Countries That Slots Casinos Operate More Freely

Countries That Slots Casinos Operate More Freely

Not all countries have the same attitude towards gambling. Some views on gambling are highly influenced by religious and political beliefs, whilst others see it as part of the entertainment industry and a vital contributor to the economy. In certain countries like America, each state has its own gambling laws and obviously they are more relaxed in some states than others. Las Vegas is one of the biggest gambling resorts in the world and the local economy is highly dependent on gambling, so it would make sense to have a relaxed attitude towards gambling here.

A common factor is that the more popular gambling becomes, the more authorities feel the need to regulate it. The UK became a gambling friendly country during the Blair years as much of the regulations on the casino slots UK industry were relaxed. This meant that gambling brands could operate more freely than previously and this was a godsend for them. However, recently the new Tory government has seen it fit to ban betting with credit cards and fixed-odds betting terminals have been limited to £2 max bets. Slots casinos can still operate relatively freely but they have to meet far stricter criteria do so than before. This is mostly down to the rules and regulations imposed on slots casinos by the UK Gambling Commission. Despite this, casinos and slots are still booming in the UK 

Countries That Slots Casinos Operate More Freely

Countries That Slots Casinos Operate More Freely


France has a rich connection with gambling and its people have been at the forefront of gambling innovations through history. The French helped create modern gambling, through the creation of casinos and popular casino games such as Roulette. Unsurprisingly, France still has a love affair with this form of entertainment and this is expressed in the relaxed attitude the French have towards gambling laws. There are hundreds of land-based casinos and these are important players in the social scene of the country, in fact France is one of the most gambling friendly nations in Europe.


Canada may be lampooned for being a bit dull and neutral towards everything, but when it comes to gambling, the Canadian public does not sit on the fence, instead they give gambling a resounding thumbs up. With 75% of those citizens old enough to gamble doing so, it comes as no surprise to discover that slots casinos operate quite freely throughout this vast country.


Ireland is a curiosity when it comes to gambling, they love to gamble and gambling has always been a major part of the social scene. Yet their gambling laws have not moved with the times. This has left the country with an entirely unregulated industry as the old Gaming and Lottery Act of 1956 has not been updated and simply does not apply to the world of digital gambling that we now find ourselves living in.


Australians love to gamble on sports and on slots at casinos. The industry on the whole is mostly unregulated and this has allowed casinos to flourish. The downside is that dishonest casinos have also increased in number too.