How to Merge Files with PDFbear for Free

Inventions are used to advance one’s life and teach future generations. As technology continues to develop and new things are invented for the better being of humanity. So to create something new, you need to open your eyes more and envision what our generation needs; on what would make the world a better place for everyone.

The inventions nowadays are more critical amidst this pandemic. These topics are more pressing because everyone is prioritizing to avoid getting infected and stay healthy. Urgent and drastic measures are used to be safe and healthy throughout this pandemic, with a rare possibility of being positive and putting your life in danger. Extra safety measures should be followed.

One way of transferring the virus of COVID-19 is by touching unsanitized items. It is one of the many reasons for getting this virus. Because let’s face reality; we still need to continue our lives and be more adaptive during this pandemic to move forward. One of the positive inventions during this generation is going more paperless than ever to have more paperless transactions with everyday documents.

Paperless with PDFbear

A pdf bear is an online platform that helps you read, convert, merge, and offer many more services to your documents to accommodate your particular needs. They’re website is pretty much simple to understand for its first-time users. Its web design is also straightforward in giving a proper and unsophisticated way of providing its services.

One of its services is by merging multiple pdf files into a single file. It is an excellent way to reduce your workload and a superb productivity hack. You probably don’t want to stacks up to your PDF files in your organizer, because sorting them out might give you more work. Hence the importance of merging files; How to merge pdf files free?

Merging PDF Files

PDFbear merger lets you combine PDF files effortlessly. The first step in merging a file is selecting your desired document that you want to merge by merely clicking it so the PDFbear merger tool can recognize it. You can also use their new way of uploading a file by simply dragging the file and dropping the file you want to merge.

The second step in merging a file is to sit back and wait for your file to be merged into one PDF file. Just let the PDFbear merging tool do its job, and you’re all good to go. This step usually only takes 1-2 min of your time. Even how big your file is, PDFbear will surely give you a service with the easiest and quickest way to merge your pdf file into a single PDF file.

The third step in merging a file in a PDFbear is just simply scanning your files. PDFbear will allow you to modify certain things that you want to be changed. When you are done modifying your file, you can now click combine. The fourth and last step in merging a file is by simply downloading your converted pdf file.

Quick Tip

You can download it to your disc or share it with google drive or dropbox. As long as you have a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, you will use their services and convert/combine many PDF files you want.


Inventions that are used to advance every individual are critical nowadays, especially during the midst of this pandemic. Paperless transactions with everyday activities are much more needed in this type of situation. PDFbear will help you organize and convert/read/merge your files to your specific needs. It’s simple and easy to understand features; it is one of the must-go-to online converters.