A Review of Its Features and How it’s Better than Content Tools

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I have been an E-eductor in the marketing field for the past 6 years; promoting creative thinking, content honesty, and authentic information are a few of my key responsibilities.

As known, the trend to paraphrase the existing content with the help of some AI tools (Artificial intelligence) to save time or energy is rising. It is harmful, especially for young minds as it suppresses their creativity, encourages critical thinking, and uses other’s work or ideas without their consent. 

I needed an authentic, most accurate AI content detector tool that could efficiently catch AI-produced content. 

Thanks to “”, an unparalleled AI content detector that works against the most popularly used AI writing or paraphrasing tools. 

Its impressive efficiency and matchless accuracy compelled me to review it to help other educators, content creators, students, or journalists, who desire the best content detector tool. 

What is and How it Works? is a free tool that is used to detect the text generated by AI content writing tools. 

By utilizing the power of various techniques including perplexity check, N-gram analysis, and business check, the tool concludes whether or not the content was automated. 

The accuracy of this content detector is more than 90%, however there are chances of false positivities sometimes. 

It is proficient in catching the content paraphrased or generated by the most widely used AI tools including, CHATGPT, JASPER AI, and RYTR.ME. 

The tool features integration with the commonly used browsers and applications including iOS, Windows, Mac, and Chrome, for the ease of its users. 

Standing Out Features of 

AI content detectors have become a necessity nowadays, especially for bloggers, content marketers, writers, and educators. 

It can be a valuable aid for professionals helping them to avoid risks including google update, plagiarism, wrong facts, misuse of other‘s ideas, etc., and maintain the credibility of original and unique content. 

Matchless Accuracy 

The AI content checker tool is a well-reputed platform and the main reason is its high accuracy in predicting whether the text is AI-produced or human-written. The tool utilizes the combination of the following analysis while checking a piece of writing:

  • Perplexity Check

The content detector tool will check the perplexity score for the provided content against the threshold level. Human written content will have a perplexity score below the threshold level.

  • N-Gram Analysis 

N-gram analysis is another technique for checking the AI-generated content. It will break down the whole content into a sequence of N-words. 

If the N-gram diversity is low, the text will be AI-produced, and if the diversity is high, it shows that the content is unique and human-written. 

  • Burstiness Check 

An AI technique that measures the length and structure of sentences in a piece of content. Usually, AI content will have long sentences and repeated patterns of words, that can be easily caught by the content detector. So if the text is AI-generated, the burstiness score will be high and vice versa. 

User-friendly Interface

Its user-friendly interface is a bonus feature for the users. Unlike other content detector tools, this AI tool does not require any technical expertise or formalities to follow prior to ai content detection. 

You need to paste the text to be checked, enter the Captcha, click on “Detect GPTZero” and leave the rest to the tool.  

Integration with different browsers and applications 

To further facilitate the users, especially novices, the AI content checker tool offers seamless integration with commonly used browsers or applications. You can access this AI tool by downloading the extensions from Mac, iOS, Windows, or Chrome. 

No Words Limit 

There are no restrictions like word or character limit per attempt. The tool is proficient in scanning lengthy content without losing accuracy. This feature is extremely beneficial for those who have to deal with bulk data checking daily (just like me!)

Why We Need to Detect AI Content?

AI content means an AI machine that rewords the existing content by employing various NLP and ML algorithms. It may contain plagiarism, unauthentic facts, and false information that affects the reputation of digital platforms (blogs, institutes, public channels, etc.)

Most importantly, an AI content detector tool is required to ensure content (written, oral, or visual content) integrity and information authenticity.

Sometimes, people steal other’s ideas, or work, which affects the credibility of digital platforms, poses plagiarism threats, and promotes unauthorized use of other’s property.

By employing an AI content checker tool, users can effortlessly predict whether or not the content they are using is unique and original. 


The above-mentioned features of show that this is one of the most efficient and accurate tools for the fastest detection of AI content. 

Besides its free and user-friendly features, the AI techniques utilized by the tool to identify the human or AI-written content ensure its highest accuracy. And if you have been looking for a best write for us technology nowadays then you can give it a try and improve the quality of articles.

It works efficiently against the most popular AI rewriting tools including, CHATGPT, etc., and highlights the text in red if detected as AI-generated and green if it is human-written. Being a freelancer or student you can take the benefit of this tool and make money online by testing the quality of article.

Its integration with widely used browsers, user-friendly interface, and suitability for professionals as well as non-professionals differentiate it from the rest of the AI text detector tools. 

Long story short, it is one of the fastest and most accurate AI contact detector tools you can have at no cost for limitless use around the clock.