Best 5 Video Games That Have Been Become Slot Games


 It is hard to keep coming up with original ideas for slots games, therefore, the slots industry can be forgiven for looking at preexisting material to change into slots.  It may be seen as cutting creative corners when a slot is based on films, cartoons and hit TV shows, but some of the most popular slots are in fact based on films like The Goonies, or blockbuster superhero films like Iron Man.

Top Cat has become a firm favourite cartoon wise and the Game Of Thrones slot continues to pull in the punters. These slots are helped greatly by the fan base that is already attached to these hits. What is surprising is that so few video games have been given the slots treatment, especially when slot illustrate developers target gamers as the new potential future audience for their slots – play NetEnt slots.

There have been some successful video games to slots transfers that have gone down well with the slots playing public, but these come a distant second to film and TV show based slots. 

1.Tomb Raider 

Tomb Raider was originally a huge video game franchise and it then spawned hit movies starring Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft. The slot game has also been successful enough to spawn a sequel. It follows the adventures of the sex symbol Lara Croft but the Tomb Raider slot is not on the level of the video game. However, it does make for a simple but effective slot gaming experience. Microgaming are the creative force behind this 5-reels and 15 paylines game. It doesn’t come loaded with features but 3 or more Lara Croft symbols start the free spins bonus round that can be retriggered. There is also a pick an icon bonus and each icon hides a cash prize. 

2. Street Fighter 

 Street Fighter is part of many adults childhood and the retro arcade hit has also been given the movie and slot game treatment. The action is played out on 5-reels with 25 paylines and it is a complete throw back to the video game we all remember with great fondness. 

3. Street Fighter 2 

Street Fighter 2 was inevitable but it is one of the newest video games to be given the slots treatment. NetEnt are the production company behind this effort that is based on the follow up to the iconic Street Fighter. All 8 characters from the 1991 arcade game are present here and they all come armed with different modifiers to enhance the gameplay. The game was pulled abruptly by NetEnt but should hopefully make a return soon. 

4. Call Of Duty 

Call Of Duty is one of the biggest and most successful video games of them all but the slot has made a far less big impact on the public. However, it is still a slot well worth playing. 

5. Resident Evil 

Resident Evil is a successful video game that has gone into overdrive with a number of hit movie sequels. The slot is feature-packed and consists of all the famous characters and iconography from the movie.