Online Slots Role In The Gambling Industry


It really is quite crazy to think that online slots have only really been around for the last two decades at the most, especially when you consider their incredible popularity in the year 2020. In fact, as many gambling analysts will wholeheartedly agree with, the general complexion of the global gambling industry would be wildly different without online slots in the mix, as they have been the No. 1 gambling game over the last two decades. 

The gambling industry before online slots was getting along just fine, don’t get us wrong, however it did receive a much-needed boost by pioneering developers like Microgaming or Eyecon. Online casinos had been around for a few years prior, however the operators were struggling to find games that would draw enough people in, but with online slots such as Thunderball they got them. Read on to find out about online slots’ role in the gambling industry. 

What was the gambling industry like before online slots? 

There is no arguing the fact that the gambling industry was in an incredibly healthy place even before the emergence of online slots, something confirmed by the truly outrageous amount of money that could be found in places such as Las Vegas, Monte Carlo or Macau. Humans have loved to gamble since well before the birth of Jesus Christ, so the market was by no means struggling before online slots. 

But here’s the thing: one aspect of the global gambling industry was struggling to assert itself on the global stage, and that was the very early world of online casino. The first online casino table games weren’t really that great to play, and it wouldn’t be until the rise of online slots that online casino would become the juggernaut that it is today. 

The near-immediate success of online slots: A surprise? 

So then, was the almost instant success of online slots ever a surprise? The short answer is no, not really. Back in the late 1800s a man called Charles D. Fey invented the world’s first-ever slot machine, and this very quickly became incredibly popular across the US, and rest of the world too. 

For this reason gamblers across the globe were licking their lips at the prospect of online versions of their favourite solid-state slot machines, hence why the online slot industry took off so quickly. 

Mobile slots and their role in the gambling industry 

In the first ten or so years of their existence online slots were catapulted to the forefront of the overall gambling industry, however it was the development of mobile slots that really placed the online slot world head and shoulders above any other form of gambling. Not only could people engage in slot gambling online, they could now do it completely from their phone.

This meant that you could spin the reels whilst you were on the move, something that naturally attracted millions more gamblers to the cause. Moreover, mobile slots succeeded in attracting a younger audience, which was nothing but a positive to the gambling world.