How to Protect Your Privacy on Social Media?

The debate over privacy concerns has been embossed within the political and the general public. Today’s social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram have become digital billboards of internet users. People share their personal views, pictures, their life stories, but these all can be seen anonymously by spectators outside their trusted circle. The Government, vindictive acquaintances, and spambots, or worse than are cybercriminals who have kept an eye on personal information over the internet.

The debate by every individual “How to Protect Your Privacy on Social Media?” has been going on across the globe. Under one umbrella of social media, the most professional social platform used by government leaders and many professionals is Twitter, with 290.5 million worldwide users from 2019 to 2024. 

Twitter users have been subjugated for sharing personal views, and Twitter is one of the social media platforms. Today’s trending professional platform Twitter is highly enclosed with professionals, which means privacy should be a top concern. While using Twitter you must keep this question your first concern, how to make your Twitter private

Here we are sharing an easy but secure way How to Protect Your Privacy on Social Media platforms – Twitter.

How to make your Twitter private from PC/Laptop/Mobile?

Step-1: Log into your Twitter account from a web browser.

Step-2: On the left side, there is a panel of a few options below there is a “More” button with a dotted circle symbol and after Clicking the “More option”, another popup panel opens in which you see the “Setting” option. Click that panel.

Step-3: Toggle the slider, and another window will open, and you will see a few options. There is the “privacy & safety” category, click that option, and you will then navigate into the privacy.

Toggle left the slider and you will see the Audience and Tagging option Inside the first option, you will give an authority, who else can see your or you make your account public. But, we are discussing how to protect your Twitter account. Toggle left the slider and you will see your tweets” option.

Step-4: Inside Two of your tweets’ options, two category options will appear “Mark Media” AND “Add Location”.


Step-5: After checking the Media button, the second priority concern is to Check your “Security and account access” option.

Where the other three category falls, from which you will select “Security” to make your account safer.

Inside security, “Two-factor authentication” and “Additional password protection” few options appear, and after marking the second option named “password protection”, then Go-to Two-factor authentication.

Step-6: Two-factor authentication takes you to another window where you see the other three options, and there it will depend on you which option you are more likely two choose that depending on your ease.

Our recommendation is to check all three options because if you will not be getting signals on mobile, you will have a second option, though you can access your Twitter,  

PRO TIP – You can also choose a few of these options in settings,

Inside a “Privacy & safety”, explore these options.

  • Manage who can message you directly.
  • Filter Low-quality message
  • Show read receipt – To let the sender know have read their message.
  • Discoverability and contacts – those who have your email address that has connected to your Twitter, you allowed them to find you from that email address.
  • Data sharing with business partners: Uncheck this option so that your data will be protected by Twitter, and your personal information will not be shared by business partners.


Make all marks checked, and all boxes explored, following the steps that have been mentioned for helping you how to make your Twitter private, in this way, you will cover and locked all possible gates of intervention into privacy and you will secure your account from theft.

But you will receive spam messages, and you will still get spam requests, above your profile shall be negatively attacked by hackers if you allow your profile will be viewed by the public. People still ask, why their tweets are still visible to other people, and this criterion enfolds another case, that is, you audit your follower’s list, whom you are willing to be your follower or whom you are allowing to out from your follower list.