How has digital connectivity made federal inmate text messages process easier and faster?

federal inmate text messages

Those were the days when you had to book an appointment to communicate with loved ones in prison. But now the time has changed, and with the help of apps or email you can connect with your loved once easily and send federal inmate text messages in much faster and secure way without breaking any rule.

At present as you know the world is fully connected with the power of high speed internet and being a common user you can easily connect with anyone anytime via the mobile or laptop.

You can send texts to your friends and family members on Whatsapp. You can even make a video call and watch the live situation. Those who are in the business field, they directly communicate with clients on Zoom or Skype, thanks to digital age which saves a lot of time and effort.

So now if you would like to more how has digital connectivity made federal inmate text messages process easier and faster and how could you use the services to send digital post cards, texts, gifts and even to send money to a federal inmate. Then, keep reading below and don’t forget to share it with others!!

How has digital connectivity streamlined federal inmate text messages?

The digital connectivity and the new innovations in the field of communication has revolutionized the way we communicate, and its impact has extended to the federal inmate text messaging process. Here’s how digital connectivity has made federal inmate text messages easier and faster:

#1. Instantaneous Communication

With the help of high speed broadband and data connectivity like 4G and 5G, the text messages can be sent and received instantly, eliminating the delays associated with traditional methods like postal mail.

This way Inmates can easily communicate with their loved ones in real-time, allowing for more immediate and meaningful conversations in seamless manner.

#2. Convenience and Accessibility

In the past, inmates had limited access to phones or had to wait for designated calling times.

But with the new innovation in the communication field, text messaging can be done through the secure platforms on authorized devices with legal terms.

Nowadays, inmates can use designated terminals or handheld devices, making communication more accessible and convenient.

#3. Reduced Costs

Traditional phone calls from correctional facilities can be expensive for both inmates and their families. In comparison, text messages often come at a lower cost, allowing for more frequent and prolonged conversations without the financial burden. Even you can send unlimited messages without any extra cost!

#4. Enhanced Privacy

Digital communication platforms like apps, special websites and chat programs  provide a level of privacy that may be lacking in traditional methods.

Inmates can communicate discreetly through text messages, allowing for more personal and confidential conversations. This added privacy can contribute to a sense of trust and openness between inmates and their loved ones.

#5. Additional Communication Options

Alongside text messaging, digital connectivity offers other forms of communication, such as email or video calls, depending on the specific policies and technologies implemented by the correctional facilities. These options provide inmates with more avenues to connect and engage with their support networks outside of the prison walls.

#6. Access to Resources and Information

This platform allows inmates to access a wealth of educational and vocational resources. Through text messages, inmates can receive information about job opportunities, educational programs, and rehabilitation services, which can aid in their personal growth and potential reintegration into society.

#7. Streamlined Administration

The administrative process that is involved in controlling inmate communication has become much easier to manage because to digital connectivity. The implementation of centralized systems in correctional facilities that are able to monitor and log text message exchanges helps ensure compliance with legislation and enhance security standards.

What apps you can download and use for federal inmate text messages

There’s a way that you can actually get a message to an inmate in prison or jail. Certain prisons and certain jails have certain rules and regulations, I’m not familiar with all of them, I’m just aware of some of them and you know the rules for different institutions better than me!

Anyway, now I’m going to help you and let you you know about the federal inmate text app which you can use via your mobile on iOS or Android based smartphones.


There’s an federal inmate texting app called PostSnap and what it does?  You can actually create, design, crop, Photoshop and make like a picture collage. You can even write messages on postcards from your phone.

Now I know it’s in the App Store for iPhone. I’m pretty sure it’s they have it available for Android smartphones.

Basically you can make a greeting card or a post card from the app and like later you can add text or some pictures. You can make picture collages from the app. You don’t have to do anything in separate apps. All you can do via a single app on your fingertips buy dragging the images at right position.

It’s a very convenient app.

And once everything is done, the app will actually mail it out for yo – Superb!

So you simply just create a message. You can now design a greeting card and also make wedding announcements.

You can input the address you want it sent to and the app interface will send it out for you.

Additionally in the app, you can find two different sizes for the greeting card. Based on the size, the cost will depend which you have to pay at the checkout page.

That’s like the easiest and fastest way that you can deliver a message to an inmate.


Alternatively there is another federal inmate texting service application, which you can use to deliver the messages to an inmate.  The name of this app is TextBehind and it is available on the both Apple and Android stores to download.

So being a user you can use it and contact to your loved ones and send the mails quickly without any waiting.

It is also a one of the best method to communicated with inmate in very short time.

For our partnered facilities, when you create a letter transaction, it is actually delivered to the prison staff electronically and instantly from our end. The prison staff then reviews and prints the letter contents for the inmate. At that point, the status of the letter changes from “PROCESSING” to “PROCESSED“.

All approved and processed letters are delivered to the inmates by the prison staff internally Monday through Friday during regular business hours, typically 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Only the prison staff can distribute the mail to the inmates. TextBehind cannot know any more details about your letter delivery beyond the change of transaction status as mentioned above.

Note: Please check the correctional institutions rules and regulations regarding mail like one facility that I know, they only accept postcards and like I said I guess that’s to the Terr people from you know sending any contraband or whatever in the mail.

So that’s the best way to get a message to an inmate!

Final words

It is vital to stress that these systems need to be carefully regulated and supervised in order to address concerns about safety and to prevent misuse, despite the fact that digital connectivity has unquestionably made sending text messages to federal inmates easier and faster.

In order to provide expanded communication opportunities while also ensuring a secure environment for all parties concerned, correctional facilities need to find a compromise between the two competing priorities.

So guys that’s the new way how federal inmate text messages are sent and delivered!

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