What is a Crank Call and how it is different than Prank Call

What is a Crank Call and how it is different than Prank Call

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of an unwanted, harassing phone call, you may have wondered whether it qualified as a crank call or just a prank call. While both involve making calls to annoy, abuse or threaten victims, crank calls tend to be more malicious in nature.

In this article, we’ll explore the characteristics separating crank calls from pranks and shed light on this disturbing phenomenon. So let’s dive and explore more about the crank calls and prank calls in detail!

Defining Crank Calls

A crank call is best defined as an anonymous phone call made to harass, abuse, or threaten the recipient. Crank calls are placed by crank callers who deliberately mask their caller ID and use services to hide their phone number. This creates an anonymous call enabling them to subject victims to verbal attacks without facing consequences.

Common crank call activities include:

  • Profanity and verbal abuse
  • Bigoted, racist or sexist slurs
  • Obscene sexual comments
  • Intimidating threats of violence
  • Disturbing descriptions of criminal acts
  • Preying on victims’ vulnerabilities
  • Mocking disabilities or tragedies

Unlike prank calls made in jest, crank calls aim to frighten, provoke and violate targets using psychological warfare, not humor. Victims often feel helpless and violated. The anonymous nature prevents them from blocking calls or filing complaints since they don’t know who’s responsible.

Hallmarks of Prank Phone Calls

In contrast to crank calls, prank calls are generally harmless, relying on silly jokes and awkward conversations rather than malice. Well-known comedians like the Jerky Boys built careers on pushing the boundaries of prank call humor.

Prank characteristics include:

  • Humorous personas and accents
  • Awkward conversations confusing targets
  • Outlandish fake names like “I.P. Freely”
  • Goofy premises to elicit reactions
  • Non-threatening and non-abusive
  • Revealing pranksters’ identities

Unlike abusive crank callers, prank call jokers have no desire to emotionally harm targets. The comedy stems from baffled reactions to absurd conversations, not verbal assaults. Most aim for laughs through shock value and silliness without crossing lines.

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Victims usually realize it’s all in jest – emphasis on “jest.” Hence this is most common difference between crank call and prank call which you should be aware of.

The Dark World of Crank Calls

While pranks elicit shaken heads and laughter, chronic crank calling constitutes serious harassment and threats. And an entire underground “community” exists to nurture crank callers.

Dedicated websites provide tips, techniques, software, and phone numbers of potential victims. Callers can share their highest “scores” based on victims’ trauma. Paid crank call services will harass strangers on a caller’s behalf.

This toxic echo chamber breeds psychological illness. Studies show many serial crank callers are sociopaths and psychopaths who enjoy feelings of power over others. Others develop crank calling addictions that become obsessive.

Within these circles, abuse is encouraged while empathy is shunned as weakness. The anonymity strips away humanity and allows disturbed individuals to unleash their worst instincts. The cycle worsens underlying mental health issues.

Of course, the internet exacerbates this. 20 years ago, crank callers relied on physical phone books. Today, endless personal data is available online, fueling doxxing threats. Nothing is off limits to callers devoid of conscience.

The Threat of Swatting

In severe cases, crank calls escalate to “swatting” – making fake emergency calls to dispatch SWAT teams to victims’ homes. The violent raids have killed some victims when tense police mistook them for armed criminals.

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These assaults on psychological and physical safety must be taken seriously. Though dismissing crank callers seems logical, their cruelty knows no bounds. Provoking unhinged individuals may escalate retaliation. Tragically, some despairing victims have died by suicide after relentless torment.

Remaining Vigilant Against Abuse

While crank calls differ vastly from harmless pranks, both thrive on shock value. Don’t feed that desire. Calmly hang up rather than engaging. Retaliation or anger only encourages them and alerts them to effective tactics. Your lack of response helps end unwanted calls.

Consider phones with anti-harassment features and call tracing options. Use caution and good judgment if calling back unknown numbers. Beware “pranks” crossing into abuse – that’s a crank caller testing boundaries. Document threats and contact authorities when facing criminal harassment.

Stay alert and prioritize your mental health if targeted. With awareness and resilience, we limit crank callers’ power while protecting others from this menacing behavior. Don’t become desensitized, for behind each phone hides a human who deserves empathy.