Mac / Linux etc!

So guys the write for us technology AI tools will help you to write the content with proper facts and research. And in addition to that you can take the help of these tools to optimize pre-written articles (check the grammar, length, spellings, rewrite etc) that rank well on the Google search results!

10 Best write for us technology AI tools

Being a blogger you need to write a lot of article and in the fast pace world it is possible with the AI tools. Using these AI tools, you can write the content for your article in minutes and also increased its length.

As per popular digital marketer expert Neil patel, it has been seen that a long article having word count more than 1000 words rank better on the Google. So if your competitor has published article of length around 600 to 800 words and you have published the same article with 1000 words or 1200 words then there are chance that you can beat your competitor.

Apart from that, Hubspot study from 2021, which was published by AJ Beltis shows that the ideal blog post length should be 2,100-2,400 words. If your competitor is writing around the 3000 words then you should go one step ahead and write more  but valuable to rank on #1 spot on google search results.

So if you would like write bulk to content for guest post, for your blog in a day then here the write for us technology AI tools will help and you can create unlimited blog posts in few minutes using the prompts.

1. Jasper.ai

Jasper is a powerful AI writing tool that can generate many sorts of material such as blog posts, articles, emails, and social media postings. It also has a variety of features tailored to technology writers, such as the ability to produce code snippets and technical documentation.

You can commend this tool to write a length content. You can use features like generate intro paragraph, ending paragraph for an article.

In addition to that the Jasper AI can be used to write the review of a product. You set different tone like informative, formal, friendly and compelling and enter to write content.

2. Copy.ai

Copy.ai is another well-known AI writing tool that is ideal for technical writers. It has a grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and style guide, among other features that might help you write better material.

This offers nearly same feature as Jasper AI and you can use it for free forever. For more features and pro functionality you can upgrade it and basic paid plan starts $36/month.

3. Contentscale.ai

Material at Scale is an AI writing solution for enterprises who require a huge volume of material on a regular basis. It includes tools such as the ability to build templates and collaborate with other writers that can help you streamline your content production routine.

If you need an SEO friendly writing app then you can try this one as it writes the unique content and also add the links which some Ai tools fail to add.

Apart from the using the AI detector feature, you can check Is this content written by AI tools like chatgpt, jasper etc?

If that’s the case, the tools finds that the given article is AI written then you can optimize the content like you can add more relevant information, you can add authority links, provide more details / facts to make the article in human written form.

4. Anyword.com

Anyword is an artificial intelligence (AI) writing tool that can help you produce more convincing copy. It employs a number of data-driven insights to assist you in creating copy that is more likely to convert readers into buyers.

Using the pre-written writing prompts you can generate unique and informative articles for your brand. You can choose a topic and create a cluster which help to rank main article and their sub articles on search results.

5. NeuralText.com

Neuraltext is an AI writing tool that will assist you in creating more interesting and useful material. It employs a number of approaches to assist you in creating material that will attract your audience’s attention and keep them reading.

It is a simple tool for researching SERPs that will assist your team in producing better content. This is designed with a small set of features (that anyone can use) and left out everything else.

So doesn’t matter you are on mobile, tablet or PC. just open it start using to create plagiarism free blog posts, guest posts, or Instagram bios etc.

6. Writesonic.com

Writesonic is an AI writing tool that helps you create better material in less time. It has a number of tools that can help you speed up your writing process, such as the ability to develop content outlines and write in a variety of styles.

You can use to to generate articles for books, for websites, for blogging sites etc.

As the chat gpt works on the training data of 2021, this tools is integrated with with Google to pull the latest information which provides more accurate data to users and help to out rank the competitors.

7. Wordtune.com

Wordtune generative AI is an artificial intelligence writing tool that can help you improve the quality of your writing. It has a number of tools that might assist you in making your writing more clear, concise, and interesting.

This is best to generate the answers and write content very quickly.  It gives you facts and always check at least 5 sources before deeming a fact credible to use.

8. Sudowrite.com

Sudowrite is another cool writing application that can help you overcome writer’s block and develop innovative ideas. It has a number of features that might help you come up with new ideas and improve your writing skills.

The interface of this application is very simple and those who looking for an affordable alternative to chatgpt AI they can prefer it as it paid version costs only $10/month.

9. Google Bard

Google bard AI is superb tool for those who would like to write up to date articles. As the bard integrated with Google search engine this helps you produce better copy for your website and marketing materials.

The UI is quite simple but it is recommended that always update the AI content and add your knowledge, research, provide the facts, make it more unique with tools like article spinner, quillbot and then check it with AI detectors tools.

10. QuillBot

QuillBot is writing tool that can help you paraphrase and rewrite your material. It has a number of features that might assist you in avoiding plagiarism and improving the quality of your writing.

It is free to use tool with Standard and Fluency Feature. But if you upgrade it then you can use its another features which help to rewrite an unique article.

Using these you can create unique copies of 1 file. You can write pdf book like Surah Kahf pdf and upload it on Amazon, PPT, Google drive to share it with some else.

Write for us technology Suggestions

When employing AI writing tools, keep in mind that they are not a replacement for human authors. AI writing tools can assist you in producing content more quickly and efficiently, but they cannot match the level of quality produced by a human writer.

It is also crucial to remember that AI writing tools might occasionally produce false or deceptive information. Before publishing any work generated by AI writing tools, it is critical to thoroughly review it.


AI writing tools are becoming increasingly popular, as they can help writers to produce high-quality content more quickly and efficiently content using the cutting edge technology. This is especially true for technology writers, who often need to produce a large volume of content on a variety of topics.

However, it is critical to use them properly and to understand their limitations. You can utilize AI writing tools to write high-quality material more quickly and efficiently if you follow the guidelines above.

Our suggestion is that if you looking for write for us technology to write guest posts articles then recheck the article once and update it as per the current knowledge.

Using these AI writing tools, you can also get the ideas of new niches, you can command to write catchy and punchy lines, you can ask for the suggestions.

You can provide the content and change the tone of writing from informative to friendly.

That’s all you can do with the writing AI tools and create a plenty of content for your blogs, for client etc. Still looking for more? Keep exploring and don’t forget to share.